New Year -Time To Step Up

Week 1 of 2017 and I just sit back and think where has the time gone! We are almost to Living In Grace & Style’s 2 year Blog Anniversary and so much has happened over the last year and I seriously could not be more grateful! God truly showed up and showed out last year in my life because I took a brave moment to start to step into more of who He wants me to be. It’s amazing how when we just put all our insecurities aside and TRUST in Him and His plan what can happen! I just sit back and think wow and thank you Lord! Now the journey has not come to end, it is still continuing but just in a new book called 2017 and it is time to continue to step up and step out. So we have 12 chapters to write let the journey begin!

Hannah Leigh

Time to push the boundaries…Dare 2 Be YOU

One of my favorite “Tall Girl Friendly Dresses”
Dress By Wrangler
Can Buy Now at NRS : Aztec Maxi Dress


Photo Credit: Janzen Jackson Photography


2 thoughts on “New Year -Time To Step Up

  1. I’m so glad to find your fashion blog! I am plus size and love my southwest cowgirl fashion. But all I see is thin models wearing western clothes. I finally found a beautiful plus size cowgirl that looks like me. Please continue to post these type of outfit ideas for plus size cowgirls.

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