2 Years Strong


Time to celebrate! I am literally so grateful today marks 2 years of being a blogger! I am pretty excited, and I have been pretty blessed to get the opportunity to share my heart and share the lives of other women through the Graceful Glance interviews. I have gotten to share my faith, my fashion sense and my life with you amazing readers. It has been so much fun and things are still going strong. I am so excited to see what lays ahead this next year, I can’t even imagine but in my heart I know God is moving and I am so excited to see and enjoy this adventure! So since today is 2 years, I decided to take 1 top and style it 2 ways!  This fun flowy tunic is another fun piece from Soul Revival! They are Faith Based and Fashion Forward Boutique with 10% of their proceeds going to missions. How stinking cool is that! Y’all know me and how much I love giving back and this fun boutique just gets my heart and I am so glad to get to collaborate with them! So check out the fun tunic and where to shop my look below! Remember Dare 2 Be You and believe in yourself!
Hannah Leigh

Outfit 1
Top: Soul Revival ( Click Here To Purchase)
Initial Necklace: The Classy Trailer (Click Her To Custom Order)
Turquoise Necklace: Desert Rose ( Click Here To Purchase)
Short Boots: Ariat ( Click Here To Purchase)

Outfit #2
Tunic : Soul Revival (Click Here To Purchase)
Hat: Charlie 1 Horse “Free Spirit” (Click Here To Purchase)
pssst… It’s on sale too!

I Hope You Have An Amazing Weekend!
Thank you for being a part of my 2 years here’s to many more adventures!



Be Graceful

Graceful! I love that word when you look it up in the dictionary it says “Graceful” having or showing grace or elegance. I love it, it just sounds so classy to me. When I think of women in my life who are graceful I can think of many of my mentors who have gone through life with grace and style. They may not think that but I do! They never air their laundry out over social media for others to see they just handle their business and keep their personal life personal. They are God fearing and confident women, which is what I am always aspiring to be. I have come to learn how sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and be brave to become who are supposed to be and grow. Great things lay ahead of you if you can just be confident in who you are, even if you have to Faith it ’till you make it. Then one day you will look back with boldness and see how far you have come just because you were brave enough to step out and step up. You can do anything you set your mind too just always remember to be true to who you are and be as graceful and grateful as you can! Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Hannah Leigh 

Top: Soul Revival
Click Here To Purchase
Jacket: Wrangler
Click Here To Purchase
Bracelet: Soul Revival
Click Here To Purchase
Initial Necklace: The Classy Trailer
Custom Order Here

4 Letters 2 Words

H-a-t-e four letters put together with a strong meaning that has the ability to affect many. L-o-v-e four letters put together with a strong meaning that also have the ability to affect many. The choice is yours which one you choose to use. Just know whatever one you choose to do has the ability to affect many! When you watch a movie that show you both sides of these 2 words you become affected and your eyes again become open in a new light. Especially when you get on social media and see both Hate and Love trying to rise up. You may or may not like our new President but by demonstrating either one of these acts know that it has the ability to affect many in either a positive or negative way. You may or may not like the way someone treats you, but know whatever you do has the ability to affect many. If you demonstrate one act towards someone it has the ability to affect them and may or may not cause them to affect others by how you chose to treat them in a positive or negative way. Hate is hate and Love is love it’s time to show the world which 4 letters you chose to use and demonstrate to others. Please choose wisely and if you become unsure which 4 letters to choose, you might just choose to stay neutral until you know instead of acting out of emotions and affecting many. Be the change you want to see in the world, this country and even in your family. Much love to you and yours! 


Hannah Leigh

Keepin’ It Classy


One thing I love is clothes as if you couldn’t already tell that, hehe! I love all styles of clothes, western, boho, edgy, classy well let’s just play it safe and just about all styles as longs as I can keep it classy. 😉 Just like today’s featured look it’s all about that Wrangler today with a little J.Forks to put a polish on it. I love dresses especially tall girl friendly maxi dresses (which are hard to find when your 6 foot tall), dresses are so nice because you literally through on 1 piece of clothing and roll haha. You don’t have to spend the time to match the jeans to the top to jacket ect. I love everything about this dress though, the colors are great and paired with this amazing denim jacket from Wrangler as well it just makes an overall great look. This denim jacket also has some flexibility to it and shape so you can still move and not look boxy in a denim jack. Which thank the Lord because no girl wants to look boxy. I topped the look off with one of my favorite jewelry sets from J. Forks designs.Remember when choosing your looks any look it is just as important to feel good in your clothes as it is to look good in them. If you don’t feel good in them then you might adjust a few things, because you won’t have a fun time in something you are uncomfortable in. You will be pulling and constantly adjusting your outfit or even just continue to compare your outfit to everyone around you. Y’all know what I’m talking about. So be confident in yourself and your look and conquer the world girl!

Hannah Leigh

Wrangler Maxi Dress: (psst it on sale!)
Wrangler Denim Jacket:  Premium Denim
J. Fork Retailers

Photo Credit to the Bestie! xo


Love my J. Forks


Colder Weather & Scarves


Hi my beautiful followers! We had a small cool spell in Texas this past week and now it’s starting to warming back up today, but I know another cool spell is just around the corner. So what better way to prepare for the next cool spell with a fantastic scarf from one of my favorite home state boutiques, Woolies! I paired this fun Olive “Get Fringed” scarf with my dad’s old Pendleton Jacket and my favorite Pink Panache concho earrings! So stay warm my sweet  friends!
Hannah Leigh

Shop this scarf : “Get Fringed”
Shop These Wranglers: “Fashion Flare”


New Year -Time To Step Up

Week 1 of 2017 and I just sit back and think where has the time gone! We are almost to Living In Grace & Style’s 2 year Blog Anniversary and so much has happened over the last year and I seriously could not be more grateful! God truly showed up and showed out last year in my life because I took a brave moment to start to step into more of who He wants me to be. It’s amazing how when we just put all our insecurities aside and TRUST in Him and His plan what can happen! I just sit back and think wow and thank you Lord! Now the journey has not come to end, it is still continuing but just in a new book called 2017 and it is time to continue to step up and step out. So we have 12 chapters to write let the journey begin!

Hannah Leigh

Time to push the boundaries…Dare 2 Be YOU

One of my favorite “Tall Girl Friendly Dresses”
Dress By Wrangler
Can Buy Now at NRS : Aztec Maxi Dress


Photo Credit: Janzen Jackson Photography