Keepin’ It Classy


One thing I love is clothes as if you couldn’t already tell that, hehe! I love all styles of clothes, western, boho, edgy, classy well let’s just play it safe and just about all styles as longs as I can keep it classy. 😉 Just like today’s featured look it’s all about that Wrangler today with a little J.Forks to put a polish on it. I love dresses especially tall girl friendly maxi dresses (which are hard to find when your 6 foot tall), dresses are so nice because you literally through on 1 piece of clothing and roll haha. You don’t have to spend the time to match the jeans to the top to jacket ect. I love everything about this dress though, the colors are great and paired with this amazing denim jacket from Wrangler as well it just makes an overall great look. This denim jacket also has some flexibility to it and shape so you can still move and not look boxy in a denim jack. Which thank the Lord because no girl wants to look boxy. I topped the look off with one of my favorite jewelry sets from J. Forks designs.Remember when choosing your looks any look it is just as important to feel good in your clothes as it is to look good in them. If you don’t feel good in them then you might adjust a few things, because you won’t have a fun time in something you are uncomfortable in. You will be pulling and constantly adjusting your outfit or even just continue to compare your outfit to everyone around you. Y’all know what I’m talking about. So be confident in yourself and your look and conquer the world girl!

Hannah Leigh

Wrangler Maxi Dress: (psst it on sale!)
Wrangler Denim Jacket:  Premium Denim
J. Fork Retailers

Photo Credit to the Bestie! xo


Love my J. Forks



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