5th Annual Countdown To Vegas Part 2

I hope y’all loved part 1 with all those yummy food choices it made me hungry just reading about them! We are currently Vegas bound now and I’m so excited to get to see everyone and see all the amazing big fashion and cheer on my friends in the rodeo!

Up on tonight’s blog we ask these amazing ladies about advice for first timers and what is a must see!! Read below to see their answers!

Question 1: What is a must have for first timers in Vegas?

Question 2: What is a must see or do in Las Vegas?

Bobbie Tryan

Question 1: Walking the Strip is a must. There is also amazing shopping,shows and food options in Vegas! 

Question 2: The rodeo if you can get tickets! I’ve been many years and it still has the best atmosphere of any rodeo I’ve ever been too.

Janzen Tew

Question 1: Epsom Salt. You will be so tired physically that having epsom salt to soak in will be a life changer. 

Question 2: Definitely go to Bellagio and seethe fountain and their Christmas display. I would also recommend walking through Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shops. 

Haley Corkill

Question 1: If it’s your first time to Vegas I would recommend investing in or bringing a comfortable ( but still stylish 😉)pair of shoes for the day. You do a lot of walking there so you can’t forget to pack for that. 

Question 2: If you have time I would recommend seeing a show!

Courtney Motes

Question 1:  Lots of EmergenC, echinacea, and or anything to help boost your immune system.

Question 2:  I would say we don’t have a whole lot of time when we are out there, but I love walking through the casinos and seeing all of the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations!!! And of course if you get a chance any of the shows are amazing!

Jessie Jarvis

Question 1: Bring comfy shoes! It doesn’t matter how cute you look if you’re walking around like a newborn calf because your feet hurt so bad from putting a million miles on them. Trust me–I have learned the hard way! 

Question 2: Although I haven’t done it myself, I’ve heard incredible things about the Highroller wheel, and it’s on my bucket list of Vegas experiences. Top Golf is always a good time! 

Mackenzie Kimbro

Question 1: Lame answer, but survival tip: VITAMIN C (I prefer the Emergen-C gummies, myself), and WATER. Both will keep you radiant and healthy through all the fun times!

Question 2: Since these tips are leading up to the NFR, you have to go to the rodeo at least once! Pretty cool to watch it all from inside the Thomas and Mack! Besides that, (and this may sound lame to some but this is one way to do Vegas)… I recommend eating your way through town! Do some digging and plan fun dining experiences that showcase the sights of Vegas! Tons of celebrity chefs have unique restaurants all over the Strip, take some extra time to walk to dinner so you can see the sights AND have a delicious meal!

Amy Ward

Question 1: Comfy shoes for day walking! Save the uncomfies for night time!

Question 2: Visit every single cowboy/NFR related trade show! I loved the RFWA Expo I felt like I was shopping my Instagram feed. 😉 I heard the Neon Boneyard is really neat to see. It’s on my to-do list this year! 

Carol Hogner

Question 1: Comfortable shoes!

Question 2: Go to at least one perf of the NFR!

Hannah Hogner

Question 1: I’m with the girls in comfy shoes and emergen-c and lots of water! I also take a power bank to charge my phone. I’m the worlds worst at keep it charged in Vegas and I have had it die on me and could find the person I was supposed to catch a ride with! (Classic Hannah moment) So to avoid problems I keep puppy charged up and ready! 😉

Question 2: Oh I’m such a sucker for Christmas so the Bellagio steals my heart every year with their Christmas display! Also I love going to the trade shows and just taking my time and meeting people!! So I recommend doing those! Haha

Hope y’all learned some new tips and things to do!! Can not wait to meet you awesome readers out there! Remember to be confident in who you are and Live In His Grace and Rock That Style!

Xo Hannah Leigh


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