Princess Basics

Ok so I have always been a little obsessed with Princess Kate Middleton’s style.

She always is so poised and from head to toes her outfit is always on point. Granted she is a Princess and has access to awesome stuff and is supposed to always look great but she does it so well. Like Bobbie said in last weeks fashion blog make your look look effortless. One of my favorite parts of her outfits is she most always is sure to pair it with a great jacket. Most of her jackets are about a mid thigh length or longer and fitted.

kate in jackets

I love them because they help polish an outfit off and she stays prepared for any kind of weather. I think if you can invest in a couple great jackets that fit your body type you are golden and its a great basic to have. Take for example you are hmmmm let’s see at the NFR just woke up and in some serious need of coffee. Here is a quick stylish outfit….

First Hair (Messy Bun That Thang Girl!)


Through On Some Jeans


And put on a t-shirt or literally leave the one you slept in on nobody will ever know!!!
Grab an easy pair of shoes to put on…. (literally you need coffee right?!)


Thrown on that great basic jacket!!
I found this Textured Woven Coat at (Love this Store by the way)

Now don’t think I forgot about that makeup you were to tired to take off I got ya covered!!! Sunnies (Sunglasses) to the rescue!!!


And Viola!!! I added a scarf I couldn’t help myself I love them!


Quick and Easy and Starbucks Ready Right?!!! See why its so handy to have great basics!!! Kind of like life you just gotta take it back to the basics! Relying on God making Him #1 in your life and let Him be your joy. Think of how when we were kids things seemed so easy and effortless and we did things almost without any fear. That’s because we knew our moms and dads would be there to catch us when we fall, love and snuggle us in hard times and make us the light of their eyes. Making us always feel like the Princesses/ Queens that we are!!! So no matter what you are going through in life just know if you take it back to the basics and put on that crown of glory because your Heavenly Father is the King of Kings you will make it through!!! Audrey Hepburn said…”The best thing in life is to hold onto each other”. So hold on to God and love and support the people around you. We are each other’s greatest support system. I love each and every single one of you ladies or gentlemen haha reading this blog! (even if I don’t know you I still love ya)and so doe God! So put a smile on the face and have a little Style & Grace!!

Hannah Leigh



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