Hailey’s Style Shop (LuLa Roe)

Happy Saturday remember life isn’t always perfect but your outfit sure can be and check out these fun outfits coming at you today!!! I am so excited to show them off! I am in love with the quality of not only the clothing but the fun fit and styles! My friend Hailey reached out to me to not to long ago about the clothing she sells. I was really excited because I think Hailey’s style is awesome and I also do love her outfits she rocks. Come to find out its is Lula Roe! Now if you have never heard of Lula Roe let me tell you it is such a fun business! They have consultants like Hailey who have fun pop up shops and live sales to buy fun and quality pieces that will last you. Also that are very fashionable and cute! Sizes range from regular to plus size! These pieces can be mixed and matched or just rocked solo.

For example this fun Cici Dress! It can be rocked 3 different ways and the styling on this dress is actually unlimited. You can dress it up for a fun night out or you dress it down and run to town (Looking oh so fabulous) or even rock it on that fun vacation. I guess there is the thing too called work or the office haha you can wear it. But we all know the others place like vacation is so much nicer to think about.

Check out the 3 different ways you can just rock the top part of this dress.


So super cute right? I am just really obviously in love with this dress. My personal favorite is wearing it on off one shoulder.

Now check out these other fun pieces from Hailey’s Style Shop!

I am crushing so hard on this like! I will be rocking it to church tomorrow for sure! Both the tank top and the cardigan styles can be found at Hailey’s! They come in a multitude of different colors! Which is awesome because that way if you love it then you have the perfect excuse to buy more than one! 😉 Right? (I mean just trying to help a girl out, haha.)

Finally this fun top that I rocked on Friday! Which I really just felt fabulous in! Not only did I like the fit but I loved the colors and overall look of the tee!

Really all the fun you can have with these pieces from Hailey’s Style Shop is limitless! The best part is Hailey is there to help you with whatever you need! She’s just pretty awesome!

You can check Hailey’s Style Shop out on Instagram by following @Haileysstyleshop or check out www.HaileyMinor.com

No matter what you do remember to be you boldly and always live in His Grace and your style!


Hannah Leigh

Photo Credit: Denim & Velvet Marketing and Design