Derby Fashion!

Oh my goodness probably my favorite races of the year is the Kentucky Derby for a few reasons! One my parents gave me such a love and respect for race horses. I love watching them and yes Triple Crown winner Secretariat is hands down my favorite race horse of all time.
secretariat Secretartiat Gotham Morning Workout
I love his story he was such an inspiration to so many during that era. But anyway back to the famous Race for the Roses!! Obviously my second reason I love the derby is derby fashion! I look forward to all the outfits and hats! And oh the hats some are a site to see haha!
Check out this crazy hat!


Some people take it to the extremes but Hey at least she looks like shes having fun right? Haha I love the obviously more classic looks. But on a more serious note lol! Derby fashion goes way back! Colonel M. Lewis Clark Jr., (the founding father of the Kentucky Derby), envisioned the racing environment to be comfortable and luxurious, an event that would remind people of European horse racing. For a well-to-do in the late 19th and early 20th century woman, a day at Churchill Downs, especially on Derby Day was an opportunity to be seen in the latest of fashions. A journalist from a 1901 Louisville Courier-Journal stated, “The seats in the grandstand were filled with gaily dressed women and men. The mass of green, pink, red, yellow, blue, all the colors of the rainbow, blending into one harmonious whole was as beautiful a sight as His Eminence in the lead.”

1926 Kentuckty Derby)

In the 1920s, women at the Derby could be seen wearing a dress or perhaps a more modern suit, complete with a jacket. Some of the1920s jackets were roomy and accommodating, others were fitted. The hat and gloves were still very much in fashion. The 1930s and 1940s followed in the same vein, with option of a dress or suit; in fact, in the 1930s and 1940s the formal suit seemed to be more popular than the dress.
(1940’s Suit)

In the mid-to late 1960’s though the Derby was still viewed as a most respectable event and women continued to dress as such, a change had occurred. Now Millionaires Row had opened, society women wore increasingly louder hats and took pride and enjoyment in selecting one. This trend of bigger, more spectacular hats might have developed due to the fact that while society was loosening its grip on the hat and glove formality, the Kentucky Derby offered women a place to continue the old traditions. Patterns and prints were also brighter, and hemlines defiantly were raised, yielding a much different look than years before. In the 1970s and 1980s was a return to the longer skirt, while the same casual attitude of the 1960s was still in place. From the 1990s to today, the dress at the Derby is slowing replacing the suit, especially with younger women. While gloves are out of fashion, a hat never is, and they tend to get wilder and more expensive every year!

Ok yes I didn’t write all of this and got most of my information on this topic from the Kentucky Derby Website. But I tried to condense it for you so it would be a quick and easy fun read on Derby Fashion since the race is just days away! Here are a few of my favorite present day derby outfits!
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I hope yall enjoy this mini history lesson on Derby Fashion! With much Grace and Style I am wishing you an awesome week!

Hannah Leigh

She is clothed in strength and dignity..


Yes You Can!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us” How many of us can attest to this? You know if we are truly honest with ourselves. Sometimes our dreams can seem so big and like so much work that it literally scares some of us into making excuses not to go for them. We don’t want to be those older selves sitting there going what if I would have said Yes? Yes I can! Well let me tell you YES YOU CAN!!!! Let your light shine pretty lady! I know whatever is standing in front of you, your dreams and goals or simply the most important being who God called you to be, might seem scary. But shake it off and take a true leap of Faith!!! Fully Abide In Trusting Him, a know that He is God and He truly has your back! You don’t wanna look back one day and say I wonder what would have happened if I would have just tried? Seriously think about it. There is no harm in trying anything at all. Right? I am here to give you that little kick in the bootie or burst of confidence to help kick you into gear. Dig into God’s word and those goals and dreams!! Because those goals and dreams He helped put there!


See plans to give you a future and a hope! See you got this and He has your back! So stop getting distracted, letting people distract you and stop saying maybe I’ll start tomorrow! (Yes I have said that one before Guilty!) So the time is now lets get out there and reach our full potential God created us to be! So Live with a Little Grace & Style with a little God swagger this week!!

Hannah Leigh

My hair is a little crazy but oh well! lol! I wanted to post a pictures with my beautiful nieces who turned 9 on Sunday! So proud of them and the young ladies they are turning into! I love them with all my heart! #ProudAuntie


Sibling Love!

In honor of today being National Sibling Day, I decided to write about a little sibling love! I am so beyond blessed to have 2 sisters and 2 brothers! I have one full sister Halee, she and I always had an interesting relationship. While we still always loved each other we sure did like to aggravate each other but what sibling relationship wasn’t like that. The older we have gotten the closer we have gotten! She is such an amazing woman, wife, mom, teacher, coach and SISTER! I truly love her and think she is such a rock star. She is so strong and anything she puts her mind to she accomplishes! The next 3 are step siblings but I absolutely do not like the word step they are my siblings and a part of my life and who I am.  So with that lol next up my oldest brother Josh! He is truly one of the smartest people I know. The stuff and history he can just bust out always astonishes me! He is such a nice guy with a big big heart! He is an amazing dad as well! Now on to my big sister Amber! Let me tell you about this one she is amazing beyond words! She is a mother of 4 and with a heart of gold! She is so strong and such an inspiration in my life. I used to follow her around as kids and tried to dress like her and well was basically her nosey shadow. Now last but not least the youngest! My Bubs aka Devin! He is yes the baby of the family but he is such a sweet guy with a big heart! If he sets his mind to something he is accomplishing it! I am so proud of him and the man he is becoming! He is working on becoming an electrician right now with the cutest dog Moose. Anyway that is my happy family! I am slightly really partial to all 4 of them. They each hold a special place in my heart and I would do absolutely anything I could for any of them. Granted we have all had our ups and downs but the ups always out weight any downs. Because in the end love wins! Jesus did the very same thing for us! He died on the cross so in the end we win! If you may be struggling in any walk of life you are at and feel like you have no one in your corner. He is in your corner and will always be! Just like my love for my siblings He loves you more than that! We just have to go to Him and He is waiting for us with open arms. So as we bring this National Sibling Day to the end, just know Jesus loves you and so do I!!! Peace, love Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh


Spring Is Here!

Spring is in the air!!! Flowers are blooming, the sun is out and shorts are here! I am so loving some of the spring trends I have been seeing out! Though I have yet to try some of these trends here are some of my favorites!! First up shorts and Blazers! Granted you need a lighter blazer or you’ll roast in certain parts of the world! But all in all this look is clean and so chic. 

Next up is yellow! If you find the right shade of yellow flaunt it girl!! This is the top trending color right now in the fashion world! If you look up spring trends yellow will defiantly show up! 

Ok I love this outfit and style!!! So boho chic! 

Now to the hair!!! I personally have always loved braids and I have found a blogger Amber Fillerup Clark that I follow on Instagram!  She is obsessed with braids and I love getting inspiration on hair styles from her!! Here are some of my faves!!!

These are just a few of my favorite spring trends out and that I just personally love!!! So get out there try some of them or just try something new!!! I guarantee you might shock your self and like something new!!! Remember Fashion is 20% fashion 80% confidence!!! So rock what Ya got girl! You will be Stylin’ Smilin’ and Lovin’ God setting all kinds of new trends!!! Wishing yall a Graceful and Stylish week! 


Hannah Leigh


Time To Love

Hey my beautiful friends! I promise I will get these back up in action I have missed the last 2 post this past week but here we are on Fabulous Good Friday!!! And its going to be such a good good day I know! I am so blessed my big sister and her 4 girls are coming to visit just for the night. But hey this Auntie will totally take what she can get for sure! Family is my heart! First comes God then comes family! I am so blessed to have such a big an amazing family who each one of them touches my heart in a different way! This weekend as it being Easter lots of families come together to celebrate our Savior Rising From The Grave! It is such a huge and powerful weekend if you stop and just think about the meaning of it! This weekend just embrace the meaning of Easter and embrace your families and lay day all the grudges and pettiness going on and LOVE! Love on each other and it will outshine all the bitterness. It breaks my heart to see families struggle among themselves so my hearts desire for you this weekend is to have a beyond Happy Happy Easter full of love!!! 

 Now that that is off my chest on to tonight and going to my home church in Weatherford, TX to a re-enactment of the “The Last Supper” and dinner. I am so beyond excited and love getting to do things at my home church when I am home!!! 


Hannah Leigh 

Here is my outfit for tonight’s dinner along side with one of my best friends!! 

 Top/ Skinnies: Maurice’s
Booties: Southern Honey Boutique
Sunglasses; Target
Hair Inspired by Amber Filler Up (Check out her instagram!) Braid specialist extraordinaire!!!!