Graceful Glance with Leah Myers

Hey My Sweet Readers! ūüôā Hope everyone has had an amazing week and ready to kick off this new week with a fabulous read! I am truly enjoying meeting all these ladies that are a part of these fun blogs! I truly want to just lift them up and show the world how amazing they all are and help encourage you readers through these interviews, that you to can reach your dreams and goals!

This week’s Graceful Glance interview is with a beautiful lady and the owner of Simply M! I was actually introduced to her through a social media post by Jenny of Go Rope Clothing. She posted a picture of some new beautiful jewelry and said hey Hannah you should look at this for a possible interview. So searching I went of course! Especially if she sells jewelry duh! Haha, I loved her affordable prices and also that she was from one of my favorite places on Earth, MONTANA! So I went for it and asked her to be a part of this fun series! She said “Yes” and I was pumped, so let me have the pleasure of introducing y’all to Leah Myers of Simply M!

simply m 2 logo

(Leah and her sweet family)

 H: What or who inspired you to create Simply M?

L: My mother-in-law actually came to me with the idea to sell her past jewelry inventory. (She used to sell jewelry many moons ago.) The more I thought about the whole idea, the more excited I got! I LOVE jewelry and I love great deals so why not share that with other women.

(Girl me too and what a blessing to have a MIL to help inspire you!)

H: How did you get the name Simply M?

L: Again, my mother-in-law. I’ve had people ask if it means anything – it doesn’t. I wanted a simple name. Something ‘product-neutral’ in case I someday decide to branch out to clothing or home decor.

H: What is your vision for Simply M?

L: Simply M is like your hometown boutique – just online! I want women to feel like they are shopping and buying with a friend, not a company.

( I absolutely love that and I really feel like it when I was browsing your site! Your deals are amazing!)

(Check This Out)
It is literally only $10!


H: How has faith played a role in creating this business?

L: This is a tough question for me. I am not one to openly express or talk about my faith very much but I know my one job that God has for me, is being a mother! That is my number one priority. There is no other place in the world I need to be than right here with my son everyday. To be able to start this business while staying home with him is a gift from God (and my very hard-working husband!)

(Awe! I just have to say thank you for sharing with us and what a huge blessing for you to be able to do all that and have such an amazing supportive husband!)


H: Being a mom and wife and now a sole business owner what is a typical day look like for you?

L: I am a stay-at-home mom so basically I take care of a mini-version of my husband all day, everyday! We play, eat, and try to get the laundry done – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. His nap-time is my work time. Packaging, shipping, taking pictures, uploading new arrivals, whatever needs done, I try to do while Ryatt is sleeping. If I HAVE to, I will get some work done after my husband gets home but normally I set aside that time to hangout with my guys. ūüôā

(Leah and Ryatt)

H: How would you describe your personal style?

L: Before I became a mom, I think my style was definitely more fun and outgoing. But now I think I have fallen slightly into that ‘mom’ style. When I’m at home it’s leggings or yoga pants, a shirt, simple earrings (usually pearl ones) and a little ring that my mom gave me. Easy peasy! When I do go out into the world though (the usual mom errands, maybe an occasional date night), I like to spice things up. I usually always have earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, the whole shebang! I think accessories are just so much fun! If you could see my jewelry boxes (I have 3) and my collection of scarves, they are overflowing!

(Haha, girl I may not be a mom yet but I fall easily into the mom style, it’s comfy! I love wearing my leggings lately for running around! Hehe!)


H: What is your favorite scripture?

L: Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

(Absolutely love love this and try to live by it! I think this bracelet from her site is appropriate and is literally a steal for only $8! It will be perfect to add to most any outfit too! )

(Click Here To Purchase)


H: Anything new or exciting fixing to happen for Simply M?

L: I wish I could say I have something huge and awesome coming up! Unfortunately that isn’t the case this year. I started Simply M last August so my goal for 2016 is to stay afloat! I’m still learning the ins and outs of running a business and all that comes with it. However, with spring and summer coming I’m very excited to stock up the website with new goodies – hello fun colors!

(Wow just since August?! Go girl your site is amazing!)

 H: What is one of your best selling products?

L: Our ‘Follow Your Arrow Earrings’ are definitely one of my top sellers! They are super cute and the ladies love them!

H: What is one of your personal favorite products?

L: Oh boy, I can only pick one?! I absolutely love scarves and one of my favorites is the “Black Aztec Border Infinity Scarf”. It’s light and I can wear it with anything!

(Click Here To Purchase)

Leah thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to be a part of this week’s blog! I know that I was truly blessed and inspired by your words! We are all praying and agreeing with you that this year your store will be truly blessed and many women will be blessed by all your amazing items. In Jesus mighty name Amen! So with that I will bring this blog to a clothes and say I hope each of you have an amazing week full of Grace and Style & Fun accessories because you now know where to find some amazing ones! Blessings!

Hannah Leigh

(Here is also one of my favorite things I am just swooning over love this necklace!)

(Click Here To Purchase)



Graceful Glance With Savanna Hankins

These next few Graceful Glance Interviews ahead were laid on my heart to feature another amazing type of woman! We have heard from some amazing ladies in the past and I thought I would continue on that journey by taking a graceful look into some more amazing women’s lives by interviewing women business owners! I admire these women so much and they always inspire me in so many ways! I hope they inspire you as well to know that no matter what you can always achieve your dreams and goals! So let’s get to our first interview!

Last fall I ran into a lady and we got on the topic of fashion! It led into me telling her about my blog! She said “Oh you have got to meet my best friend”! Haha! I said I would love too! So as most of us do these days I got on Facebook and looked this girl up! Her name you ask? It was non-other than Savanna Hankins! She was fixing to launch her new online boutique at the beginning of 2016. Long story short¬†a friendship was made and this blog and interview was born! I admire Savanna and her heart and our growing friendship! So without further ado let me introduce you to Savanna Hankins, mom, wife, girl boss and sole owner of Gypsy Wild!



(Savanna and her family)

H: What or who inspired you to create Gypsy Wild?

S: My mom has always been a huge influence in all areas of my life and this is no exception. She worked at home growing up, and still does, so I’ve always known it is possible. Between her and my sister, who was my original business partner, they helped me gain the courage to start Gypsy Wild.

(Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Seriously there is nothing like the encouragement of family!)

Show and Sister

(Savanna and her sister)
H: What is your vision or motto for creating your online boutique?

S: I want to help women and the special little girls in their lives to dress well, be true to themselves, and disobey all the fashion rules they may have been taught, all at an affordable price.

(Ladies she’s serious her prices are very affordable! Plus she offers a “Military Discount” which I just love because supporting our troops and family is always so important in so many ways! )

H: Is this boutique something you recently wanted to do or has it been a dream for awhile?

S: It’s definitely been a long time dream! I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to start on my own though so I have to give credit to my sister for pushing me and being by my side in the beginning. My husband and I have 3 girls ranging in age from toddler – preteen and I’ve often had a hard time finding clothing for all three that is age appropriate and CUTE! I love fashion and playing with my wardrobe so the only logical this was to make it a career!

H: How has faith played a role in creating this business?

S:¬†Well, like my life, faith is the foundation on which this business is built upon. I couldn’t do it any other way. I spent a long time trying to control my life and all I got was myself in a mess. Once you let go of your control and give it all to God, you have to follow where He leads you. I know He has led me here and I couldn’t be more excited to see what He has in store for me in this aspect of life!

(Wow that is some good stuff right there! We just have to trust in Him! Proverbs 3:5-6)

H: Being a mom and wife and now a sole business owner what does a typical day look like for you?
S: Full. My days are very full! I think most moms can relate to how busy a day can be between getting kids to school, caring for your family and then fitting work somewhere into that mix. It’s a good full though! I have honestly enjoyed it. I will admit¬† that I have had to stop and take time to really focus on the girls though because it’s hard doing “everything”. So I have had to pay close attention to their needs. But that’s just part of it and I love that even in my full day, I still have the flexibility to be hands on with my family.
(Savanna and one her sweet girls cuddled up working on orders) 

(I love this shot of Savanna working on stuff 2 screens going. Empty rack of clothes I’m sure she just shipped out. One busy blessed lady!)
H: How would you describe your personal style?
S: It really just depends on the day. I love to play with fashion and wear different styles and just have fun with my clothing. Sometimes I channel my inner country girl, sometimes business casual and sometimes I have a love affair with my sweats. It just all depends on my mood. One thing you can count on though is that I’ll have fun with it! There’s nothing worse than not being confident in yourself so no matter what, that’s my goal. Even when I have a fashion fail, I do it confidently.
Favorite Outfit
(Here is Savanna in one her favorite sweaters she sells! This is one of my favorites as well!)
H: What is your favorite scripture?
S: I don’t have just one. Different scriptures speak to me more on different days. God always sends me what I need to hear to refill my soul, so I just trust Him. I guess I have favorites for different aspects of life, but not just ONE in general.
H: Anything new or exciting fixing to happen for Gypsy Wild?

S: We have new arrivals coming in for Spring and we will be at the Petticoats on the Prairie, “Mustangs & Mavericks” Vintage Market in Coleman Texas April 15-16th. I’m also very excited to announce I’ll be launching a new styling service soon! Can’t give too much info yet, but I can tell you is that I want to develop a closer relationship with my customers and help them make their clothes do more for them!

(Oh my goodness so exciting!! Especially your soon to launch styling service! I just think that is so amazing! I have been blessed to dab into that some as well and there is nothing more gratifying than to see someone’s face light up wearing something amazing and watching their confidence build! I am so pumped for you girl!)

Below¬†are a couple of Gypsy Wild’s Best Adult & Kid Sellers
(But Look Around While Your On Her Site So Many Fun Things
Remember New Arrivals Coming Soon)

Best Seller Sweater
(Click Here To Purchase) 

Best Seller Kids
(Click Here To Purchase)

Savanna I just want to thank you so so much for being a part of Living In Grace and Style’s Graceful Glance Interview Series! You are such a blessing and a huge light to many! You are also a big inspiration to so many women. Keep shining on girl and right now we thank you Lord for showering Savanna, her family and this amazing business with many blessings! We thank you that it continues to bless others and that it prospers in Jesus Name, Amen!

I hope everyone enjoyed this Graceful Glance Interview with an amazing woman! Keep Stylin’,Smilin’ & Lovin’ God Y’all!


Hannah Leigh


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Valentine’s Gift Guide Day 3

Here it is Day 3 of this fun Valentine’s Day Gift guide. Sorry it’s a day late but sometimes things happen and one thing has lead to another this past 24 hours. So please forgive me in not being consistent. For those of you just joining us here¬†is a little background! I thought it would be fun to put a gift guide of sorts together for y’all who are struggling to buy those meaningful gifts for that special someone in your life! I have recruited some help from some beautiful ladies I know! I will be posting 3 ladies’ suggestions for a male and female gift that ranges from high end, to a lower end gift and also my personal favorite a charity or gifts that support a charity! Also, each gorgeous lady has told us about their favorite Valentine’s memory and might I add they all touch my heart! Yes, I am a romantic I would say hopeless romantic but I choose not to be hopeless because their is the right person for each of us out there who are ready to spoil us the best they can. Some just haven’t found their way to us yet hehe! But for you singles out there trust in God’s plan and His timing it is always spot on. So let’s get¬†started with the last day!

Today I have asked 3 ladies who are¬†just simply put just amazing! Each having an amazing story! I will include links to their websites so you can read more about each! So lets dive into to today’s Gift Guide!

Up first the Jenny Gilbert or Go Rope Clothing..


I just love this lady and her great big heart! She is a roper herself, a mom, a wife, a business owner and well she’s amazing! She is a huge supporter of helping others and supporting their dreams. As she says¬†discover what brings you true joy, and use that joy and passion for His glory! I just love that! So let’s dive in and see her picks.

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male/ Female: 
It’s a little cliched, but I think a great Valentine’s Day gift for both men and women is a really good, high end cologne or perfume. Take the time to go pick one out that YOU like for your significant other. My favorite men’s cologne is Acqua di Gio by Armani. For women, I LOVE the scent called Liaisons Dangereuse, Typical Me, by Kilian. It is so unique and sultry–definitely a great perfume for a romantic date night.
(I love that!!)
Low End Gift
Male:¬†¬†Go Rope hats, Go Rope tee shirts, Go Rope pullovers….lol! Sorry, shameless plug there. A great lower end gift idea for a guy would be a Yeti coffee mug. I am constantly borrowing my husband’s. They’re stainless steel, very masculine in appearance, and retail for less than $30.
Female:¬†I am a huge fan of gift cards, so for the ladies, my suggestion would be a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, or a gift card to get a manicure, etc. Pair that with a sweet card and a few hand written sentiments from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

(These are my favorite for sure! Hey gotta love the plug I love love Go Rope stuff!! And the Yeti coffee mug! YES! I am not sure how I ever lived without mine! Your coffee litteraly stays warm all day in that thing!)

Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Gosh, this one is tough for me because there are so many amazing charities out there! I want to support them all! I have been a supporter of St. Jude’s Children Hospital for years. They have a great online gift shop where 100% of the profits from the merchandise goes directly to St. Jude’s mission of finding a cure for childhood cancer. They have some really cute tee shirts and hoodies and benefit a wonderful cause.

(Click The Picture Below To Check Out St. Jude’s Gift Shop)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
You know, this might sound sad, but I don’t really have a favorite Valentine’s Day memory. My husband is really great at spontaneous gifts. Not long ago, I got to our office and found a dozen roses waiting on my desk with a note telling me how proud he is of how hard I’ve worked to get Go Rope off the ground running. Those things mean more to me than him showing affection on a designated day.

Awe how sweet is that! That would melt my heart as well I love the out of the blue things like that! I think it is because they just stopped and took the time to let you know. Thank you Jenny so so much for being a part! I’m sending you a big Valentine’s Hug you are amazing lady! xo

Up next is not 1 lady but 2! It is the gorgeous women of Cooped Up Cowboy’s Wife!

I was introduced to these beautiful ladies through their article on Brianna Hall aka The Bleacher Babe. I have fallen in love with their blogs. They have started a new series called The Brave Series and well you seriously need to hop over and read them! I look forward to each weeks blog!!! These lady’s divided up the questions because we get them as a beautiful pair! So lets find what Candace and Kirste have suggested for this Valentine’s!

Here are their picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift: (Candace)
Male: This is like a way far out there in-his-dreams-kind-of-gift, but my husband, Kody, would love to get a Tracking Point Rifle. He tells me that it’s the most sophisticated shooting system in the world and would run around $8,000, haha, probably not gonna happen. But it’s okay to dream big, right? One year I got his pick-up bed Rhino-Lined and he really loved that, so I guess that’s a little more realistic.
Female: So I guess I’ll apply this to myself, a high end gift that I’d love to receive is a Nikon D3200 camera. I’m loving the memories that I get to preserve in pictures with my family and a better camera than my phone camera would be great!
(Haha I so love these the in his dreams is awesome! But yes Dream BIG!!!)
Low End Gift (Kirste)
Male:¬†¬†We have never been the “smooshy mushy” type of Valentine’s day givers. So at this point in life it’s more about what my husband would use that would be good as a gift. He is definitely a sports/ outdoors kind of guy. One gift that is easy enough to buy (as long as you know sizes) is sports rash guard shirts or any type of hunting wear/jacket ect. which are fairly affordable. If your husband likes anything outdoors from camping to hunting then a good old gift card would be easy enough. At stores like Cabela’s and Sportsmen’s warehouse a $50 gift card would suffice. This is great especially if your not quite sure what to get. They get to take a trip to the outdoors store and pick out whatever they like, and they are content!
Female:¬†I would say for myself that I’m totally a sucker for flowers! I would love flowers because that “feels” more affectionate to me, but I also like a good gift. I like the gifts that have purpose and that you can use. A good lower end gift that I would enjoy is a massage or pedicure gift card. It’s something as mothers, wives that we don’t go and just do by ourself sometimes. We are always taking care of everyone else’s needs that we sometimes put ours behind. You can get away with spending under $100 for a gift card like this and trust me any woman would love getting pampered.
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity (Candace)
Male: The military is very near and dear to my husband’s heart because he views those people as the ultimate heroes. I know that he’d love to donate money towards the Lone Survivor Foundation. This is an organization that provides a place for wounded service members and their families through health, wellness and therapeutic support. You can even purchase commemorative brick that will be laid at the Retreat Facility in honor of someone.
Female: I’d love to support any charity that helps out young mothers. I know there are a few out there like Hope House of Colorado. These young girls are so brave in taking responsibility for raising their children and wanting to provide the best life for their family.

Wow I haven’t ever heard of those foundations but those would be some I would definitely like to be a part of too! Both are very dear to my heart as well!

(Click The Pictures Below To Check Out Lone Survivor/ Hope House of Colorado)
Most Memorable Valentine’s (Kirste)
The best memory that I have from Valentines day is when I was first dating my husband. He was working in Kansas while I was in Cheyenne, Wyoming for school. I remember getting called out of my equine science class by the superintendent. I thought something must be wrong so I followed him out to the hallway where he told me I had someone waiting for me. I was thinking that it would be CW (my husband now) there to surprise me on valentines day. To my surprise it was another guy… standing there holding flowers. It kind of freaked me out for a moment as I was thinking, “what in the world”. The look on my face probably said it all because as he approached me he said don’t worry these aren’t from me they are from someone else. I was relieved they weren’t from this other gentleman but from my soon to be husband! He had put someone up to getting flowers for me and writing a card since he was so far away! It definitely made my day!

Oh my goodness melt my heart how sweet is that! Haha, I can only imagine what your face looked like! Lol! ¬†Thank you so much Candace and Kriste for being apart of this 3 day Valentine’s Gift Guide y’all are blessings and I am grateful to get to know each of you! Sending y’all some Valentine’s Love and Hugs! xo

Here we go last but not least to round out our 3 Day Guide is ME! hehe

Well let me start by saying I haven’t ever been a Valentine yet but I have given some Valentine’s! We have been discussing this a lot at my house though, if you are struggling with being single on Valentine’s Day what is to stop you from being a Valentine to someone who may need a little pick me up? So thus here is my personal interpretation the Single’s Valentine Giving Gift Guide hehe!

Here are my picks!
High End Gift:
Male: I think a gift card to buy a gun of their choice would be super fun! Most of the men in my life love to hunt and shoot!
Female:¬†I think us ladies are always looking for some R&R so I would say a Cruise! They really don’t cost as much as you think either!
Low End Gift 
Male:  I would make a dessert and a hand written card! I love to bake and I know men like to eat! Hehe! My homemade brownies are a hit from young to old!
Female: Flowers! Even buy a dozen and give 12 roses away to random ladies! Watch them light up!
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity (Candace)
Male:/ Female:
There have been so many amazing places talked about over the last 3 days. Something that has been very dear to my heart is children fighting cancer. It breaks my heart to know a child has to go through something so big, but to watch them rise up with strength and fight is so inspiring. So I would buy and have bought from Love Your Melon! They¬†are on a mission to put a hat on every child’s head who fight cancer. Also, I will take this one step further! Jenny with Go Rope and our first lady up today introduced me to the story of sweet little Faith! Faith is so inspiring and she is fighting cancer. I know she will conquer this quest she is on as well! She is a beautiful little girl! I have only met her once but you can tell there is something so sweet and special about her! So I would donate to little Miss Faith! If you are looking to help and donate somewhere this Valentine’s Day or would love to bless someone just because this little girl would be a great place! A link to her Go Fund Me page is below just click her smiling face wearing the Love Your Melon hat! ūüėČ

(Click pictures below to go to Love Your Melon or Faith’s Go Fund Me)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
Well not so sure just yet! I love that my mom would always get me and my little sister a box of conversation hearts every year growing up! So they have grown to be a tradition even if I buy myself a box! Hehe! I just love those things! Even last year Momma Jo got me some which totally made my Valentine’s Day!

I want to thank all 9 of these gorgeous women for being a part of this 3 Day Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! I hope all you fabulous readers have enjoyed it as well and was able to get some ideas if you are struggling to find just the right thing. Just let it be from the heart whatever it is you are looking for! If I have learned anything from watching my parents it is that giving from the heart weather it be big or small it always touches the heart of the other! If you are single don’t let Valentine’s drag you down give a gift and make someone smile, it will in turn make you smile! I pray for each and every one of these amazing guests and each reader that you are truly blessed this day and everyday! That your heart is overflowing with peace, love and joy! So have a very Graceful and Stylish Valentine’s Day my loves! Also don’t forget to let those around you know how much you love them not on just a specific day like Valentine’s but everyday make it count!
Hannah Leigh

Below are the Links to Go Rope Clothing & Cooped Up Cowboys’ Wife Like I promised!
Check Them Out!



Valentine’s Gift Guide Day 2

Here we are with day 2 of this fun Valentine’s Day Gift guide. Here is a little background if you are just tuning in! I thought it would be fun to put a gift guide of sorts together for y’all who are struggling to buy those meaningful gifts for that special someone in your life! So I have recruited some help from some beautiful ladies I know! I will be posting 3 ladies’ suggestions for a male and female gift that ranges from high end, to a lower end gift and also my personal favorite a charity or gifts that support a charity! Also each gorgeous lady has told us about their favorite Valentine’s memory and might I add they all touch my heart! Yes, I am a romantic I would say hopeless romantic but I choose not to be hopeless because their is the right person for each of us out there who are ready to spoil us the best they can. Some just haven’t found their way to us yet hehe! But for you singles out there trust in God’s plan and His timing it is always spot on. So let’s dig in and get this thing¬†started with day 2!

Today I have asked 3 ladies who are very dear to my heart! All are mom’s with amazing families whose kids might I add are just adorable. I love the relationships between each of these ladies with their husband. It is always apparent to me in a sweet observing way to watch each of these ladies with their husbands! Read on and you will see why!
Up first the beautiful Tonya Yeary…

I love Tonya! She and I have the same home church (Silverado Cowboy Church) in Weatherford, TX. This lady right here has a heart of gold and I always just love her fashion style as well!

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: A Razor ATV
Female: Weekly maid service
(I love this that is an awesome gift suggestion!)
Low End Gift
Male:  Lucchese boots
Female: Pre-Planned Dinner and a romance movie
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Grace House Ministries
Where hope lives, life matters and knowledge counts.

(Click The Picture Below To Learn More About This Ministry)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
Last Valentine’s Day my girls cooked and served a candle light spaghetti dinner to Toye and I. They dressed up and made it truly special for us.

Oh my goodness how sweet is that! Y’all are raising some pretty amazing girls! Just love y’all and send you some Valentine’s Day Love and Hugs! xo

Up next is the beautiful Natasha Arendall…


Natasha also attends the same church! I just love this lady’s heart and passion for Christ! Every time I see her and her precious family a big smile always comes to my face!

Here are her and her husband Matt’s picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide

High End Gift
Male:¬†A¬†Dodge Cummins 4×4 Longhorn Edition =) ONLY fair because he bought me a Car for Valentines Day a few yrs ago! lol
Female: Matt said I would love a power programmer & goose neck hitch, front bumper and air bags for his new Pickup BUT I really would love a FULL DAY @ The Havens Spa with the Works!
(Haha gotta love the try behind that suggestion!)
Low End Gift
Male: A bag of individual Reeses or a Savoy leather gun holster (According to Matt haha)
Female:¬†a Pedicure, hand written note and a I tunes gift card…then for Him to dance me around the living room floor to our fav song!
(Awe dancing to your favorite song how sweet! Swooning about that!)
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Male:¬† I would donate to Jared Allen’s home for wounded warriors project in honor of Matt
Female: A¬†piece of Noonday Jewelry…I LOVE their mission and cause…

(Click the picture tobe taken to the website of each)
Most Memorable Valentine’s
Story begins when Matt and I had just met..We were driving around in his pick up and listening to music…NO JUSTICE “Circles” came on the radio and I casually mentioned how I loved them and had lost that cd…a Week later for valentines day he gave me that cd and a sweet card! 9 valentines days later and I STILL have that cd! Also WE LOVE REESES!!! One yr we didnt have a lot of money so he bought me a reeses and carved our brand in it with a heart and a arrow! Seriously ¬†sweetest thing ever!

Awe that is seriously so so sweet thank you so much Natasha for sharing with us! Sending y’all some Valentine’s Love and Hugs! xo

And last but not least Chelsy Lyles…


Oh where to start with this amazing lady! Well we counted up recently that we have known each other for at least 10+ years I believe! She is not only beautiful on the outside but her inside is just as beautiful! I was so blessed to meet her through her amazing grandparents who pastor Russellville Christian Center in Russleville, AR. That church is my home away for home and I enjoy listening to Sunday sermons via CD!

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: Gun! All the men in my life love guns, and they can never have too many! Guns to them are like shoes to women!
Female:¬†Spa day ūüėć with all the works! Body wraps, pedicure,manicure and massage !
(Ahhhh that sounds amazing!)
Low End Gift
Male:¬†A home cooked meal with his favorite “dessert”, because let’s face it it’s free and it’s by far their favorite!
Female: A handmade card from Hubby. I think most women, like when our husband/boyfriend puts a lot of thought into a gift.
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
I personally like The Hampton Foundation as a good charity. They provide a home away home for families who’s children or loved ones are hospitalized for long term visits. That way they don’t have to drive back and forth from their homes and hospital.

Wow what an amazing charity!

(Click image below to Donate and Read more about this foundation)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
My husband ( boyfriend at the time) was working out in Florida , I live in Arkansas, and was due to be there for 6 months. He’d only been their about a month when Valentine’s Day rolled around. We were talking marriage and making big plans for when he got back so it was definitely hard for me wedding planning while he was gone. I walked outside one day with my mom and said mom there’s some guy walking down here, then looked closer and saw it was PJ. He had flown home for Valentine’s Day and surprised me!

Oh I won’t ever forget seeing this when you posted it on Facebook! I thought oh he’s a keeper for her right there!! Thank you Chelsy so much for being a part tonight! I hope to see you someday soon, but in the mean time I will send you some Valentine’s Day love and hugs! xo

Thank you so much you beautiful stylish ladies!!! I hope all the readers have enjoyed today’s post as much as I have!! Check back with us tomorrow for 2 more beautiful women’s and my suggestions to round out our 3 day Gift Guide!

Don’t forget who your biggest Valentine is!
Hannah Hogner

Valentine’s Gift Guide Day 1

I thought it would be fun to put a gift guide of sorts together for y’all who are struggling to buy those meaningful gifts for that special someone in your life! So I have recruited some help from some beautiful ladies I know! For the next 3 days I will be posting 3 ladies’ suggestions for a male and female gift that ranges from high end, to a lower end gift and also my personal favorite a charity or gifts that support a charity! Also each gorgeous lady has told us about their favorite Valentine’s memory and might I add they all touch my heart! Yes, I am a romantic I would say hopeless romantic but I choose not to be hopeless because their is the right person for each of us out there who are ready to spoil us the best they can. Some just haven’t found their way to us yet hehe! But for you singles out there trust in God’s plan and His timing it is always spot on. Let’s get this party started day 1 we have up first, 3 Pro Rodeo Wives!

First up one of my favorite people Haley Corkill!


Haley is no stranger to Living In Grace & Style I always love having her be apart of my blogs! She is whitty, beautiful and has a heart of gold.

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: A watch or if your married to a cowboy, a custom felt hat
Female: A pair of diamond earrings (or any Jewelry)
Low End Gift
Male: A sweater
Female: A card and her favorite drink & flowers
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Fun gifts to buy from charitable company for a male or female is from a company called Panda. Here you can purchase sun glasses and for each pair bought they donate a free eye exam to school age children in need. I love buying from anywhere that gives back ūüôā

(Click Picture To See The Handcrafted Bamboo Panda Sunglasses)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
My most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2014 when Jade and I welcomed our 2nd precious little boy into the world!

Awe just love Kelton and that is a pretty precious and amazing Valentine’s Gift! Happy Early Birthday to little man! ¬†Thank you Haley for sharing with us! Sending you some love for this Valentine’s Day as well! xo

Up Next…
Well it would be the beautiful Ashley Minor of course!


I wouldn’t miss a chance to ask for this beautiful lady her opinion of shopping! She is one of my go to girls for all things shopping!

High End Gift
Male: A bit for his favorite horse or something that can be personalized like Spurs, boots ect.
Female: duh diamonds. They are a girls best friend after allūüėú
Low End Gift
Male: a nice card with a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. Food is the way to a mans heart! Lol
Female: Hand picked flowers and a card! After all it’s the thought that counts!
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Well, I know for Brady and I we would choose March of dimes! After our son came four months early this organization helped us tremendously. We are beyond grateful for that organization! I would and will donate to them for the years to come!!!

(Click Picture To Donate To March of Dimes)
Most Memorable Valentine’s Day
When Brady picked me up at the San Antonio airport with flowers chocolate and jewelry!!! Such a sweet guy!

Oh my goodness melt my heart! That is sweet! 
Thank you Ash for sharing with us!! Sending you some Valentine’s Day Love too pretty lady! Snuggle that handsome little man for me to please! xo

And last but not least my bestie Arena de la Cruz!


I always love a chance to include the thoughts of one of my besties!

High End Gift
Male/Female: Customized leather is so cool!! Ladies and Guys, Casey Tew is making some amazing hand tooled customized leather work! Rope Cans, bags, belts, jewelry, all sorts of amazing tooled gifts!
(And don’t forget cuff bracelets/ leather necklaces! I have one of each they are awesome)
Low End Gift
Male: Customized Guy stuff is a great gift! A Jaco Belt or Bridle!
Female: I am really into personalized gifts! Some fun ones are the Plunder photo Jewelry and the Btwix custom jewelry!
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
There are so many fun companies that support a cause thought it would be fun to display them! I think the special Rodeo would be a great place to start! Anything rodeo related is a huge hit! Rope gloves, brushes, pictures, figurines, hats, I think that anything that helps to remember the moments they had are really cool!!!

(Click the picture for a link to a video to learn more about this rodeo)20101207_nfrtimelapse_final_lvs

Most Memorable Valentine’s Day
Getting Flowers at the Hotel front desk in front of the whole rodeo finals. I wanted to hide but secretly it was so special to be remembered at a time when Cesar and I were so far apart! Good thing I had my Bestie to get them Flowers with lol!

I sure was there! That was pretty special and super sweet! Thanks Arena for sharing with us as well! Sending you lots of love for Valentine’s Day too Roo! Love ya lots! ¬†xo

Thank you so much you beautiful stylish ladies!!! I hope all the readers have enjoyed today’s post as much as I have!! Check back with us tomorrow for 3 more beautiful women’s suggestions!

Remember who your biggest Valentine is!
Hannah Leigh


Graceful Glance with Tamika Graves

Hey y’all!! Here we go a new year, with some fun new Graceful Glance Interviews!!! I am so excited about this one. I have known this girl for I don’t how long now. Haha Her husband is 7x NFR Qualifier Travis Graves. Who actually went on my parent’s very first traveling team roping missionary team! To cool huh?! They have 2 adorable kiddos Tee and True Graves. Who are absolutely precious might I add! I truly admire this beautiful lady so much, not only is she an amazing rodeo wife and mom but an avid fitness buff! She also has a heart of gold that I really admire. So for this interview and starting the new year I thought we all could draw some extra inspiration from this beautiful lady! So without further ado let me introduce you to Tamika Graves!


(Tamika and Travis Graves) 

 H: What inspired you to live a healthy life style?

T:¬†I have always loved to run. I’m not sure why! Haha Just kidding! It’s an addictive therapy for me. I feel so good while doing it and love getting better and faster at it. I love doing circuit workouts, lifting weights and Zumba, as well. I am cold natured so Hot Yoga works really well for me in the colder months. I’m kinda obsessed with it! I guess my overall inspiration comes from the amazing feeling of accomplishment after I finish a workout I never thought I would be able to complete ūüôā

(That is so awesome! I totally loving running too! Although in high school I truly despised it, but now as an adult I really love the free-ness it brings!)

IMG_4493(Tamika getting her running game on!/ Get it girl!)

H: When working out how do you keep yourself motivated? 

T: Some days are harder than others. I honestly just love to run and workout so it’s never too much of a burden for me.

H: Being on the road a lot is it hard to workout and stay fit?

T: No, it’s not any harder and I usually welcome the change of scenery. Most rodeo grounds have a great set of stairs to run and I always love to load the kids in the double stroller and go for a jog and see some different scenery. I have a yoga mat and some weights in the trailer also.

(That is seriously so awesome! I love the dedication you have it is seriously so inspiring! See ladies we have to just make up our minds and get to it. ) 

(Tamika working out! See girls stick with it and you can accomplish anything especially this move!)

H: Do you have any tips for traveling and eating healthy?

T: I always have snack bags of fruits and veggies in my fridge. They are cleaned and bagged ready to grab. This helps me when we are driving to resist the urge to snack on junk.

(This is awesome! I think if we all took a day to do some food prep like this we would see how much it helps against the temptations! Awesome advice Tamika girl!)

H:  Does Tee and True like to try and workout with you?

T: They get all excited when I lay down on the yoga mat to do sit ups or planks.. They love to lay on me and help make things a little harder. Haha! They love to go on runs with me in their stroller. I pack them snacks and if we see a park I always stop and let them play for awhile. They love it.

H: Who is your fitspiration?

T: Rachel Woodard. She is absolutely flawless in every way. I adore her.


(Rachel and Tamika at the back number presentation at the NFR in Las Vegas) 

H:  What is your favorite way to workout?

T: I love classes but I also don’t mind to go at it solo. I watch a lot of videos on Pinterest to get ideas for new workouts.

(Pinterest has soooo many ideas I think my fitness folder is overflowing with ideas!)

H: What is your favorite healthy snack? 

T: My favorite snack would have to be one of my pre bagged snacks.. I mix red and green grapes and add blueberries. So fresh and yummy.

H: What is some advice you could give our readers to inspire them to stay or to start the work out journey? 

T: My advice would be to have a flexible schedule when it comes to working out. Sometimes a morning workout gets pushed to a 10pm workout, and that’s okay. You just have to make a plan to workout a certain amount of times per week and commit to it. Whatever it takes to get it done, Just Do It ūüôā


H: What is your favorite scripture?

T: Phillipians 4:13¬†” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

(Super fitting for everything we have talked about in this interview!)

Tamika I can not thank you enough for taking the time with us and sharing your fitness journey an tips! I know I am re inspired to get back at it with some good tips to keep me going. Don’t forget readers just like Tamika’s favorite scripture says “I (YOU) can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (YOU!)”. You have got this whatever your journey is fitness, dreams or maybe your struggling. Stay strong and don’t give up! Keep God in all you do! He cares so much about you and the things you set your hands too! Remember what Coco Chanel told us…”Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway!” So conquer it with some Grace & Style Girl!! Work it!
Hannah Leigh


(Tamika and Travis Graves with the beautiful children Tee and True!) 
Thanks again girl!