Unique Watches: In search of something different

Where has the time gone? I can hardly believe it is August already! Which means hello birthday month! I am beyond excited about that! So let’s talk about a fun timeless gifts for any occasion especially, BIRTHDAYS! I have just fallen in love with these amazing watches. Have you heard of Jord? I am so blown away by not only the class and style of these watches but the build! I am always looking for a classy timeless piece to add to my everyday wear. After searching out and learning more about Jord wood watches, I found a timeless piece that I know was literally calling my name. I am pretty sure it said Hannah you need me in your life so you will quite running late!! Which for some reason this past month has just been a thing, the harder I try not to be late the later I get, eeek sorry friends! I will get better now that the Cassia is in my life! This stylish timeless piece not only matches my sense of style but it is super easy to read.

Jord wood watches are not just your average watch let me do a little educating because this was my selling point for me on why I fell in love and thought I need to add one to my life stat! They first off are designed in the USA and to top that off, they are made out of reclaimed or naturally fallen wood. Now how cool is that? I was amazed about that fact, which in my mind makes them such cool gifts for birthdays, weddings, any special occasion. And with the way  time flies, Christmas will be here before you know it! These watches are seriously such a fun timeless piece to have personally or give too! I love that there are styles for everyone and every personality!

Fun and funky to timeless and classy! The choice is totally up to you, and for an added bonus you can get it engraved! So you can always remember those special occasions! Which makes them such great timeless gifts in my mind! So let’s recap all this…to stay looking stylish and classy even if you are like me running out the door late or running on time or even early you will look fabulous with a Jord watch on your wrist. You can even pair them with fun stacked bracelets or some turquoises of course because you know turquoise is a girl’s best friend!

So do I have you drooling over these stunning pieces yet? If your answer is yes, then you will definitely want to click below for a chance to get one of your own!

Click here and enter this fun GIVEAWAY for a chance to win $100 credit to get one of your very own! That way you are always stylin’ and profilin’! Remember friends and family, always live in His Grace and Rock the Style no matter what!

Hannah Leigh

Wooden Wrist Watch


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