Time to Step Up!

Well we are back at it ladies and gentlemen! I spent the last week in Oklahoma helping our ministry put on a kids Christian roping camp. I am so honored to get to do camp and be a part of it. Kids are my heart and I feel like I can help them, encourage them and just be there for them. I can remember being 15 and a freshman and looking up to a senior girl. She was an all star needless to say! Volleyball season had started and she would come over and help us lower clansmen. She would come out and support us at our games. She didn’t even have to be there but she chose to and would encourage us. This is one of the points in my life I decided yes that will be me! It inspired me to inspire others! Encouraging others is my passion! I think because I can see the potential in them! If they have a goal or dream I want them to know not only does God stand behind you saying you can do it! But I do as well!! It is just always good to know you have someone in your corner. So last week that’s what me and the roping instructors, speakers and volunteers did! We poured God, life, joy and encouragements into about 50 kids. We all have so much potential in us but it is our choice if we decide to pursue it or not. I asked a friend the other day if money wasn’t an option what would you do? My prayer for my friend is that what they said comes true for them. Whatever your dreams or goals are please don’t ever give up on them! I know they sit there in the back of your head. But the time is NOW! Keep pushing forward do something a little bit each day to reach it. Say its to have your own business? Make a vision board add something to it stick a $1 $5’s back. Just something stir that dream and let that fire burn! I am here to encourage to stand up and reach those goals! The most successful people write their goals/ dream down and look at them everyday if not once a week. The amount of people who do that in the world is 1%! That is so so low I would LOVE nothing better than to see that # grow. So let’s change that percentage! YOU can DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens you. (Phil. 4:13) Please don’t wait and push those dreams aside! Because when your say 70/80 years old I don’t want you to look back and say I wish I would have at least tried. You CAN do this! Whit God ALL things are possible! (Matt. 19:26) Blogging has been something on my heart to want to do for sometime. And finally I said Now I am going to just do it! No more waiting. I love doing this blog and encouraging you guys and sharing my heart. It overflows with joy when someone says how much it means to them to read these. All the glory goes to God for all this I am so grateful! And if money wasn’t an option and I could do anything you know what? I would do exactly what I am doing! So great out there don’t give up do something a little each day to reach those goals those dreams! The time is NOW!! So rock what you got with Grace and Style! Love yall! 
Hannah Leigh

Here are some pictures from camp last week!

Headed to camp!
Haha Love these 2!
3 of my girls!!! They have the potential to move mountains! Reach those dreams you 3!
Me and Rachel with our photo bomber Tell and Cole trying to be sneaky haha
My right hand ladies! Taylor and Rach! 

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