Time to Step Up!

Well we are back at it ladies and gentlemen! I spent the last week in Oklahoma helping our ministry put on a kids Christian roping camp. I am so honored to get to do camp and be a part of it. Kids are my heart and I feel like I can help them, encourage them and just be there for them. I can remember being 15 and a freshman and looking up to a senior girl. She was an all star needless to say! Volleyball season had started and she would come over and help us lower clansmen. She would come out and support us at our games. She didn’t even have to be there but she chose to and would encourage us. This is one of the points in my life I decided yes that will be me! It inspired me to inspire others! Encouraging others is my passion! I think because I can see the potential in them! If they have a goal or dream I want them to know not only does God stand behind you saying you can do it! But I do as well!! It is just always good to know you have someone in your corner. So last week that’s what me and the roping instructors, speakers and volunteers did! We poured God, life, joy and encouragements into about 50 kids. We all have so much potential in us but it is our choice if we decide to pursue it or not. I asked a friend the other day if money wasn’t an option what would you do? My prayer for my friend is that what they said comes true for them. Whatever your dreams or goals are please don’t ever give up on them! I know they sit there in the back of your head. But the time is NOW! Keep pushing forward do something a little bit each day to reach it. Say its to have your own business? Make a vision board add something to it stick a $1 $5’s back. Just something stir that dream and let that fire burn! I am here to encourage to stand up and reach those goals! The most successful people write their goals/ dream down and look at them everyday if not once a week. The amount of people who do that in the world is 1%! That is so so low I would LOVE nothing better than to see that # grow. So let’s change that percentage! YOU can DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phil. 4:13) Please don’t wait and push those dreams aside! Because when your say 70/80 years old I don’t want you to look back and say I wish I would have at least tried. You CAN do this! Whit God ALL things are possible! (Matt. 19:26) Blogging has been something on my heart to want to do for sometime. And finally I said Now I am going to just do it! No more waiting. I love doing this blog and encouraging you guys and sharing my heart. It overflows with joy when someone says how much it means to them to read these. All the glory goes to God for all this I am so grateful! And if money wasn’t an option and I could do anything you know what? I would do exactly what I am doing! So great out there don’t give up do something a little each day to reach those goals those dreams! The time is NOW!! So rock what you got with Grace and Style! Love yall! 
Hannah Leigh

Here are some pictures from camp last week!

Headed to camp!
Haha Love these 2!
3 of my girls!!! They have the potential to move mountains! Reach those dreams you 3!
Me and Rachel with our photo bomber Tell and Cole trying to be sneaky haha
My right hand ladies! Taylor and Rach! 

Have A Little Hope

Man oh man! Today has been a whirl wind of a beautiful day!!! Sorry it’s so late getting my blog done to you avid readers. I like to be on time but tonight family came first! 

My nephew Oliver, Me and Momma Jo aka Nannie! 

Anyways after doting on him I’m now focused! Tonight what God laid on my heart to share was about a personal story. My mom, my little sister (Oliver’s Mom) and I have always been all about Faith, Hope & Love. When I was in high school I believe it was, my mom bought a set of rings and we each got one. My mom got Faith, Halee got Love and I got Hope. 

For the life of me I never could figure out why I had gotten the ring hope. Haha. I always try to have full faith and trust in God no matter wha. And Love well that’s easy I love with all I have. I have yet to meet the right guy and fall in love but still. I am pretty passionate about things, family, friends and most of all my faith. So I decided to go deeper. I knew I had gotten Hope for a reason. So I looked up the definition. Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. The second definition is a feeling of trust. I started thinking about just that! My hearts desire is to start to help people reach their goals and their dreams. By showing them they are loved and with just a little Faith in Him you can accomplish anything. You have got to have hope in Him! Hope in my opinion helps tie it all together. That ring now has so much more meaning! It helps keep me going know that I have that full Hope “trust in Him” that no matter what lies ahead of me He is always there. It says He will never leave nor forsake us. 

Whatever it is that you are going through have Hope in Him! Infinite trust & faith in Him! Alls He wants is to love on you and give you the very best! So lay it all down at His feet shake it off and look up and ahead! Keep pursuing Him seeking Him and all will work out. I share this knowing all I have seen in my 29 young years. 😉 Which surprisingly is a lot. Lol! Being on mission trips my parents put on. So now I want to pray over You!! 

So right now in the mighty name of Jesus I am praying over you reading this that all your burdens are wash away. That the emptiness is filled with faith, hope “trust” and love and you are over come with the joy of the Lord!!! In Jesus name Amen!! Now it says what ever you ask in my name it will be done. So now we have prayed for it, now begin to start thanking Him! If it was say a business relationship (totally just picking something random) start thanking Him that that work relationship is made whole! And that you and the coworker are now getting along. Seeing eye to eye. Maybe it was money? Thank Him that you an now Exceedingly Abundantly Above All (E Triple A my dad used ro say) you could ask or think blessed financially. It just simple way you start thanking. We don’t have to make complicated just simple. I really hope this post blesses you and helps you! That it gives you a feeling of Hope! So signing of with Grace & Style! 


Hannah Leigh

Princess Basics

Ok so I have always been a little obsessed with Princess Kate Middleton’s style.

She always is so poised and from head to toes her outfit is always on point. Granted she is a Princess and has access to awesome stuff and is supposed to always look great but she does it so well. Like Bobbie said in last weeks fashion blog make your look look effortless. One of my favorite parts of her outfits is she most always is sure to pair it with a great jacket. Most of her jackets are about a mid thigh length or longer and fitted.

kate in jackets

I love them because they help polish an outfit off and she stays prepared for any kind of weather. I think if you can invest in a couple great jackets that fit your body type you are golden and its a great basic to have. Take for example you are hmmmm let’s see at the NFR just woke up and in some serious need of coffee. Here is a quick stylish outfit….

First Hair (Messy Bun That Thang Girl!)


Through On Some Jeans


And put on a t-shirt or literally leave the one you slept in on nobody will ever know!!!
Grab an easy pair of shoes to put on…. (literally you need coffee right?!)


Thrown on that great basic jacket!!
I found this Textured Woven Coat at HM.com (Love this Store by the way)

Now don’t think I forgot about that makeup you were to tired to take off I got ya covered!!! Sunnies (Sunglasses) to the rescue!!!


And Viola!!! I added a scarf I couldn’t help myself I love them!


Quick and Easy and Starbucks Ready Right?!!! See why its so handy to have great basics!!! Kind of like life you just gotta take it back to the basics! Relying on God making Him #1 in your life and let Him be your joy. Think of how when we were kids things seemed so easy and effortless and we did things almost without any fear. That’s because we knew our moms and dads would be there to catch us when we fall, love and snuggle us in hard times and make us the light of their eyes. Making us always feel like the Princesses/ Queens that we are!!! So no matter what you are going through in life just know if you take it back to the basics and put on that crown of glory because your Heavenly Father is the King of Kings you will make it through!!! Audrey Hepburn said…”The best thing in life is to hold onto each other”. So hold on to God and love and support the people around you. We are each other’s greatest support system. I love each and every single one of you ladies or gentlemen haha reading this blog! (even if I don’t know you I still love ya)and so doe God! So put a smile on the face and have a little Style & Grace!!

Hannah Leigh


Besties For The Restie!


(Besties! Bobbie and I in Florida)

I have no idea what the best way to start this blog is besides just starting! I got to finally introduce all my LIGAS fans to one of my best friends Bobbie on Tuesday’s Blog as my resident fashion stylist, but she is so much more than a fashion guru to me. I have had best friends growing up but they were few and far between and we moved a lot so as a little kid it was obviously harder to stay in contact back in the day not so long ago haha! I can’t even remember when I started praying for a best friend I just remember I prayed for a long time. In January of 2005 I finally got to meet Bobbie at our Young Pro Camp in Stephenville, TX. We didn’t talk much then but a few weeks later we were at a roping we literally talked the whole roping and I also fell in love with her cute puppy Blue! I guess you could say the rest is history! There is a scripture found in Proverbs 27:17 that says.. “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” We keep each other uplifted spiritually and have had many a laugh and cries. She has helped me with my fashion sense as we kind of touched on in the last blog and has helped me learn to one day be an amazing wife and mom and juggle all of it with Grace and Style! (Litterally) She is one of the classiest women I have ever encountered!  The reason I wanted to share a little on mine and Bobbie’s friendship today is a couple reasons. 1. Being to show you that whatever you pray for in faith and believe for will one day come to pass in God’s timing. We just have to have the patience to wait on Him! 2. To show you what a relationship with God can be like. When either one of us struggle or have extremely happy moments we are sharing with each other without hesitation. We need to do that with God (which both of us do as well) but we need to rely on God as our best friend we can’t forget to include Him in our times of need and our times of joy! He is always with us no matter what. Never loose faith in Him because he never looses faith in you! Just like Bobbie and I’s friendship has become more of a sister sister relationship we know that no matter what we will fight for each other. Let God fight for you! Whatever your going through or believing for keep Him as close to your heart as you do your family and friends let Him be #1 in your life!

Here are a couple of mine and Bobbie’s Favorite Scriptures we lean on, we hope they help and encourage you! 

H: “But those who wait on the Lord,Shall renew their strength;They shall mount up with wings like eagles,They shall run and not be weary,They shall walk and not faint.” Isiah 40:31 


 H: Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:6-7 


 Here’s to letting God be your Bestie For The Restie! So you can live life with Grace, Style and Peace! 

 Love ya’ll!


Hannah Leigh 

 Just Some Fun Pic Of B and I over the years!



From My Fashion Specialist to You!

Ok ladies I am so excited to officially introduce you to one of my Bestie’s!!!
So it’s my pleasure to introduce Bobbie Tryan! She’s an amazing wife, mother of 3, fashionista, with a heart of gold, and is my resident stylist!! She is also a featured blogger on Fabulous In The South’s Bleacher Babe Report!

Pictured Left 2 Right: Bobbie, Brianna (FITS) and Me!

I was so blessed to get to go with her to The American Rodeo this last Sunday! I love her style so much and have actually had her assist me on a photo shoot as a stylist!! I have learned so many tips and tricks from her and have grown in my fashion sense because of her! She is just amazing! Of course!! I sat down and had a little Q & A with Bobbie about fashion from a stylist point of view! I thought it would be awesome for yall to get some tips tricks and fashion sense from my Fashion Specialist!


H: Ok B when putting together an outfit what in your opinion is most important?
B: When putting together an outfit the most important things to me are
1. What do I need to wear that works for the environment I’m in. If I’m going to be walking around on uneven ground and gravel or walking up and down unsteady bleachers all day I’ll usually wear sandals, boots or wedge heels. And if the ground allows for it and the day isn’t going to be crazy long I’ll wear some of my higher heeled shoes and booties.

2. The other most important thing when deciding on a outfit is if it just works. It’s a little hard to put into words but I usually think of it as a “complete outfit”. To me that means every part of what I’m wearing works together, the clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair. If something on that list isn’t quite right it really bugs me. On top of all of that it needs to look effortless and never like I’m trying too hard. Some women just get it. And those are the people who’s style I’ve really paid attention to and learned a lot from.

“Ok ladies now you see why she’s such an amazing an Fashionista!”

H: How important are accessories in your opinion for an outfit?
B: To me accessories are really important in an outfit. But that doesn’t mean they have to be big loud accessories. For example simple delicate gold jewelry looks amazing with great jeans and a white tee or a simple black maxi dress. That being said I do wear a lot of statement pieces. It just depends on what I’m feeling that day (or what I can find) as to what I end up wearing. Scarfs and hats are a great accessories too and I wear them a lot. Some for winter and others I wear in the summer. I also have some great belts but I don’t wear them that much right now.

H: What was your favorite your accessory you wore to The American?
B: My favorite accessory I wore at The American were the temporary tattoos that I layered on both my wrists and hands. I’ve been using these fake tattoos for awhile now and still love them. I get a lot of compliments on them, men will even point out how cool they are.


H: You are my go to girl for styling when I’m stuck and would make an amazing stylist. So from a stylist point of view what’s some advice you could give readers?
B: Have fun with fashion most of all. It’s all about your own personal style and wearing what you like. Some people might not like your style but that’s ok, you probably don’t like theirs either. We all like different things!
If you feel a little lost when it comes to your style my advice would be to find a few looks that you like and basically copy those looks until you get more comfortable putting looks together on your own. You can find so much style inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram from fashion bloggers.

And if you have all the basics of your style down then my advice would be to add new things to your outfits. Take some risks and see if you end up liking them. Some of what you try won’t work for you but some of it will and your style will look fresh and new.

And another piece of advice would be to create a wardrobe full of great basics. If you always have great basics to choose from you will always have a great outfit to choose from. Here’s a list to give you an idea of what my basics would be:
•several styles of jeans
•leather and reg black leggings
•black tees and tanks
•white tees and tanks
•black blazer
•black leather jacket
•denim jacket
•camel trench coat
•solid color maxi dress
•a pair of tall black boots
•a pair of brown boots
•black or brown sandals

If you have these basics you are never without a chic looking outfit. I realize there is quite a bit of black but you can add as much color as you want with accessories and other pieces of clothing and lets just be honest, black always looks good.

H: Ok B, last question! What was your favorite part of the American besides cheering on your hubby?
B: Being there with my family and friends was a lot of fun. The American is such a cool rodeo and has a great atmosphere. And I love how they treat the contestants. Can’t wait for next year!

Bobbie & Clay’s handsome boys! (Braylon, Tyler, Dash) My Handsome Nephews! ❤️

Hanging out with our amazing friend Haley!! ❤️

This was so much fun and so informative! I hope yall loved this blog as much as I do!! Thanks B for being taking the time to give us some much needed wisdom and fashion sense from your point of view! Love Ya! Sending yall much Grace and Style!

Hannah Leigh