Love and Valentine’s

So this time of year you see maybe about 3 types of people, maybe more but 3 is what I see. You see the ones who love and/or celebration  Valentine’s Day with their special someone. Next you see the single one who wishes they could spend Valentine’s Day with that special someone or pretends not to care about it. (Which secretly they really do but just don’t say.) Last you see the ones who probably truly don’t care and treat the day as any other day. Depending on who you are or what walk of your life your in tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and people are gonna be gushy and mushy. I personally probably fit in the second category. I have actually not really ever had a Valentine’s Day with that special someone yet. But then that got me to thinking! I do have a Valentine with a special someone every year! Whether I chose to see it or not. Now don’t roll your eyes just yet…here me out. 🙂 In this day and age so many people are in Love with being in Love and don’t even realize it. Then after getting married the love bubble is gone and then they are left wondering why they got married. Some I know really do find that true love though. I don’t know the answers I promise you but I do know what God has put on my heart. Here is a short version of my background. When I was in 1st grade my parents got a divorce and I saw the pain and hurt that came with it. So at a young age I began to pray that my first boyfriend would be my husband to avoid the hurt and pain. To this day I am still waiting for God to reveal that person to me. God put a specific person on my heart that I wrote down and pray for everyday. Now it has not always been easy waiting for that person to come, I have had my hard times and very lonely feeling times too. I have had the opportunity to date or have the boyfriends but when it came down to it I knew he was not the one. Now this maybe my personal feelings and take from this what you may because this is what I do and I know not everyone is me. But when I like a guy and realize he wasn’t the one I would pray that some way God would show me he really wasn’t the one or something would happen and we wouldn’t talk as much. Here is why, I don’t want to be in love with being in love! I don’t want to be dating someone I know is not my husband. What if I was dating him and that’s when he was supposed to meet his someone and I hindered that some way.  That would so break my heart! I truly want the best for everyone, I want them to be truly happily in love. I truly mean that! Yes I want a husband, kids and all that stuff that comes with. But first I needed to learn to put God first to let Him fill that void that lonely feeling. He has shown me time and time again. He is there for me, He loves me unconditionally, He has my back and yes is my best friend. I’m not perfect and don’t have all these things perfected quite yet but I try. I know in time the man of my dreams will come in God’s timing and not mine. So I am going to stay faithful and let God fill my heart and be my forever Valentine. I hope that in some way this post encourages you in whatever walk of life you are in. Let God date you and find the God kisses in every day. He does love you unconditionally and forever and ever. You deserve to be happy!  So tomorrow put a smile on because you do have a Valentine and some have more than one! So with all the grace, style and love have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Jesus loves you!

Hannah Leigh



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