Fashion Friday

It is Fashion Friday! I am so excited to start my fashion posting series on Fridays starting today! Today I am rocking this amazing and fun black hi-lo dress from The Turquoise Gypsy Boutique found in the cute little town of Meeker, CO! I am also so excited to announce that I am also one of their newest Brand Reps! Eeek!  (Completely grateful for the opportunity) So if you want 15% off you purchases there use discount code GYPSYREPHANNAH15 at check out!!

About this dress! I adore dresses for the simple reason they are simple! Trying to get the kids ready for school and running late just put on a dress. Drove all night for your mane to make early morning slack and want to look semi normal put on a dress! It’s so simple and way less headache to think about everything. No worrying about jeans and a top its 1 piece of clothing and bam put on some of your favorite jewelry (I like long necklaces because they help elongate your body/ country girl version make you look skinnier!) and some sunnies and fun shoes and Viola!! Stylin and profilin’ girl!! Love y’all and remember to always be you and dig for those goal and dreams set before you! I promise one day you will reach them!!

“God is within her, she will not fall.” ~Psalms 46:5

Hannah Leigh

Outfit Details
Dress/ Sookie Sookie Ring:
The Turquoise Gypsy
Necklace: Accessory Jane
Sunnies: Steve Madden (TJ Maxx)
Coffee Cup: Yeti
Wedges: Maurice’s
Purse: Sam Moon
Bracelet: NFR Vegas find $5!


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