Graceful Glance Interview with LaDane of Miss Macie Boots

Oh me oh my! I am beyond excited to kick off the Graceful Glance series again! For those just joining the Living in Grace & Style Blog. The Graceful Glance interview series is where we get the opportunity to chat with the owners of some of the most amazing brands and boutiques around. We get to hear their inspiring stories about how and why they got started. So with that lets dive into this amazing interview with a brand near and dear to my heart for so many reasons.

Let me introduce you to amazing woman behind the Miss Macie Boots brand LaDane Smith. I have not had the opportunity just get to meet her in person but oh I can not wait too. She is truly so amazing! I now personally own 2 pairs of Miss Macie boots thanks to being a brand rep for Wesley’s Boutique who proudly sells Miss Macie.

HannahHogner 22
Ok let’s dive into this fun interview!

H: Who or What inspired you to start Miss Macie Boots?
L:  I had the opportunity to work with Ryan Vaughn and Mr. Trainor Evans at Anderson Bean and since women boots are what I was familiar with they allowed me to create this brand for them and follow the vision and passion I had always had. 

(Wow, what an amazing opportunity! In my mind readers if you dream big and believe what God has instilled in you He will make a way for you just like He did for Miss LaDane.)

H: What inspired you to stamp scriptures on the soles of the boots?
L: My favorite part of meeting customers is to be able to share my faith and perhaps be encouraging to them.  So what a better way to be able to Love and share with women I may never meet and impart something meaningful into their lives.

(Oh this is my favorite part about these boots, just knowing that you are stand literally on the Word and trusting in Him! Walking in His Purpose! )

HannahHogner 37
HannahHogner 17

H: Where is your business based out of?
L: We run most everything out of my office in Colorado. The Home office is in Mercedes Texas.

(Oh 2 of my favorite place see readers remember I am just a Colorado girl now living in a Texas world! haha I was destined to love this brand!)

H: What was the name of the first boot you designed?
Either the U2007-01 Sedona or the U6013-01 Persuaded.


H: Do you have a personal favorite boot?
 It would have to be the U6501-01 Snakin It for Fall and the U8006-01 Mercy Me for a Spring bootie.

(Ummmm, hello are y’all drooling over all these cute boots yet?)

H: How did you come up with each names of your boots and booties?
Guess I have to blame it on my roots!! LOL Love all the southern sayings I grew up with and thought it would make the names memorable and fun and hopefully easy to remember.

(A woman after my own heart, yes it does for sure make them easier to remember. I have a wish list of names and it is not baby names! haha!)

H: What is your favorite scripture?
Psalms 91:11 “ For he will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways” Is my favorite for the boots. 

(Which I so love and just so happened to get on my new “I Dare You” booties)

HannahHogner 34
H: What is some advice you could give an aspiring maker, influencer or new business owner?
L: Never dismiss the desire that God has put into your heart. That is the seed of your purpose!!! His timing is always right. Allow him to strengthen you and mold you into your purpose and platform without frustration, bitterness or by being impatient. 

H: Is there something on your heart to share with the readers.
L:  I have had many disappointments, trials, and uncertainties along my journey. The most valuable thing I have learned is LOVE is the nourishment to everything that grows in our life. Our Family, Friends, Business, Passions, Personal growth, Financial, and Spiritual growth. All things will flourish, bloom and produce where LOVE is!!!

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13

(Mic drop right there y’all! Such a powerful statement Miss LaDane)

Readers I hope you are feeling as inspired as I am right now! Just wow and to get to know such an amazing brand and their why. I my heart is so full! Miss LaDane thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and answer some questions so we get to know you and Miss Macie just a little bit better. We are truly grateful!

So ladies and gentlemen who want to spoil your ladies now is the time to snag you a pair of Miss Macie Boots. You can click the link and search for an amazing retailer near you. Or you can also check out Wesley’s as well. (Hint: You can use my brand rep code Hannah10 at Wesley’s to save on the entire website.)

Remember always walk in YOUR purpose with His Grace & your Style!

Hannah Leigh

HannahHogner 19


Gimme All The August Love

This collaboration with August Love Boutique has been such a blast! I absolutely love being able to find a boutique that carries clothes in my size, as well as clothes that are trendy and universal. These 2 fun pieces  from August Love Boutique can not only be worn through the seasons but they can be mixed and matched for different looks. Let’s take a closer look at this fun striped and floral top from August Love!

The answer is yes, the top part is shear with a floral design. The material of this top is nice and soft, which if you know me a soft top is always the way to go! It is definitely a top I’d wear to work.

Check It Out

I mean honestly you can not go wrong with this fabulous shirt, I was out for a day on the town with family so I went casual when I rocked it! You can pair it with dress pants or even a great dark denim trouser pant. Honestly so many options to rock with this fun top!

Next let us take a look at some fabulous Fringe! I mean what’s more fun than fringe right?!

Check it out Here




Really fringe in the wind?! Ekkk I just love it so much movement and yes I might have twirled after this shot.

All and all I found quality and affordable pieces with this fun boutique. So be sure to check out their website August Love , because you deserve something special. Also stay updated by following them on Instagram and on FaceBook .

Remember no matter what you wear be confident in who you are and walk in His Grace and Rock the Style.

XO Hannah Leigh

Unique Watches: In search of something different

Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it is August already! Which means hello birthday month! I am beyond excited about that! So let’s talk about a fun timeless gifts for any occasion especially, BIRTHDAYS! I have just fallen in love with these amazing watches. Have you heard of Jord? I am so blown away by not only the class and style of these watches but the build! I am always looking for a classy timeless piece to add to my everyday wear. After searching out and learning more about Jord wood watches, I found a timeless piece that I know was literally calling my name. I am pretty sure it said Hannah you need me in your life so you will quite running late!! Which for some reason this past month has just been a thing, the harder I try not to be late the later I get, eeek sorry friends! I will get better now that the Cassia is in my life! This stylish timeless piece not only matches my sense of style but it is super easy to read.

Jord wood watches are not just your average watch let me do a little educating because this was my selling point for me on why I fell in love and thought I need to add one to my life stat! They first off are designed in the USA and to top that off, they are made out of reclaimed or naturally fallen wood. Now how cool is that? I was amazed about that fact, which in my mind makes them such cool gifts for birthdays, weddings, any special occasion. And with the way  time flies, Christmas will be here before you know it! These watches are seriously such a fun timeless piece to have personally or give too! I love that there are styles for everyone and every personality!

Fun and funky to timeless and classy! The choice is totally up to you, and for an added bonus you can get it engraved! So you can always remember those special occasions! Which makes them such great timeless gifts in my mind! So let’s recap all this…to stay looking stylish and classy even if you are like me running out the door late or running on time or even early you will look fabulous with a Jord watch on your wrist. You can even pair them with fun stacked bracelets or some turquoises of course because you know turquoise is a girl’s best friend!

So do I have you drooling over these stunning pieces yet? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely want to click below for a chance to get one of your own!

Click here and enter this fun GIVEAWAY for a chance to win $100 credit to get one of your very own! That way you are always stylin’ and profilin’! Remember friends and family, always live in His Grace and Rock the Style no matter what!

Hannah Leigh

Wooden Wrist Watch

Hailey’s Style Shop (LuLa Roe)

Happy Saturday remember life isn’t always perfect but your outfit sure can be and check out these fun outfits coming at you today!!! I am so excited to show them off! I am in love with the quality of not only the clothing but the fun fit and styles! My friend Hailey reached out to me to not to long ago about the clothing she sells. I was really excited because I think Hailey’s style is awesome and I also do love her outfits she rocks. Come to find out its is Lula Roe! Now if you have never heard of Lula Roe let me tell you it is such a fun business! They have consultants like Hailey who have fun pop up shops and live sales to buy fun and quality pieces that will last you. Also that are very fashionable and cute! Sizes range from regular to plus size! These pieces can be mixed and matched or just rocked solo.

For example this fun Cici Dress! It can be rocked 3 different ways and the styling on this dress is actually unlimited. You can dress it up for a fun night out or you dress it down and run to town (Looking oh so fabulous) or even rock it on that fun vacation. I guess there is the thing too called work or the office haha you can wear it. But we all know the others place like vacation is so much nicer to think about.

Check out the 3 different ways you can just rock the top part of this dress.


So super cute right? I am just really obviously in love with this dress. My personal favorite is wearing it on off one shoulder.

Now check out these other fun pieces from Hailey’s Style Shop!

I am crushing so hard on this like! I will be rocking it to church tomorrow for sure! Both the tank top and the cardigan styles can be found at Hailey’s! They come in a multitude of different colors! Which is awesome because that way if you love it then you have the perfect excuse to buy more than one! 😉 Right? (I mean just trying to help a girl out, haha.)

Finally this fun top that I rocked on Friday! Which I really just felt fabulous in! Not only did I like the fit but I loved the colors and overall look of the tee!

Really all the fun you can have with these pieces from Hailey’s Style Shop is limitless! The best part is Hailey is there to help you with whatever you need! She’s just pretty awesome!

You can check Hailey’s Style Shop out on Instagram by following @Haileysstyleshop or check out

No matter what you do remember to be you boldly and always live in His Grace and your style!


Hannah Leigh

Photo Credit: Denim & Velvet Marketing and Design


Graceful Glance- Wesley’s


Hello there to all my awesome readers! I am so excited for today’s interview with Lana owner of Wesley’s aka @Wesleys.Nebraska on Instagram. Lana reached out to me before she opened her awesome business and we just hit it off! Instant Friendship! Love those connections! I thought it would be fun to do a little sit down interview with Lana so y’all can get to know her and her business Wesley’s a little better!

(Catch these fun Miss Macie booties From Wesley’s)

H: Who or What inspired you to start Wesley’s?

L: I’ve always loved clothes just like most girls do! I got involved in the western wear industry about three years ago with work and traveling for a couple different companies that would set up booths at stock shows and rodeos and that helped to light the embers even more on wanting to start my own boutique. As far as who; my parents have been amazingly supportive, as well as my sister and sister-in-law that have helped here and there along the way. A very good friend of mine, Sierra Jones, who runs a side business in calligraphy and created my tags for me has been a huge encouragement since before I started as well. Finally, Dustin Davis, is honestly one of the biggest supporters of this and who always pushes me to do my best and follow the dreams and goals I have! He’s been one of the biggest encouragers for me this whole time.

One of the real inspirations behind starting Wesley’s was not only to start my own boutique and small business, but to also find name brand items that I could get to girls at lower prices. One of the biggest goals that I have for Wesley’s is to find some deals along the way that girls otherwise might not want to or have the money to spend on items right away. I love finding great deals on quality, name brand items, and I want other girls to have that same opportunity and help give that to them and save them a little bit of money here and there!

H: Did you have to seek advice before you got started or did you just go for it?

L: I did have to do some looking around as far as what I would need for supplies, a certain amount for start-up money, and other items along the way. As far as seeking other advice, I’d ordered wholesale before and had experience in that area, so I kind of just jumped after I got my ducks lined up, and went for it! There’s constantly things changing and keeping up with new items, finding deals for girls, and getting items sent out to customers. It’s all a learning process and I’m always learning new things. I love everything about this journey so far, though!


(It sure is, but that’s amazing I love that you just went for it!)

H: How did you get your boutique name?

L: I wanted something original and that had some meaning behind it for me, so I ended up going with Wesley’s; my grandpa’s and my dad’s middle name. I like different names and something that isn’t what people might expect being a boutique name. When I kept thinking about what I would name a business of my own, that was the name that first popped into my head and I liked the sound of it no matter how many other names I came up with that I might have wanted to use.

(Click Here To Wesley’s To Shop)

 H: What are your 2 favorite pieces in your store right now?

L: My two favorite pieces in my store right now are the On The Fringe booties in ruby red by Miss Macie Boots and the Anna top [a red striped top]. I love the Miss Macie boots because they’re so comfortable, and I love adding a pop of color to an outfit! The Anna top is my favorite right now because it looks so good with turquoise layered all over it, and has a chic old school look with the vertical stripes and you can dress it up or down!

H: What has been the biggest blessing about your business in your life?

L: The biggest blessing about Wesley’s so far is the freedom that it’s giving me as well as the fulfillment and excitement of starting up my own small business. God has definitely helped me all along the way in this! There have been some great people that I’ve been able to work with so far, two of whom I would say are at the top of the list are; LaDane Smith and Bethany Keller of Miss Macie Boots. Those two ladies have been so kind and encouraging along the way and were so accepting of my business proposal when I first called in to open an account with Miss Macie Boots! Another blessing would be the people that have found my boutique on either Facebook or Instagram so far and that have been so kind and great to work with and that love finding deals as much as I do!


(Check out my awesome Miss Macie Booties from Wesley’s!)

H:Do you have something on your heart that you would like to share with our readers?

L: Honestly, I’m pretty simple. My goals are to just be happy, own my business and have it grow into something that girls love shopping online to find something they love and possibly snag a few deals along the way! I stay super busy and I help out my family on our farm/ranch operation in Nebraska, I work part-time on transcription, and I’m currently seeking the corporate workforce again since finishing college. I love to stay busy and Wesley’s is helping with that and helping fill the dreams and goals I have. I know that I may not be one of the “it” girls on social media with the best photography, the most followers, or the most likes; I’m willing to work as hard as I need to for all of that though and build my way up to having a great website to give great customer service to girls looking for that new addition to their closets! I love seeing people happy and knowing that I helped give someone a little joy in finding something they love. It’s all a process and it takes money to build up to something bigger, and eventually better; I know that nothing like that happens over night, but I’m so excited for the future and seeing what else I can do with Wesley’s!

(I can not wait to see and watch you and Wesley’s grow I love your awesome boutique!)

H: Anything fun and exciting coming for Wesley’s these next few months?

L: For right now, I’m still working on bringing in more inventory, finding some sweet deals along the way to add, and also hopefully being able to add a website before the end of the year!


Lana thank you so much for sitting down with us and letting us get to know you and Wesley’s a little better! I am beyond thrilled for you and your new journey! I am personally already in love with Wesley’s and to get to know the story behind the boutique and owner makes me love it even more! If y’all haven’t yet be sure to check out Wesley’s on Facebook and Instagram! Links are below! Remember readers to always believe in yourself and your dreams, God is your biggest fan and He’s cheering you on and so am I! Keep styling in His Grace and your awesome Style!


Hannah Leigh




Also be in the know and Join Wesley’s VIP Group!

Accessorize With Rustic Rose

“Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” -Michael Kors. Oh how true does this statement ring. I love accessories and I never quite feel complete until I have them on. It’s just the finishing touch that gives you that little extra oomph. I happened to meet this sweet business owner Beth with Rustic Rose and I fell in love with her pieces. Her pieces just fit me and my personal style to a tee, I can wear them to dress up or just for every day wear. I did a fun little sit down Q&A with Beth so y’all can know more about her and the face behind the brand!

Little Background on Beth…
Twenty-one year old Beth was born and raised in Hanna, Alberta. She now goes to school at Medicine Hat College where she is actively involved in student leadership. Beth enjoys baking, riding horses, and hunting in her spare time.

Let’s Get This Interview Party Started!

H: How long have you had Rustic Rose? 
B: I started Rustic Rose in April of 2015, so about three years.

H: What or who inspired you to start Rustic Rose?
B: Some of my girlfriends and I were getting ready to go to a local rodeo and dance.  We started planning our outfits out a few days ahead  and we all struggle to find western jewelry that was within our “poor-college student” budgets.  I just decided to try my hand at making some jewelry so I went to a local craft store and got a few turquoise beads and pendants and made a necklace. I wore it out and later posted a picture on social media of me wearing the necklace. Before I knew it I had family and friends asking where they could get the necklace. Here’s the beginning of Rustic Rose.

(Wow that’s so fun Beth! I love how you got started!)

H: Did you have to seek advice before you got started or did you just go for it?
B: I just went for it! I kind of stumbled across the business idea so in the beginning I just made jewelry for friends and family. When word started getting around I made a Facebook page and things progressed from there.

H: What are your 2 favorite pieces in your store right now? 
B: Turquoise studs- they go with everything! Taupe rosary necklace with extra long fringe.

H: What has been the biggest blessing about your business in your life? 
B: The support I receive from friends, family and strangers. Without them I wouldn’t have a business. 

H: Anything fun an exciting coming for Rustic Rose these next few months?
B: I am excited to be expanding into hand-pressed apparel! My website will launch June 9th, It will be full of classic jewelry pieces, tons of cute tees as well as
Spin-Em hats.

That is so beyond exciting Beth, I am beyond pumped for you!!! Thank you for taking the time to do a little sit down with us and letting us get to know you a little more!  To check out Rustic Rose and all of Beth’s fabulous creations CLICK HERE!

I am in love with mine! I am rocking these pieces in the photos below…
Cactus Necklace
Turquoise Bar
Arrow Earrings

Just so you know her prices super affordable!!!

Remember to live in His Grace & rock your Style!

Hannah Leigh


Pradera- Neon Native

Who doesn’t love vintage neon motel signs? Especially when they are along the famous Route 66! I love how fun this tee is and of course soft!! I edged it up but you can dress this tee up or down! I am seriously in love with all these tees from Pradera. The Pradera Style is live all your days in color. Always searching for something cool, something funky and eclectic with a kinda Cowboy feel! So I think that yes I’m in love with these tees!!

Shop and Get Yours Now Pradera- Purveyors of The West Tee use discount code Hannah10

Remember to always be brave, be bold and be you!! Love life in His Grace & Style!

Hannah Leigh

Tee: Pradera – “Neon Native” Use Discount Code Hannah10

Hat: Charlie 1 Horse

Earrings: J Forks Design