Graceful Glance Interview with LaDane of Miss Macie Boots

Oh me oh my! I am beyond excited to kick off the Graceful Glance series again! For those just joining the Living in Grace & Style Blog. The Graceful Glance interview series is where we get the opportunity to chat with the owners of some of the most amazing brands and boutiques around. We get to hear their inspiring stories about how and why they got started. So with that lets dive into this amazing interview with a brand near and dear to my heart for so many reasons.

Let me introduce you to amazing woman behind the Miss Macie Boots brand LaDane Smith. I have not had the opportunity just get to meet her in person but oh I can not wait too. She is truly so amazing! I now personally own 2 pairs of Miss Macie boots thanks to being a brand rep for Wesley’s Boutique who proudly sells Miss Macie.

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Ok let’s dive into this fun interview!

H: Who or What inspired you to start Miss Macie Boots?
L:  I had the opportunity to work with Ryan Vaughn and Mr. Trainor Evans at Anderson Bean and since women boots are what I was familiar with they allowed me to create this brand for them and follow the vision and passion I had always had. 

(Wow, what an amazing opportunity! In my mind readers if you dream big and believe what God has instilled in you He will make a way for you just like He did for Miss LaDane.)

H: What inspired you to stamp scriptures on the soles of the boots?
L: My favorite part of meeting customers is to be able to share my faith and perhaps be encouraging to them.  So what a better way to be able to Love and share with women I may never meet and impart something meaningful into their lives.

(Oh this is my favorite part about these boots, just knowing that you are stand literally on the Word and trusting in Him! Walking in His Purpose! )

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H: Where is your business based out of?
L: We run most everything out of my office in Colorado. The Home office is in Mercedes Texas.

(Oh 2 of my favorite place see readers remember I am just a Colorado girl now living in a Texas world! haha I was destined to love this brand!)

H: What was the name of the first boot you designed?
Either the U2007-01 Sedona or the U6013-01 Persuaded.


H: Do you have a personal favorite boot?
 It would have to be the U6501-01 Snakin It for Fall and the U8006-01 Mercy Me for a Spring bootie.

(Ummmm, hello are y’all drooling over all these cute boots yet?)

H: How did you come up with each names of your boots and booties?
Guess I have to blame it on my roots!! LOL Love all the southern sayings I grew up with and thought it would make the names memorable and fun and hopefully easy to remember.

(A woman after my own heart, yes it does for sure make them easier to remember. I have a wish list of names and it is not baby names! haha!)

H: What is your favorite scripture?
Psalms 91:11 “ For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways” Is my favorite for the boots. 

(Which I so love and just so happened to get on my new “I Dare You” booties)

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H: What is some advice you could give an aspiring maker, influencer or new business owner?
L: Never dismiss the desire that God has put into your heart. That is the seed of your purpose!!! His timing is always right. Allow him to strengthen you and mold you into your purpose and platform without frustration, bitterness or by being impatient. 

H: Is there something on your heart to share with the readers.
L:  I have had many disappointments, trials, and uncertainties along my journey. The most valuable thing I have learned is LOVE is the nourishment to everything that grows in our life. Our Family, Friends, Business, Passions, Personal growth, Financial, and Spiritual growth. All things will flourish, bloom and produce where LOVE is!!!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

(Mic drop right there y’all! Such a powerful statement Miss LaDane)

Readers I hope you are feeling as inspired as I am right now! Just wow and to get to know such an amazing brand and their why. I my heart is so full! Miss LaDane thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and answer some questions so we get to know you and Miss Macie just a little bit better. We are truly grateful!

So ladies and gentlemen who want to spoil your ladies now is the time to snag you a pair of Miss Macie Boots. You can click the link and search for an amazing retailer near you. Or you can also check out Wesley’s as well. (Hint: You can use my brand rep code Hannah10 at Wesley’s to save on the entire website.)

Remember always walk in YOUR purpose with His Grace & your Style!

Hannah Leigh

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