About Me


Photo shot by Tyler Bicknell Photography

Just a little brief something about me! First off my faith is my foundation of who I am, next comes the clothes! Of course what would a girl be without a fabulous outfit, awesome shoes and as my best friend has taught me amazing accessories! I am also a photographer who sings and shares my heart and love for God! I love to inspire people so I hope someway my blogs inspires you! So come join me on my journey of Stylin’ Smilin’ and Lovin’ God!

Hannah Leigh

I am completely grateful to have gotten to be a part of the Bleacher Babe Squad 2016 it was such a great learning experience and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Brianna Bigbee “The Bleacher Babe” for all she does to help inspire a movement of women in the western fashion world to keep pursuing their dreams and we can truly do anything we set our minds to with hard work!
You can check her and her blog out here.
The Bleacher Babe

In the Spring of 2017 I was blessed to be chosen to be on the Boutique Hub’s Season 1 Style Team! It was a true true honor and blessing. It helped push me outside of my comfort zone to be a better writer and allowed me collaborate with some amazing boutiques that have led to some great connections. I am so grateful to Ashley Alderson owner of The Boutique Hub and Jessie Jarvis Content & Style Team Manager for allowing me to have a fun and amazing 6 month journey.
You can check out the Boutique Hub here. 
Boutique Hub Business


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