Time to be brave

Happy Monday Y’all!!! I am so excited to kick off another amazing week and do it with a little Grace and Style! I truly enjoy blogging and talking to you amazing readers and hopefully inspiring you along the way! This week, I thought I would mix it up a little and have a little sit down chat with me! The last few weeks have been needless to say an amazing whirlwind of fun! It has been full of traveling, singing, sharing my heart, photo shoots, loving on family and friends, fashion and becoming a part of an amazing group of girls called the Bleacher Babe Squad who represent Brianna Bigbee the Bleacher Babe and her new business The Bleacher Babe’s Closet. I have found myself a couple times going wow this is an amazing ride and I need to slow down and enjoy every piece of it! At times it does feel a little overwhelming but I take a deep breathe, say a prayer and drink more coffee. I have learned to try and always follow my heart and do what I feel like God wants me to do. We all have a passion and purpose in this life and I feel like mine is to help share kindness, love and inspire those who maybe having a down day or down moment and let them know that no matter what God is for them. I honestly¬†just love people I love watching them and helping them. Everyone has a story and everyone is truly amazing sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it in certain ones but it is there! I started this blog over a year and half ago with the hopes to do just that my heart’s desire and to also help shed light on some amazing and talented women who have a dream, desire and passion for their business, God and fashion. I feel like sometimes media and society right now do not look for the positivity in life and the people in it.They want to sell fear and negativity but that’s another story ūüėČ haha! We all have this desire to be wanted, to be needed and to be loved and I feel like I have been blessed with the platform and heart to do just that! Today my quote I posted is from the Disney movie Brave… “Our fate lives within us…we only need to be brave enough to see it.” We can all make a difference in this world and sometimes God asks us to take a leap of faith outside of our comfort zones to do just that. He sees what is in us so we in return have to be brave enough to trust in Him and what He wants us to do. That is what I have done or actually trying to do on a daily basis. Here is an example in my life, right now with having my blog and now being a Bleacher Babe Squad member I have opened myself and parts of my life a little more to societies eyes which can being kind of a scary thing because you open yourself to other people’s opinions and thoughts even just through pictures. The best way to fix that hesitation and what I do is I try to tell myself daily to trust the journey I am on, to stay humble and most importantly always be true to who I am and be a light. This all comes from some words of wisdom from my amazing Momma Jo of course, I have been really blessed with amazing people in my life to help me when I am in need.¬†I wanted to share this with y’all because I think it’s important that we all know we are all human, no person is better than the other we all live different lives and have different callings. We all matter and we can most definitely all make a difference in some way, shape or form. Whatever is on your heart deep down that burning dream or that desire to do something, I am here today to encourage you today to do it!! Don’t overthink it because you may rob yourself of a blessing that God is trying to get to you and through you. You will never know where it will lead you to and whose life you may touch. So, let’s all get out there and make a difference if you are supposed to blog then by golly you should blog! If you are supposed to model, then get out there and model! If you are supposed to be a mom, you go be the best mom you can be and be a light to other moms. My point is there is a place for each of us in this world take a leap of faith trust your journey and see what all God has in store for you! So get out there be you, be humble, be brave and be a light and do it all with some Grace and Style!!

Hannah Leigh



Graceful Glance with Janzen Riley Jackson

Today I am coming to you live from a beautiful lake view in Gantt, AL! Let me tell you it is not only gorgeous but oh so peaceful and just what the doctor ordered. Just kidding but Saturday was a nice much needed day off. I hope y’all enjoyed the last Graceful Glance Interview with the beautiful and ever so talented Brooklyn McIntosh and I am excited to continue on with our next talented interviewee! A lot has gone on in the last 2 weeks in my life because I have been blessed with the honor to be 1 of 13 girls selected to be apart of the Bleacher Babe Squad! Which is a bunch of amazing and talented women who blog or have businesses in the western world or lifestyle coming together to make an impact and influence others. We share our fashion tips and tricks, outfit of the days and will also help cover fashion trends going on at this year’s NFR in LasVegas, NV this December! All thanks to the support of ShopBleacherBabe.com (Which will be launching soon so head over and sign up, you won’t want to miss the amazing giveaways!) ¬†I am not only oh so grateful for everything going on and being a part of BBS but I am so honored to get to know 12 other amazing women who have already begun to touch my life in so many ways! It is a bond and a sisterhood that is truly amazing. One of these amazing women is even being featured here tonight!I have got to know this lady in passing and here and there’s and the more I hang around her the more I just think the world of her. She has an amazing funky style with a heart of gold. So with that I am so happy to introduce you to fellow Bleacher Babe Squad member, photographer and fashionista extraordinaire Janzen Riley Jackson!

(Janzen all dressed up and looking cute for a day at the roping supporting her boyfriend Cody)

H: How long have you had your business?
J: I have had my business for 7 years 4 years of them as it being my big girl business.

H: What or who inspired you to start your business?
J: My family they have always pushed me to chase my dreams and also been happy to model for me as I learned how everything worked.

(Wow that is so awesome definitely love having a supportive family too!) 

(One of Janzen’s amazing pictures, “Janzen Jackson Photography”)

H: Did you have to seek any advice from anyone to get started?
J: Oh goodness yes. I am a self taught photographer while have a license from a trade school but no fancy bachelors degree here. Thankfully I have been able to meet some amazing photographers a long the way that helped me tremendously and welcomed me with open arms.

(I so love that helping others I think is one of the best things we can offer to others. I know I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for theirs helping me.)

H: Who has been your biggest supporter?
J: My mom. She has helped me financially and emotionally. There were so many times I wanted to hand over my camera and be done because it wasn’t coming easily. She lifted me up and said the best things in life aren’t easy and you have to work to get what you want.

(Thank the Good Lord for mothers!) 

(I absolutely love this shot that Janzen took a cactus blooming!)

H: What is your favorite thing about taking pictures?
J: The forever memories that are captured. I have had clients lose loved ones and the photos from weddings, family sessions, etc have been the last photo to remember them by, as well as new parents cherishing the images of their babies. Couples becoming Mr. & Mrs. and so much more. The memories that I capture are what keeps me doing my job.

(A couple more amazing shots Janzen took! Is she not just talented!)

H: What challenges have you faced and how did God help you get through them?
J: When meeting new clients you never know what to expect. What they will be like or how they will handle different situations. I have had to turn down clients because of their out looks on things. God is the center of my business and if it wasn’t for God it would not be what it is today. He has helped me have peace in not taking every job and only the ones that will glorify Him.

H: What is a scripture you stood on or are standing on while building your business?
J: 1 Corinthians 3:11 “For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” To me it means that I can not build a business on any other foundation but that of Jesus Christ.

(I love this scripture and completely agree with you! If Jesus ain’t in it I¬†probably¬†don’t want to be a part of it!¬†haha!)

H: Do you have something on your heart you would like to share with our readers?
J: I want to let everyone know that it is ok to voice your faith and beliefs even in your business. That is the beauty of our country, and the platform that it was built on. To many people have gotten caught up in a religion or a routine and not standing on the true beliefs in which they believe. Christianity has taken many beatings and much ridiculing over the years so why not take this moment why our country is in such shambles to truly represent it. Not the worlds view of it either the true nitty gritty word of God. Don’t let the worlds view harden you. Companies get applauded for taking the stand against Christianity why not make God happy and take a stand for Him.

(Again I completely agree! Preach on Sista!)

Now let’s talk about fashion!

(How stunning is Janzen in this modeling shot! Plus I completely adore this outfit!)

H: How would you describe your personal style?
J: Its an Old School, Hippie, Free Spirit, Vintage Western style.

H: What is your favorite go to summer outfit or style?
J: A button down Maxi with denim shorts, graphic tank/tee and booties. Layered with turquoise, bolos, and bangles. And Hats! I am a hat hoarder!

(Janzen looking quite stellar headed down the road! Love her earrings!)

H: Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share with the readers?
J: Summer is HOT and braids are in big side brides, pig tail braids, fish tails, little accent braids and so many more! It is not so much a secret as it is a trend that I am loving right now.

(Haha yes!! I am a lover and huge fan of braids too!)

H: What’s your fashion weakness?
J: Turquoise is my weakness for sure. But I am an equal shopper to all areas. Can I get that closet that Big built Carrie? So not kidding my clothes are growing and my closet isn’t.

(Janzen and her boyfriend Cody looking amazing for a fun date night!)

H: Who is someone you look up to fashion wise?
J: Oh goodness this is a terribly hard question because there are so many people for different reasons. Iris Apfel because she is just a fashion icon and her accessories are impeccable, Nicole Richie for her easy going hippie vibes, Janis Joplin because she was free in all aspects she rocked trends before they happened, Patsy Cline for her modesty while looking so on point. This list could really go on and on but I will stop here.

H: What is a 1 piece of advice you could offer readers about fashion?
J: Be yourself. Fashion is the ability to express yourself and you should wear what makes you happy. No matter if it is following trends, making trends happen, or being completely off the wall with saying hey this is me!

Haha! Yes you here that ladies and gentlemen Be You! I love it! Thank you so much Janzen for taking the time to be a part of tonight’s Graceful Glance Interview! I hope yall enjoyed this as much as I did! I love learning about people and hearing their stories and Janzen I think has an amazing one! Now y’all can see why I enjoy being around this beauty! No matter where life takes you always be ready to take a leap of faith with a little style and grace! Love Y’all!

Hannah Leigh