Graceful Glance With Sheila Salzbrenner

Oh my goodness I am not sure where to even start but as always I am again so excited about today’s blog! This lady not only owns 1 business but 2 in the same building! I have known her for I am not even sure how long! Let’s just say since I was knee high to a grasshopper would be appropriate, haha! It was back when I used to live in Colorado and my parents would go up and visit them and her daughter Stevi and I would spend hours jumping on the trampoline or hanging out in her salon! Great memories! She has a heart of gold and truly wants to make a difference in the lives around her. When doing this interview she blessed my heart by telling me what a difference my parents made in her and her husband Dave’s lives. It touched my heart because that’s what I want to do with these blogs is touch hearts and encourage you readers that with God ALL things are truly possible! So without further ado let me introduce you to the amazing and talented Sheila Salzbrenner, owner of Uptown Cowgirl Boutique and Uptown Salon, team roper, wife and mom!

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(Click to Check Out and Like Facebook Page)

(Sheila and her tribe of amazing hairstylists)

Here is Sheila’s Interview I had so much fun getting to do this!!

H: What or who inspired you to create Uptown Salon & Boutique? 
S: For me it is being able to fellowship and being around other girls. I want to be an influence to them by letting God show through me.

(I love her answer to this because from the moment I walked in the front doors it was peaceful, fun and I definitely did some fellow-shipping!)

(Because who wouldn’t want to hang out with this fun group ladies!)

H: How did you get the name Uptown Salon & Uptown Cowgirl Boutique? 
S: I was inspired because I’m a city and a country girl and they just fit! 
(Haha, perfect! I just love it and definitely easy to remember!)

H: What is your vision for for your businesses? 

S:  I want to make an impact on people when they walk in here.

(That you do for sure!)

H: How has faith played a role in creating these businesses? 
S: To be able to do what I did and come as far as I have over the last 2 years I had to trust in Him. I also had to let Him be the leader and the pilot and I just needed to be the copilot.
H: Being a business owner and team roper what is a typical day look like for you? 
S: Business comes first and then roping comes second but both are my passions. It makes some days really long but it’s worth it.

(Just hanging out in the boutique Sheila and her roping partner Linnea reppin’ their Uptown Salon hats!) 
H: How would you describe your personal style? 
S: I would describe my style funky and bright, maybe a little out of the box.
(I just love this her style is funky but it works and I love it! She was wearing a pair of their new jeans on Wednesday and a plaid top and she just looked fabulous I thought!)

(Sheila and I after she gave me a hair makeover/ which I was in need of and just love! Seriously y’all need to run by and check her out! My hair feels so much better from just the products she used. The colors she uses are made in Italy and contain coconut oil which is so so good for your hair and less harmful!) 
H: What is your favorite scripture?
S: It is Jeremiah 29:11 “jeremiah-29-11
H: Is there anything new or exciting fixing to happen for Uptown Salon &  Uptown Cowgirl Boutique? 
S: The boutique is carrying corral boots and we just got in some new jeans. I also design the styles and prints for all my printed tops. Also we will be launching our boutique website soon!
H: What is one of your best selling product in the boutique? 
S: That would be my t-shirt line

(I can not wait for y’all to see the shirt I got! I am so in love with it!)

H: What is one of your personal favorite items from the store? 
S: I would say my Barn Brat tee!

(Seriously how cute is the shirt and is is super soft! These boots were my favorite and I loved this purse so I thought I would through some of my favorites from her store in the picture too!)

H: Since you are also one of the stylists In your salon what would be a good hair tip for the readers? 
S: For color to last and any chemical treatment really using a really good shampoo and conditioner.

(Werk it girls! They are ready to tackle any hairstyle and color!)

Well that brings this GG Interview to an end and I could not have had any more fun than I did doing this! Thank you so much Sheila for the amazing hair make over, the quality time I got to spend with you doing this interview. Readers this lady is truly amazing if you couldn’t already tell! Her prices are affordable and so worth it in the boutique and the salon! So when you are in Weatherford, TX run on over check out her boutique and let her or the girls fix up your hair! You know so you can gracefully style all over the place! haha!
Hannah Leigh

Here is one of my other favorite items from the store! You know just had to leave y’all with a fun picture and if these are there next time I run in they may end up going home with me! 🙂