Fashion Friday Birthday Time!


Hey my amazing readers! So as some of you may know Sunday was my 31st birthday and yes I decided to keep celebrate it this whole week long! Even at this very moment I can smell the yummy confetti cake Momma Jo is baking me  in the kitchen. (It’s been a crazy week so we are just getting to have cake but I will celebrate life any day!) Let me tell you it is a mouth watering smell! But let me get back on track haha Birthday Fashion not food! Haha! As I was deciding what I wanted to wear to kick off my 31 years of life I decided I would go with my favorite clothing color black! You really just can not go wrong with black it is always slimming but it is just fun because can pair any other color or colors with it for some fun outfits! So for my base piece I went with my new black jumpsuit from Redford Ranch Style. Then to add some pop of fun a statement necklace from The Rollin’ J Boutique. I paired the necklace with my new fun birthday earrings I got from my Bleacher Babe Squad sister Carly and topped the look off with a feather hair clip from my bestie!  That yes I did get for my birthday!! ( I also have in gold! 😉 Then I topped the whole look off with my MAC lipstick “Heroine”. It is a super fun special occasion kind of lipstick! I love birthdays anyone really because its a celebration of life that God blessed us with! Yes we all have our ups and downs and trials we all go through but what is awesome is we get to wake up to a new day each day! So get out there ladies and gents and ROCK WHAT YOU GOT with all of His Grace & Your Style!

Hannah Leigh


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Graceful Glance with Ritzy Gypsy


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Good afternoon my Living In Grace & Style readers! Today is Monday which means it is time to introduce y’all to another amazing Graceful Glance Interview! I am really excited about today’s interviewee! I love when you meet someone and you just click! That is exactly how it is with this boutique owner. She is simply amazing and has a heart of gold and I actually can not wait to meet her in person. Haha! Her story is so inspiring and we hope it inspires all of you! So with that let me proudly introduce today’s interviewee owner of the Ritzy Gypsy Boutique Cara Little.

unnamed (1)
(Cara and her husband/ Cara is rocking those amazing Ritzy Gypsy Boots!)

H: How did you come up with the name Ritzy Gypsy Boutique?
C: The name all came about one day when I was talking to my husband about what I would call it. I said something with Gypsy because our friends call us rodeo gypsy’s because we love to be on the road going to the next rodeo, or going anywhere really. Then all of a sudden he said Ritzy, so there it was Ritzy Gypsy.

(I love it! I love when it just pops up like that!)

H: How long have you had your boutique?
C:  I am going on 2.5 years!

H: What or who inspired you to start Ritzy Gypsy Boutique?
C:  I  always knew I wanted to be a business owner. My mom owned a few successful businesses when I was growing up. Her main one was a feed/western store. She had that one for 16 years so I pretty much grew up there. I used to love going to market with my parents as a child. I knew one day I would own my own business, it was always a dream of mine. You know, God says He will give us the desires of our heart, He really does!!

(Yes He truly does! I love that you followed your heart and never gave up on your dream!)

H: Did you have to seek any advice from anyone to get started?
C: My dad is very business minded so I picked his brain quite a bit.

H: Who has been your biggest supporter?
C: My precious husband. He never discourages and always supports me and cheers me on no matter how crazy the idea may be, and believe me I have some crazy ones!

unnamed (4)
(Cara and her beautiful family all dressed up look snazzy!)

H: What inspired you design your one of kind Ritzy Gypsy Boots?
C: My boots are a true work of the heart. There is just something about vintage cowboy boots. When I am looking for a pair to design I might look through 50 pair and I know the exact ones I want. I love how they feel when I am working with them. That worn leather, and that leather smell is inspirational to me. I never know what exactly I am going to do until I sit down to work on them and the design just comes to me. And oh the stories they could tell if they could talk.

(Wow I truly love that Cara! It’s like they already have a story and a past but then you pick them up and give them new life and a beginning to a new story! I simply love that! Almost like what Jesus did for us so many years ago!)

unnamed (16)

(I might be smally obsessed with this pair of boots right here ladies and gentlemen!)

H: What challenges have you faced and how did God help you get through them?
C: Obviously being a rodeo/home school mom, wife, ministry leader and business owner is challenging. Trying to balance it all is very difficult I couldn’t do it without God. And when doubts creep in from the enemy saying I can’t do it, or I am going to fail I just lean on what God has led me too and seen me through and know I have to keep going. I see Him work in every aspect of my business.

(Cara’s amazing kids Rodeo Ready!)

H: What is a scripture did you stand on or are standing on while building your business?

C: “Many women do noble things but you surpass them all” Proverbs 31:29
“God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him, those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

H:  What is some advice would you give someone who is just starting a new business?
C:  Never give up! It will not be easy but if this is your dream, keep going and never quit! Pray and ask God for wisdom, seek Him and He will be there.

H: Cara is there anything special on your heart that you would like to share with our readers today? 
 C: I think all women no matter size, shape, or color should feel absolutely beautiful! God created each of us to be exactly who we are,  no one else. I want to create designs that do just that. Make women feel confident and beautiful. I work with an outreach ministry and we rescue and rehabilitate underage girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. They have been through unimaginable things, My calling in that is to show them that no matter what they have been through, God made them to be exceptional and amazing. He can make all things new and we are beautiful and perfect in His eyes. My theme is Be Uniquely You!

(Cara you are truly just amazing and so very inspiring to many people including myself! I will be praying for you and all of the girls.)

(Being Uniquely Cara & I simply love it & her style! Click here to order her amazing Bolo)

H: How would you describe your personal style? 
C: Boho/ Western. Can I just say I am loving seeing the 70’s styles coming back. Bell bottoms, bell sleeve tops, floral patterns…I adore them!

(Girl me too!)

H: What is your favorite go to outfit or style?
C:  A great pair of skinny jeans, Ritzy Gypsy Boots, a cute graphic tee and lots and lots of my jewelry! Oh and one of my buckles too. I am definitely a blue jean loving girl so flare jeans and cowboy boots are a main go to also.


(Yes girl yes! Ps I Love your Ritzy Gypsy tee line especially this one!)
(Click her to see more!)

H: What’s your fashion weakness?
C: Oh wow I have a few huge weaknesses. Jeans, shoes and makeup, these are really obsessions of mine I must admit.

(Haha I think you just summed most of mine up in this as well!) 

H: Who is someone you look up to fashion wise?
C: Cher from the 70’s definitely. She had the coolest style. Furs, bell bottoms, squash blossoms, she had an amazing boho style that I love!

H: What is a 1 piece of advice you could offer readers about fashion before we wrap things up?
C: If you like it, wear it! You should never worry about what anyone thinks about what you are wearing. If it makes you feel good and confident, go for it!

I truly  love it! Haha See readers don’t you agree a heart of gold right! Cara thank you so very much for taking the time to be a part of our blog series. I am truly grateful for you to share your Grace and Style with us today! I am defifintly adding you boots to my want list that seems to be every growing as well as praying for y’all’s ministry with the girls. You are truly a world changer girl! I hope y’all enjoyed this interview just as much as I did!!
Hannah Leigh

Ritzy Gypsy Website: Ritzy Gypsy Boutique
Facebook: Ritzy Gypsy Boutique
Instagram: @RitzyGypsyBoutique

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Graceful Glance with Dear Paisley

I am so glad y’all are back or just joining us for Living In Grace and Style’s fun series called Graceful Glance! Where I interview extraordinary women on their journey to accomplishing their dreams and hearts desires. As well as showing how they do it with God by their side! We will also talk about their personal fashion style! So with that I could not be more excited than to introduce you to today’s interviewee Whitney Allard owner of Dear Paisley!

I simply met her through Instagram we just seemed to click and hit it off from the beginning especially having similar fashion tastes and loving God didn’t hurt either. So let’s dive into this fun interview with this amazing woman with a heart of GOLD!

H: How long have you had Dear Paisley?
W: We are fairly new, we opened up July 1 of this year!

(Oh wow that is awesome! I completely adore your style sense and lines of clothes you have!)

H: What or who inspired you to start Dear Paisley?
W: I have always had a love of fashion and a love of putting outfits together. When I graduated high school I knew I wanted to own a boutique one day.

H: Did you have to seek any advice from anyone to get started?
W: When I first thought about doing this, I really just took it upon myself to figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted it done. It may not be the right way, but it’s been the best way for me so far…my motto through it all has been “wingin it” hehe. A family friend has offered me great advice on being your own boss and making your dreams a reality.

(Whitney that is truly amazing and shows your heart! I tend to use the “wingin it” method from time to time too! Sometimes you just have to do all you can and roll! Haha! )

H: Who has been your biggest supporter?
W: Definitely my husband and my family. They have stuck behind me through everything and have cheered me on the entire way. I call my mom daily and ask for her opinion on things and she is always more than willing to help me out.

(I love it there is nothing like the support of those closest to you!)

H: What are some of your favorite products in your store right now?
W: I love all the bohemian jewelry that we have, if I could own one of each…I WOULD! I’m totally lovin our Tye Dye Fringe V-neck and all of our graphic tees (I’m a graphic tee JUNKIE)

(Whitney we might be soul sisters for real! I love a great graphic tee you can style it to any vibe you want!!)

(Click Here To Order This V-Neck)

(Click Here To Order This Tee)

H: What challenges have you faced and how did God help you get through them?
W: My biggest challenge has been getting the word out about our website. I have been praying every single day that God will open doors for me and literally over night I had 2 opportunities that I could not pass up. Hannah being one of them when she contacted me about doing this blog. She truly was an answered prayer and I will forever be grateful!

(Oh that blesses my heart Whitney! I am so glad God brought us together through Instagram! I truly adore your boutique and you as well!)

H: What is a scripture have you stood on while you were starting Dear Paisley?
W: As I was praying one day I remembered a verse “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8. I love this because I want to be a blessing with this business. I want to be able to look to God to provide for me so that I can help be a blessing to someone in need.

(Oh how I love this scripture it reminds me of a term my dad used to say! Blessed to be a blessing! I love it!)

H: Do you have something you would like to share with our readers? 
W: I would want to tell anyone with a dream, GO FOR IT!! Nothing is too big or too small for God. He wants us to live out our dreams. Our Pastor recently posted these words on Facebook “No freshly spoken Word of God that comes to you will be impossible. It comes to you with the power to produce results all by itself! ‪-Scott Johnson” I believe that with my whole heart and it gives me such joy to know that God wouldn’t give us dreams just to watch us fail! So start chasin!!!!

I truly believe those are some wise wise words! Readers don’t ever give up keep chasin! Be those Goal Diggers! Thank you so much for sharing with us about Dear Paisley and how God has helped you start to build a business! We could probably go on and on but let’s change gears for a minute and talk about your personal style!!!

H: How would you describe your personal style?
W: I love anything bohemian right now. That look is absolutely adorable and super fun!

H: What is your favorite go to outfit or style?
W: I’m a total sucker for a good graphic tee, a duster, and some distressed jeans with booties.

(Can I just say “AMEN SISTER! Haha!)

(Click Here To Order Whitney’s Look)


H:  What’s your fashion weakness?
W: Anything turquoise and I love comfy tshirts, the possibilities are endless with a good tshirt.

(I could not agree with you more!)

H: Who is someone you look up to fashion wise?
W: I love Carrie Underwood, not only is she gorgeous, her outfits always look AMAZING.

H: What is a 1 piece of advice you could offer readers about fashion?
W: Don’t go with the flow, if you like something, rock it because more than likely someone will be copying you VERY soon 😉 All you have to do is be yourself and live the story that no one else can live the story of your own unique life be proud be confident and most of all be happy.

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Wise wise words Whitney! I cannot thank you enough for joining us today on Living In Grace and Style! I am truly honored and blessed to have you be a part and share you story and style with us! To check out more and keep up to date with Whitney and Dear Paisley be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well as check out her website! Remember to always stay true to who you are and never stop chasing your dreams! The sky is truly the limit and on your journey to those dreams you might as well look stylish and fabulous as well!

Hannah Leigh

How To Follow Dear Paisley

FaceBook: Dear Paisley
Website: Dear Paisley
Instagram: @DearPaisley


Fashion Friday My Prettys!

Hey Y’all!! Its Fashion Friday on Living In Grace & Style! I am so excited about today’s blog! Mainly because I get to talk about some of my favorite people and products!!! My prettys I like to call them. I first want to start with my skin! I am so blessed to have my good Cherokee blood running through my veins to help give me a pretty complexion and easy tanning skin! Haha! Yes I am thankful for that! I recently was introduced to a skincare line called Rodan + Fields! I loved it so much that I actually became a consultant it is one of those businesses you hear a lot about and think hmmm might be just a hype. Well I am here to proudly tell you when Pro Rodeo wives that I look up to and admire are using the products and selling them as well I might want to double think my first thought about them. So I did and the opportunity arose for me to join up and so I took it! One of my favorite products is the eye cream! Giiiiirrrrls and guys haha I am in love with this product! Check out my results! They kind of just speak for themselves.

So this is how I like to take care of my skin because it is truly so important to take care of it because well you are stuck with it for the rest of your life! So it is pretty important and I wish I would have started taking better care of it when I was younger! But better late than never right? Right!

(First road trip haha this was back in June but these are all the products I am currently using)

Check out my website and holler if you are interested or want to know more I would love to chat!
One more quick picture of the type of results you can get just from these products and taking care of your skin!

(Amazing Right? Right!)

Ok, next up and most importantly the final touch to me on any look are your lips! I think adding a little something somethin’ to your lips just gives off this polished look. So let me introduce to you my LipSense Lady Ashley Minor! She is not only an amazing fashionista and dear friend but she sells this amazing product called LipSense!

(Ashley Minor my LipSense Lady!)

If you have never heard of it or have and really curious let me just give you a run down in 2 words! Ahhhhhhhhhhh-Mazing! Haha  that is 2 words right? No really you put on a couple coats of the color of your choice you can even mix colors and create your own color! Then add the final touch of glossy gloss or my favorite matte and BAM you are done and the color lasts seriously 18+ hours! It is totally amazing to me! I have even seen Ashley go to the dentist put on her color for the day and come out looking the same way she went in. It’s totally unbelievable to me! I definitely have a long lists of wants but here are some of my current favorites especially with fall around the corner.

(This is Red Cherry and I am thinking a must on my need to get list)

(Totally in love with First Love!)

(Remember I told you that you can mix colors! Check out this color combo!)

(This was my first experience with LipSense and boy did Ash make a believer out of me haha!)

So, beautiful colors right? Yes yes you know you want to try some! What will it hurt? Nothing just a fabulous love for fun lips! Here is how you can contact this beauty and order some of your very own!!!

(Holler at my Girl promise you won’t be disappointed!)

Ok last but not least my HAIR! Oh my I do kinda love my hair haha! Well my lady that keeps me looking in tip top shape is non other than the beautiful Sheila Salzbrenner owner of Uptown Salon in Weatherford, TX!

(Sheila pictured in the middle and her Tribe! )

Ladies she will take extra special care of your locks! One of my favorite things is her hair color is made with coconut oil (sooo good for your hair!) and exclusively made in Italy! But you may now be thinking oh my Lord she will be so expensive I couldn’t go to her! Nope Sheila is very reasonable and not only will she take super good care of your hair but she is so fun to talk to! I think I like going just so I can catch up with her! Actually all the girls in there are truly amazing and talented especially Stephanie! Be sure and check out Uptown Salon in Weatherford, TX walk ins are totally welcomed! Also be sure to like them on Facebook because lots of fun new additions are coming to her Salon!!

(Click picture to go to her Facebook)

Well that brings this post to an end! 3 of my favorite prettys!! Remember to always stay true to your self and be brave and fearless to follow your dreams and goals!!! You can be and do anything you set your mind and heart to!  Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Hannah Leigh

Outfit Details:
Top/Skinnies: Maurice’s
Necklace: The Rollin’ J Boutique
Ring: Hy-O-Silver

Fashion Friday

It is Fashion Friday! I am so excited to start my fashion posting series on Fridays starting today! Today I am rocking this amazing and fun black hi-lo dress from The Turquoise Gypsy Boutique found in the cute little town of Meeker, CO! I am also so excited to announce that I am also one of their newest Brand Reps! Eeek!  (Completely grateful for the opportunity) So if you want 15% off you purchases there use discount code GYPSYREPHANNAH15 at check out!!

About this dress! I adore dresses for the simple reason they are simple! Trying to get the kids ready for school and running late just put on a dress. Drove all night for your mane to make early morning slack and want to look semi normal put on a dress! It’s so simple and way less headache to think about everything. No worrying about jeans and a top its 1 piece of clothing and bam put on some of your favorite jewelry (I like long necklaces because they help elongate your body/ country girl version make you look skinnier!) and some sunnies and fun shoes and Viola!! Stylin and profilin’ girl!! Love y’all and remember to always be you and dig for those goal and dreams set before you! I promise one day you will reach them!!

“God is within her, she will not fall.” ~Psalms 46:5

Hannah Leigh

Outfit Details
Dress/ Sookie Sookie Ring:
The Turquoise Gypsy
Necklace: Accessory Jane
Sunnies: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)
Coffee Cup: Yeti
Wedges: Maurice’s
Purse: Sam Moon
Bracelet: NFR Vegas find $5!