5 Ways To Wear A Wrap Necklace

Happy New Year readers! I am finally getting to wear I can get back in the groove of blog things and to kick of the New Year how about a little “How To” inspiration. If you are like me sometimes I look at pieces and wonder first how do you wear that and two how can I mix it up a little. So for those looking how to wear those fabulous wrap necklaces like this Johnie & Jewell one, this article is for you!

Fyi I am really crushing on this Buffalo Nickle Wrap right now click any Johnie & Jewell link to be taken straight to their website!

Here is the first way is styled it

So first what you do, or what I do is put the Buffalo Nickle/ Pendent wear you want it to lay. Then wrap it back and for being sure to leave enough on the ends to tie a bow and viola! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Up Next Style #2

This one is pretty straight forward I wrapped it like the first way only leaving myself enough to knot it at the back of my neck. I love this look for the simple reason of being clean and easy.

Next Style #3

I love love this way it is my go to for most all my wrap necklaces especially this fun Johnie & Jewell necklace. Just wrap once and then just leave a loose knot. This gives you the choker look plus the long necklace look! 2 for one! 🙂

Next and Style #4

Hello bracelet this style you might need some assistance with it but some of you might be a little more coordinated than me too. Hehe! Just wrap then tie it off then wrap the bottom and then wrap the top, tie it off underneath the wrist. Ta-da!

Now for my favorite way and #5!

A little hair accessory! Lose all your hair ties or wanna dress up a hair style and add a little something something to it. Try this! The best way to do it is to just like the bracelet, put it where you want it tie it off then wrap wrap wrap! Haha

And there you have it! 5 ways to wear this fabulous Johnie & Jewell wrap necklace! You should take a minute to head over and check out all their fabulous pieces! I hope y’all enjoyed this fun piece! Remember no matter what always remember to be you because that is who you were created to be! Live life with some Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh


Necklace from Johnie & Jewell