Be You!

Oh the anticipation of The American Rodeo is in the air! With the long road of qualifcations behind us and the semi finals over we are now just 2 full days away from the Largest Rodeo payout in one day! I am super excited to watch some of my friends compete on Sunday! Some are compteting for the Million and some for the $100,000 payout regaurdless they have come so far and have such an amazing opportunity ahead of them! I was able to attend last years rodeo with my amazing Momma Jo!


We had such a blast despite the freezing cold weather. I can not seem to locate a full picture of my outfit but I do remember I wore a studded long black shirt from Kickin’ Colt Boutque in Stephenville, leggings, black boots, rounded out by a black lether jacket! Haha yes it was a black out with some bling! You can never go wrong with black in my opinion! It sleek, makes ya look skinny and lets face it kinda fabulous, oh and did I mention it makes you look slimmer!


(With my sweet friends Taya & Britt)

I am looking forward to all the fabulous outfits that all the ladies will be rocking this year. One thing to remember when dressing for The American or even just getting dressed up is to always be you! Dressing up is fun and yes sometimes beauty is pain. But one person’s style is not neccicarliy your style. So be you if heels aren’t your thing don’t wear heels find a fabulous pair of ballet flats. If dresses aren’t your thing find some amazing jeans and a fab top and rock what you got. But most importantly just be you because ultimatly that is who God created you to be. We are all constantly changing and growing  just like the styles and trends in fashion. So be the Beautiful You that God created you to be!! Just rock what ya got girl! Wishing you all the Style and Grace I can send your way!

Hannah Leigh



You Are Loved!

I am so beyond blessed that my older brother and sister law live on the other side of our ranch. They have 4 amazing kids and the youngest of them is Deuce! He is now almost 9 months old and is such a blessing in so many ways. He has changed me and all of our lives in so many amazing ways. As I was watching him a few weeks ago, I was rocking him to sleep I suddenly became very overwhelmed. It was a good overwhelming feeling but I began to kind of well cry. I was so full of love for him I could hardly explain it. I then began to think of how much God loves us. He loves us more than that feeling I felt I was suddenly awe struck and cried again. All happy tears of course but realizing how much God loves me slightly just blows my mind. I have a very amazing an loving family and I grew up knowing He loved me. But when I realized just how much that was I couldn’t even believe it. I hope you know just how much he loves you as well! No matter what walk of life you are in saved or not Jesus Loves You!! For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. That is super huge to me! I also hope you as well and I hope you know how much God truly truly LOVES you! I know I may know some of my readers personally but some of y’all I don’t. I hope you know that I also love you even if we have yet to meet. I Love God and I Love People! Its my hearts desire to just be an arm of Him to show love and happiness to all I encounter! So put a smile on that face and know you are loved and Live in Style and Grace!

Hannah Leigh

Well sporting a sport look leggings and a long shirt! Hey it’s a snow day! 😉 but getting some Deuce love!


For The Love of Earrings!!

It’s time to accessorize ladies!! I have to admit my earring game isn’t in A form yet but thanks to my new find I would start giving myself a strong B! Haha!
So I have been an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher almost since the beginning. But this season I locked on to a few styles of some of the women on this seasons show. One in particular is Britt Nilson’s earrings! She has worn them in almost every episode. (So key here ladies signature piece like we talked about earlier!) I started thinking hey I really think I may need some earrings like this. So I hit up Google not really knowing what to call them I found similar earrings for $80-$178. Well I said no! Haha surely I could find some in my price range. Well I would ever so often hunt for the suckers. And last week bam! I figured out they were called spikes and to etsy I went! That is where I found Michelle Parker Jewels! I fell in love I found my perfect earrings at my cost! Thank You Jesus!! And thank you MPJ!!


So like in life when you set your goals in front of you. Have patience and keep digging in and pushing toward the goals! Never give up because success is around the corner!! Sending yall lots of Love and Peace! Remember to Live in Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh

Earrings: Michelle Parker Jewels
(She has some other amazing products!)
Hat: Back At The Ranch (Stephenville)
Denim Shirt, Tank Top, Skinnies


Love and Valentine’s

So this time of year you see maybe about 3 types of people, maybe more but 3 is what I see. You see the ones who love and/or celebration  Valentine’s Day with their special someone. Next you see the single one who wishes they could spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone or pretends not to care about it. (Which secretly they really do but just don’t say.) Last you see the ones who probably truly don’t care and treat the day as any other day. Depending on who you are or what walk of your life your in tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and people are gonna be gushy and mushy. I personally probably fit in the second category. I have actually not really ever had a Valentine’s Day with that special someone yet. But then that got me to thinking! I do have a Valentine with a special someone every year! Whether I chose to see it or not. Now don’t roll your eyes just yet…here me out. 🙂 In this day and age so many people are in Love with being in Love and don’t even realize it. Then after getting married the love bubble is gone and then they are left wondering why they got married. Some I know really do find that true love though. I don’t know the answers I promise you but I do know what God has put on my heart. Here is a short version of my background. When I was in 1st grade my parents got a divorce and I saw the pain and hurt that came with it. So at a young age I began to pray that my first boyfriend would be my husband to avoid the hurt and pain. To this day I am still waiting for God to reveal that person to me. God put a specific person on my heart that I wrote down and pray for everyday. Now it has not always been easy waiting for that person to come, I have had my hard times and very lonely feeling times too. I have had the opportunity to date or have the boyfriends but when it came down to it I knew he was not the one. Now this maybe my personal feelings and take from this what you may because this is what I do and I know not everyone is me. But when I like a guy and realize he wasn’t the one I would pray that some way God would show me he really wasn’t the one or something would happen and we wouldn’t talk as much. Here is why, I don’t want to be in love with being in love! I don’t want to be dating someone I know is not my husband. What if I was dating him and that’s when he was supposed to meet his someone and I hindered that some way.  That would so break my heart! I truly want the best for everyone, I want them to be truly happily in love. I truly mean that! Yes I want a husband, kids and all that stuff that comes with. But first I needed to learn to put God first to let Him fill that void that lonely feeling. He has shown me time and time again. He is there for me, He loves me unconditionally, He has my back and yes is my best friend. I’m not perfect and don’t have all these things perfected quite yet but I try. I know in time the man of my dreams will come in God’s timing and not mine. So I am going to stay faithful and let God fill my heart and be my forever Valentine. I hope that in some way this post encourages you in whatever walk of life you are in. Let God date you and find the God kisses in every day. He does love you unconditionally and forever and ever. You deserve to be happy!  So tomorrow put a smile on because you do have a Valentine and some have more than one! So with all the grace, style and love have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Jesus loves you!

Hannah Leigh


Hair Brushes and Tangled Messes!

Ok so how important is your hair?? Well to me very! I do love mine and have been faithfully growing my hair out for the last 6 years! But defiantly not without some difficultly…what kind you ask? Ugh the dreaded brushing of my hair! I have this fine ish type hair that is now, decently long. There are times it literally takes me almost 30 minutes to brush it all out. That is using a detangler and conditioner! So last week when I went in to see my amazing hairstylist Ashley and she told me about this amazing brush, that I absolutely needed! Well ok then?! So after I get my hair all done, I head on over to Sally’s and buy this so called Ah-mazing brush! Then comes Sunday and I get up early because I sometimes move slow, have outfit issues (that is a whole blog in itself) and it takes forever tooo…. you guessed it, brush my hair! Well I get showered and then now came for the moment of truth! Dear Lord, please let this brush shave off some time from brushing my hair, so I don’t dread it! AMEN! So then I begin and HOLY COW! Much to my surprise and eyes this sucker works! What used to take forever and a day literally took me maybe 3 minutes! At the most! I was in near shock! (To bad I couldn’t just fall out at that moment and be laying in a hammock on the beach! While being fed grapes and fanned by some hot, hunky, tall, dreamy, Christian guy, who well probably likes to rope and I have yet to meet! Haha!)

But back to my point! Wait what was it?? Oh yeah this Ah-Mazing hair brush! It is a life saver and yes I just blogged about a hair brush! But when you find an awesome product you have to tell all your Awesome Fabulous Friends about it right? Right! So this brush….you can go buy at your local Sally’s and what is the name of it…dunnnn dunn naaa…. the Wet Brush! It is a little bit more expensive than just your normal average $4 brush from Wally World! It’s about $8.99 at Sally’s and worth every penny! So happy brushing now! Haha!

We all have these trying situations in our lives like pesky hair brushes. The problems or tangled messes are just there picking at us. We get run down and tired and just wanna give up and quit. But we can’t! We have been diligently working so hard to grow our hair out! ( build our lives, or reach a goal!) But listen we CAN NOT JUST GIVE UP and quit and cut our hair because…what it’s easier?! Nope, that isn’t who God created us to be. We just need to focus on God and pray for the problem and then thank Him for sending us the answers! Because He will and He cares all about and for you! Even things as little as a hair brush! So remember to stay diligent have faith in God and He will bring you the answers you need! You need only to wait and listen to Him or the hairstylist He puts in your life! It may take 6 years or just 6 days to get the answers but Trust in Him and He will not steer you wrong! In your life or in brushing your hair! You may think this crazy chick just blogged about a hair brush and God, YES I did! But seriously He cares about the little things in your life to all the big things! So I double dog dare you to give what’s weighing you down all over to Him! Now shake it off and dig into God’s Word and let Him bring you the answers to all your tangled messes! Hope you have blessed and fabulous Graceful and Stylish day!
Hannah Leigh

My outfit today!
Red Cowhide Flip Flops from KC Kountry ( located at most World Series and USTRC ropings)
Black Cardigan with bling cross (KC Kountry)
Skinnies and a black tank top!
And my new necklace the say Infinite Hope!


What is your Signature??

A couple years ago my best friend gave me this awesome book by Eric Daman.


I completely love this book it gives me so much inspiration! But my favorite thing I learned in, it is about signature pieces!


What’s your signature piece?! It is something you may wear everyday or almost everyday. It could be piece of jewelry, or a color, or in my Momma Jo’s case shoes! (She loves to rock those converses and rock them she does too!)
I have some pieces of jewelry that I almost never leave the house without. They don’t really pop so you almost wouldn’t notice them. But I would say my signature piece that people might notice the most, well it comes out of the accessory department! I am a lover of hats and scarves! My collection of both is literally almost embarrassing ! But the key being almost! Haha! I am known to almost always be wearing one or the other! What I love about hats or scarves is that they add an extra little pop of somethin somethin!! Plus they are just fun! I like to think that basically describes me, fun or just happy! Also you can use both to cover up a bad hair day! 😉
So what is your signature piece? I would love to hear what they are. You can leave a comment at the end of this post! Like the book says you don’t find your signature piece it finds you! It’s your go to thing! If you think you don’t have one yet no worries it will come!
Most importantly the best part of what makes you you is……wait for it…. YOU! Just stick on a smile and rock what you got! Remember Fashion is 80% Confidence and 20% Fashion! So take a deep breath throw on something fabulous and model walk it out with a little grace and style!
Hannah Leigh

My Outfit!
Signature Peices
Hat- Apricot Lane
( I went to their Las Vegas store to find this one!)
Scarf- KC Kountry
(They have a both at most US and World Series Team Ropings)
Then just a dark denim shirt paired with leggings and brown knee boots!!

And photo credit goes to Ashley Kersey my fabulous hair stylist!!! Follow her on Instagram @AshleyKerseyHair She is amazing!!


Team Work

Team work

I learned this at a young age playing basketball. When I was on the court if my team wasn’t playing together then we weren’t really winning at all. Or if someone tried to just be the lone player and tried to do all the work on their own it really stilled didn’t work and that person was just worn out. It’s kind of like this in life! We need to learn to work together with Him! He doesn’t want us to live this life alone or do things alone. When we do that let’s be honest it wears us down and just drains us, but God truly wants to help us in life! We sometimes need only to be still and know that He is God! He wants you to have all the good in life and the desires of your hearts! But we get so focused on trying to do it all by ourselves we forget to involve Him! He believes in you and trust me He is always by your side! It is one of our promises He has given us! That He will always be with us! Isaiah 41:10 says, “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” See He’s got your back in all things and will strengthen you! So guess what you won’t have to do it alone! See Together Everyone Achieves More! So lean on Him and trust Him! Like that song says have a little faith in me! So put a smile on that face so you too can Live in Style and Grace! Blessings!
Hannah Leigh

My outfit today I got to meet some really sweet ladies for lunch with big hearts for God, they left me inspired!

Rocking my awesome Steston Blue Plaid Shirt! Fedora, Leggings, Moccasins and topped of with some Mac Rebel lipstick! 💋