NFR Outfit Round 1


Round 1 I went and watched the Live Feed from the SouthPoint Hotel and Casino with a few fellow Bleacher Babe Squad members! It was our first time to get to meet up with each other in person and let’s just say we chit chatted the entire time and did catch some of the rodeo. Haha!

My Outfit
Let’s Ride Tee: Hazel’s Fashion Wagon
Necklace: Desert Rose
Buckle: Redford Ranch Style
Jacket/ Skinnies: Maurice’s
Booties: Tom’s


 (Ranch Babe – Mackenzie Kimbro, Blue Jean Babe – Jessie Jarvis,
Jypsy Babe – Janzen Riley Jackson, Graceful Babe – Me)

Looking forward to tonight! I will be missing the rodeo to hang out with the Ranch Babe Kenzie and will be going to the Kacy Muskgraves and George Strait Concert with her! I am literally so excited! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @HannahHogner and on Snapchat @HannahHogner to see all the fun!

Hannah Leigh


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