Fashion Friday Birthday Time!


Hey my amazing readers! So as some of you may know Sunday was my 31st birthday and yes I decided to keep celebrate it this whole week long! Even at this very moment I can smell the yummy confetti cake Momma Jo is baking me  in the kitchen. (It’s been a crazy week so we are just getting to have cake but I will celebrate life any day!) Let me tell you it is a mouth watering smell! But let me get back on track haha Birthday Fashion not food! Haha! As I was deciding what I wanted to wear to kick off my 31 years of life I decided I would go with my favorite clothing color black! You really just can not go wrong with black it is always slimming but it is just fun because can pair any other color or colors with it for some fun outfits! So for my base piece I went with my new black jumpsuit from Redford Ranch Style. Then to add some pop of fun a statement necklace from The Rollin’ J Boutique. I paired the necklace with my new fun birthday earrings I got from my Bleacher Babe Squad sister Carly and topped the look off with a feather hair clip from my bestie!  That yes I did get for my birthday!! ( I also have in gold! 😉 Then I topped the whole look off with my MAC lipstick “Heroine”. It is a super fun special occasion kind of lipstick! I love birthdays anyone really because its a celebration of life that God blessed us with! Yes we all have our ups and downs and trials we all go through but what is awesome is we get to wake up to a new day each day! So get out there ladies and gents and ROCK WHAT YOU GOT with all of His Grace & Your Style!

Hannah Leigh


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