Valentine’s Gift Guide Day 1

I thought it would be fun to put a gift guide of sorts together for y’all who are struggling to buy those meaningful gifts for that special someone in your life! So I have recruited some help from some beautiful ladies I know! For the next 3 days I will be posting 3 ladies’ suggestions for a male and female gift that ranges from high end, to a lower end gift and also my personal favorite a charity or gifts that support a charity! Also each gorgeous lady has told us about their favorite Valentine’s memory and might I add they all touch my heart! Yes, I am a romantic I would say hopeless romantic but I choose not to be hopeless because their is the right person for each of us out there who are ready to spoil us the best they can. Some just haven’t found their way to us yet hehe! But for you singles out there trust in God’s plan and His timing it is always spot on. Let’s get this party started day 1 we have up first, 3 Pro Rodeo Wives!

First up one of my favorite people Haley Corkill!


Haley is no stranger to Living In Grace & Style I always love having her be apart of my blogs! She is whitty, beautiful and has a heart of gold.

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: A watch or if your married to a cowboy, a custom felt hat
Female: A pair of diamond earrings (or any Jewelry)
Low End Gift
Male: A sweater
Female: A card and her favorite drink & flowers
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Fun gifts to buy from charitable company for a male or female is from a company called Panda. Here you can purchase sun glasses and for each pair bought they donate a free eye exam to school age children in need. I love buying from anywhere that gives back 🙂

(Click Picture To See The Handcrafted Bamboo Panda Sunglasses)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
My most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 2014 when Jade and I welcomed our 2nd precious little boy into the world!

Awe just love Kelton and that is a pretty precious and amazing Valentine’s Gift! Happy Early Birthday to little man!  Thank you Haley for sharing with us! Sending you some love for this Valentine’s Day as well! xo

Up Next…
Well it would be the beautiful Ashley Minor of course!


I wouldn’t miss a chance to ask for this beautiful lady her opinion of shopping! She is one of my go to girls for all things shopping!

High End Gift
Male: A bit for his favorite horse or something that can be personalized like Spurs, boots ect.
Female: duh diamonds. They are a girls best friend after all😜
Low End Gift
Male: a nice card with a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant. Food is the way to a mans heart! Lol
Female: Hand picked flowers and a card! After all it’s the thought that counts!
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Well, I know for Brady and I we would choose March of dimes! After our son came four months early this organization helped us tremendously. We are beyond grateful for that organization! I would and will donate to them for the years to come!!!

(Click Picture To Donate To March of Dimes)
Most Memorable Valentine’s Day
When Brady picked me up at the San Antonio airport with flowers chocolate and jewelry!!! Such a sweet guy!

Oh my goodness melt my heart! That is sweet! 
Thank you Ash for sharing with us!! Sending you some Valentine’s Day Love too pretty lady! Snuggle that handsome little man for me to please! xo

And last but not least my bestie Arena de la Cruz!


I always love a chance to include the thoughts of one of my besties!

High End Gift
Male/Female: Customized leather is so cool!! Ladies and Guys, Casey Tew is making some amazing hand tooled customized leather work! Rope Cans, bags, belts, jewelry, all sorts of amazing tooled gifts!
(And don’t forget cuff bracelets/ leather necklaces! I have one of each they are awesome)
Low End Gift
Male: Customized Guy stuff is a great gift! A Jaco Belt or Bridle!
Female: I am really into personalized gifts! Some fun ones are the Plunder photo Jewelry and the Btwix custom jewelry!
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
There are so many fun companies that support a cause thought it would be fun to display them! I think the special Rodeo would be a great place to start! Anything rodeo related is a huge hit! Rope gloves, brushes, pictures, figurines, hats, I think that anything that helps to remember the moments they had are really cool!!!

(Click the picture for a link to a video to learn more about this rodeo)20101207_nfrtimelapse_final_lvs

Most Memorable Valentine’s Day
Getting Flowers at the Hotel front desk in front of the whole rodeo finals. I wanted to hide but secretly it was so special to be remembered at a time when Cesar and I were so far apart! Good thing I had my Bestie to get them Flowers with lol!

I sure was there! That was pretty special and super sweet! Thanks Arena for sharing with us as well! Sending you lots of love for Valentine’s Day too Roo! Love ya lots!  xo

Thank you so much you beautiful stylish ladies!!! I hope all the readers have enjoyed today’s post as much as I have!! Check back with us tomorrow for 3 more beautiful women’s suggestions!

Remember who your biggest Valentine is!
Hannah Leigh



Countdown To Vegas With Haley Corkill

I am so excited to do a countdown to Vegas and the NFR this year, with some fun short blog posts with amazing friends! I have asked 6 of my friends who are no strangers to the Vegas scene to help us! All of these ladies are continually styling, smiling and loving God! Each day I will feature a new woman leading up to Round 1! I asked each of these ladies 3 quick questions, because I know they all have a lot to do in preparation for their travels to Vegas! So without further ado lets get this thing started!!!


Up first is the amazing Haley Corkill! She is the wife of 3x World Champion Heeler, Jade Corkill and the mother of 2 cute little boys; Colby and Kelton Corkill! But Haley is not just an amazing wife and mom she is a great friend with a big heart! Haley and I have been friends now for a couple of years! I have always just loved being around her and I truly just love her heart. I personally think is made of gold! I admire Haley’s style so much, she looks fabulous on all occasions, whether it be formal or casual, she has a subtle confidence about her! Which makes her even more fabulous! Confidence in my books is key to any outfit you put on! It is knowing who you are and feeling great about yourself. (Tip: Fake it till you make it ladies! 😉 People are attracted to confidence! It is an accessory that you must not leave home without! Haley always has this about her to me! So without further ado it is my pleasure and honor to introduce you to one of my dear friends Haley Corkill!!!

Haley and Jade Corkill looking fabulous on a night out in Dallas

Note From Haley:
Have you ever met someone whose love for people and God was so contagious you couldn’t help but be completely uplifted? For those of you who know Hannah, there is no doubt in my mind you will agree that she is just, exactly that person! I am so thankful to call her a friend and I wanted to start my post off by expressing how much I appreciate her asking me to write a little something and to thank her for continuously inspiring my heart and my closet!

(Thank you Haley so much that means the world to me! xo)

Question #1 What are 3 things that are a must in your purse for Vegas? 
H: Three things that are always in my purse:
(No specific order)
1- lipstick or Chapstick
2-safety pins (for several reasons)
3-a compact foundation

Question #2: What is one of your favorite places to eat while in Vegas? 
H: I don’t think I can pick just one favorite place to eat at in Vegas, so many choices!

(Girl I agree! There are so many great choices 🙂 

Question #3: What is your favorite scripture? 
H: My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you not harm you. Plans for hope and a future. ❤️

(That is one of my favorites as well! Always reminding us to have peace and faith in Him because He does have amazing plans for us and our lives!) 

Haley thank you so much for kicking off Living In Grace & Style’s first countdown to Vegas! We all appreciate you taking time out of your busy day getting ready for Vegas to share a little of your amazing self with us!! I hope everyone enjoyed our first day of counting down! T-Minus 6 days!!! Eeeek!!!

(Jade, Haley and their cute boys Colby and Kelton!)

Let’s all stand in agreement and speak many blessings over Haley, Jade and the boys while they are preparing for Vegas and while they are in Vegas! Lord we thank you right now that you just shower them with your peace, love, joy and safety over the next few weeks! As well as having a very prosperous 10 rounds at the NFR this year!!! In Jesus Name we all agree and say AMEN!

**Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow & see who will be joining the countdown! **

Hannah Leigh