You Are Loved!

I am so beyond blessed that my older brother and sister law live on the other side of our ranch. They have 4 amazing kids and the youngest of them is Deuce! He is now almost 9 months old and is such a blessing in so many ways. He has changed me and all of our lives in so many amazing ways. As I was watching him a few weeks ago, I was rocking him to sleep I suddenly became very overwhelmed. It was a good overwhelming feeling but I began to kind of well cry. I was so full of love for him I could hardly explain it. I then began to think of how much God loves us. He loves us more than that feeling I felt I was suddenly awe struck and cried again. All happy tears of course but realizing how much God loves me slightly just blows my mind. I have a very amazing an loving family and I grew up knowing He loved me. But when I realized just how much that was I couldn’t even believe it. I hope you know just how much he loves you as well! No matter what walk of life you are in saved or not Jesus Loves You!! For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that who so ever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. That is super huge to me! I also hope you as well and I hope you know how much God truly truly LOVES you! I know I may know some of my readers personally but some of y’all I don’t. I hope you know that I also love you even if we have yet to meet. I Love God and I Love People! Its my hearts desire to just be an arm of Him to show love and happiness to all I encounter! So put a smile on that face and know you are loved and Live in Style and Grace!

Hannah Leigh

Well sporting a sport look leggings and a long shirt! Hey it’s a snow day! 😉 but getting some Deuce love!



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