Fashion Friday My Prettys!

Hey Y’all!! Its Fashion Friday on Living In Grace & Style! I am so excited about today’s blog! Mainly because I get to talk about some of my favorite people and products!!! My prettys I like to call them. I first want to start with my skin! I am so blessed to have my good Cherokee blood running through my veins to help give me a pretty complexion and easy tanning skin! Haha! Yes I am thankful for that! I recently was introduced to a skincare line called Rodan + Fields! I loved it so much that I actually became a consultant it is one of those businesses you hear a lot about and think hmmm might be just a hype. Well I am here to proudly tell you when Pro Rodeo wives that I look up to and admire are using the products and selling them as well I might want to double think my first thought about them. So I did and the opportunity arose for me to join up and so I took it! One of my favorite products is the eye cream! Giiiiirrrrls and guys haha I am in love with this product! Check out my results! They kind of just speak for themselves.

So this is how I like to take care of my skin because it is truly so important to take care of it because well you are stuck with it for the rest of your life! So it is pretty important and I wish I would have started taking better care of it when I was younger! But better late than never right? Right!

(First road trip haha this was back in June but these are all the products I am currently using)

Check out my website and holler if you are interested or want to know more I would love to chat!
One more quick picture of the type of results you can get just from these products and taking care of your skin!

(Amazing Right? Right!)

Ok, next up and most importantly the final touch to me on any look are your lips! I think adding a little something somethin’ to your lips just gives off this polished look. So let me introduce to you my LipSense Lady Ashley Minor! She is not only an amazing fashionista and dear friend but she sells this amazing product called LipSense!

(Ashley Minor my LipSense Lady!)

If you have never heard of it or have and really curious let me just give you a run down in 2 words! Ahhhhhhhhhhh-Mazing! Haha  that is 2 words right? No really you put on a couple coats of the color of your choice you can even mix colors and create your own color! Then add the final touch of glossy gloss or my favorite matte and BAM you are done and the color lasts seriously 18+ hours! It is totally amazing to me! I have even seen Ashley go to the dentist put on her color for the day and come out looking the same way she went in. It’s totally unbelievable to me! I definitely have a long lists of wants but here are some of my current favorites especially with fall around the corner.

(This is Red Cherry and I am thinking a must on my need to get list)

(Totally in love with First Love!)

(Remember I told you that you can mix colors! Check out this color combo!)

(This was my first experience with LipSense and boy did Ash make a believer out of me haha!)

So, beautiful colors right? Yes yes you know you want to try some! What will it hurt? Nothing just a fabulous love for fun lips! Here is how you can contact this beauty and order some of your very own!!!

(Holler at my Girl promise you won’t be disappointed!)

Ok last but not least my HAIR! Oh my I do kinda love my hair haha! Well my lady that keeps me looking in tip top shape is non other than the beautiful Sheila Salzbrenner owner of Uptown Salon in Weatherford, TX!

(Sheila pictured in the middle and her Tribe! )

Ladies she will take extra special care of your locks! One of my favorite things is her hair color is made with coconut oil (sooo good for your hair!) and exclusively made in Italy! But you may now be thinking oh my Lord she will be so expensive I couldn’t go to her! Nope Sheila is very reasonable and not only will she take super good care of your hair but she is so fun to talk to! I think I like going just so I can catch up with her! Actually all the girls in there are truly amazing and talented especially Stephanie! Be sure and check out Uptown Salon in Weatherford, TX walk ins are totally welcomed! Also be sure to like them on Facebook because lots of fun new additions are coming to her Salon!!

(Click picture to go to her Facebook)

Well that brings this post to an end! 3 of my favorite prettys!! Remember to always stay true to your self and be brave and fearless to follow your dreams and goals!!! You can be and do anything you set your mind and heart to!  Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Hannah Leigh

Outfit Details:
Top/Skinnies: Maurice’s
Necklace: The Rollin’ J Boutique
Ring: Hy-O-Silver


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