From My Fashion Specialist to You!

Ok ladies I am so excited to officially introduce you to one of my Bestie’s!!!
So it’s my pleasure to introduce Bobbie Tryan! She’s an amazing wife, mother of 3, fashionista, with a heart of gold, and is my resident stylist!! She is also a featured blogger on Fabulous In The South’s Bleacher Babe Report!

Pictured Left 2 Right: Bobbie, Brianna (FITS) and Me!

I was so blessed to get to go with her to The American Rodeo this last Sunday! I love her style so much and have actually had her assist me on a photo shoot as a stylist!! I have learned so many tips and tricks from her and have grown in my fashion sense because of her! She is just amazing! Of course!! I sat down and had a little Q & A with Bobbie about fashion from a stylist point of view! I thought it would be awesome for yall to get some tips tricks and fashion sense from my Fashion Specialist!


H: Ok B when putting together an outfit what in your opinion is most important?
B: When putting together an outfit the most important things to me are
1. What do I need to wear that works for the environment I’m in. If I’m going to be walking around on uneven ground and gravel or walking up and down unsteady bleachers all day I’ll usually wear sandals, boots or wedge heels. And if the ground allows for it and the day isn’t going to be crazy long I’ll wear some of my higher heeled shoes and booties.

2. The other most important thing when deciding on a outfit is if it just works. It’s a little hard to put into words but I usually think of it as a “complete outfit”. To me that means every part of what I’m wearing works together, the clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair. If something on that list isn’t quite right it really bugs me. On top of all of that it needs to look effortless and never like I’m trying too hard. Some women just get it. And those are the people who’s style I’ve really paid attention to and learned a lot from.

“Ok ladies now you see why she’s such an amazing an Fashionista!”

H: How important are accessories in your opinion for an outfit?
B: To me accessories are really important in an outfit. But that doesn’t mean they have to be big loud accessories. For example simple delicate gold jewelry looks amazing with great jeans and a white tee or a simple black maxi dress. That being said I do wear a lot of statement pieces. It just depends on what I’m feeling that day (or what I can find) as to what I end up wearing. Scarfs and hats are a great accessories too and I wear them a lot. Some for winter and others I wear in the summer. I also have some great belts but I don’t wear them that much right now.

H: What was your favorite your accessory you wore to The American?
B: My favorite accessory I wore at The American were the temporary tattoos that I layered on both my wrists and hands. I’ve been using these fake tattoos for awhile now and still love them. I get a lot of compliments on them, men will even point out how cool they are.


H: You are my go to girl for styling when I’m stuck and would make an amazing stylist. So from a stylist point of view what’s some advice you could give readers?
B: Have fun with fashion most of all. It’s all about your own personal style and wearing what you like. Some people might not like your style but that’s ok, you probably don’t like theirs either. We all like different things!
If you feel a little lost when it comes to your style my advice would be to find a few looks that you like and basically copy those looks until you get more comfortable putting looks together on your own. You can find so much style inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram from fashion bloggers.

And if you have all the basics of your style down then my advice would be to add new things to your outfits. Take some risks and see if you end up liking them. Some of what you try won’t work for you but some of it will and your style will look fresh and new.

And another piece of advice would be to create a wardrobe full of great basics. If you always have great basics to choose from you will always have a great outfit to choose from. Here’s a list to give you an idea of what my basics would be:
•several styles of jeans
•leather and reg black leggings
•black tees and tanks
•white tees and tanks
•black blazer
•black leather jacket
•denim jacket
•camel trench coat
•solid color maxi dress
•a pair of tall black boots
•a pair of brown boots
•black or brown sandals

If you have these basics you are never without a chic looking outfit. I realize there is quite a bit of black but you can add as much color as you want with accessories and other pieces of clothing and lets just be honest, black always looks good.

H: Ok B, last question! What was your favorite part of the American besides cheering on your hubby?
B: Being there with my family and friends was a lot of fun. The American is such a cool rodeo and has a great atmosphere. And I love how they treat the contestants. Can’t wait for next year!

Bobbie & Clay’s handsome boys! (Braylon, Tyler, Dash) My Handsome Nephews! ❤️

Hanging out with our amazing friend Haley!! ❤️

This was so much fun and so informative! I hope yall loved this blog as much as I do!! Thanks B for being taking the time to give us some much needed wisdom and fashion sense from your point of view! Love Ya! Sending yall much Grace and Style!

Hannah Leigh



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