Have A Little Hope

Man oh man! Today has been a whirl wind of a beautiful day!!! Sorry it’s so late getting my blog done to you avid readers. I like to be on time but tonight family came first! 

My nephew Oliver, Me and Momma Jo aka Nannie! 

Anyways after doting on him I’m now focused! Tonight what God laid on my heart to share was about a personal story. My mom, my little sister (Oliver’s Mom) and I have always been all about Faith, Hope & Love. When I was in high school I believe it was, my mom bought a set of rings and we each got one. My mom got Faith, Halee got Love and I got Hope. 

For the life of me I never could figure out why I had gotten the ring hope. Haha. I always try to have full faith and trust in God no matter wha. And Love well that’s easy I love with all I have. I have yet to meet the right guy and fall in love but still. I am pretty passionate about things, family, friends and most of all my faith. So I decided to go deeper. I knew I had gotten Hope for a reason. So I looked up the definition. Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. The second definition is a feeling of trust. I started thinking about just that! My hearts desire is to start to help people reach their goals and their dreams. By showing them they are loved and with just a little Faith in Him you can accomplish anything. You have got to have hope in Him! Hope in my opinion helps tie it all together. That ring now has so much more meaning! It helps keep me going know that I have that full Hope “trust in Him” that no matter what lies ahead of me He is always there. It says He will never leave nor forsake us. 

Whatever it is that you are going through have Hope in Him! Infinite trust & faith in Him! Alls He wants is to love on you and give you the very best! So lay it all down at His feet shake it off and look up and ahead! Keep pursuing Him seeking Him and all will work out. I share this knowing all I have seen in my 29 young years. 😉 Which surprisingly is a lot. Lol! Being on mission trips my parents put on. So now I want to pray over You!! 

So right now in the mighty name of Jesus I am praying over you reading this that all your burdens are wash away. That the emptiness is filled with faith, hope “trust” and love and you are over come with the joy of the Lord!!! In Jesus name Amen!! Now it says what ever you ask in my name it will be done. So now we have prayed for it, now begin to start thanking Him! If it was say a business relationship (totally just picking something random) start thanking Him that that work relationship is made whole! And that you and the coworker are now getting along. Seeing eye to eye. Maybe it was money? Thank Him that you an now Exceedingly Abundantly Above All (E Triple A my dad used ro say) you could ask or think blessed financially. It just simple way you start thanking. We don’t have to make complicated just simple. I really hope this post blesses you and helps you! That it gives you a feeling of Hope! So signing of with Grace & Style! 


Hannah Leigh


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