For The Love of Earrings!!

It’s time to accessorize ladies!! I have to admit my earring game isn’t in A form yet but thanks to my new find I would start giving myself a strong B! Haha!
So I have been an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette watcher almost since the beginning. But this season I locked on to a few styles of some of the women on this seasons show. One in particular is Britt Nilson’s earrings! She has worn them in almost every episode. (So key here ladies signature piece like we talked about earlier!) I started thinking hey I really think I may need some earrings like this. So I hit up Google not really knowing what to call them I found similar earrings for $80-$178. Well I said no! Haha surely I could find some in my price range. Well I would ever so often hunt for the suckers. And last week bam! I figured out they were called spikes and to etsy I went! That is where I found Michelle Parker Jewels! I fell in love I found my perfect earrings at my cost! Thank You Jesus!! And thank you MPJ!!


So like in life when you set your goals in front of you. Have patience and keep digging in and pushing toward the goals! Never give up because success is around the corner!! Sending yall lots of Love and Peace! Remember to Live in Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh

Earrings: Michelle Parker Jewels
(She has some other amazing products!)
Hat: Back At The Ranch (Stephenville)
Denim Shirt, Tank Top, Skinnies



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