Be You!

Oh the anticipation of The American Rodeo is in the air! With the long road of qualifcations behind us and the semi finals over we are now just 2 full days away from the Largest Rodeo payout in one day! I am super excited to watch some of my friends compete on Sunday! Some are compteting for the Million and some for the $100,000 payout regaurdless they have come so far and have such an amazing opportunity ahead of them! I was able to attend last years rodeo with my amazing Momma Jo!


We had such a blast despite the freezing cold weather. I can not seem to locate a full picture of my outfit but I do remember I wore a studded long black shirt from Kickin’ Colt Boutque in Stephenville, leggings, black boots, rounded out by a black lether jacket! Haha yes it was a black out with some bling! You can never go wrong with black in my opinion! It sleek, makes ya look skinny and lets face it kinda fabulous, oh and did I mention it makes you look slimmer!


(With my sweet friends Taya & Britt)

I am looking forward to all the fabulous outfits that all the ladies will be rocking this year. One thing to remember when dressing for The American or even just getting dressed up is to always be you! Dressing up is fun and yes sometimes beauty is pain. But one person’s style is not neccicarliy your style. So be you if heels aren’t your thing don’t wear heels find a fabulous pair of ballet flats. If dresses aren’t your thing find some amazing jeans and a fab top and rock what you got. But most importantly just be you because ultimatly that is who God created you to be. We are all constantly changing and growing  just like the styles and trends in fashion. So be the Beautiful You that God created you to be!! Just rock what ya got girl! Wishing you all the Style and Grace I can send your way!

Hannah Leigh



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