Hair Brushes and Tangled Messes!

Ok so how important is your hair?? Well to me very! I do love mine and have been faithfully growing my hair out for the last 6 years! But defiantly not without some difficultly…what kind you ask? Ugh the dreaded brushing of my hair! I have this fine ish type hair that is now, decently long. There are times it literally takes me almost 30 minutes to brush it all out. That is using a detangler and conditioner! So last week when I went in to see my amazing hairstylist Ashley and she told me about this amazing brush, that I absolutely needed! Well ok then?! So after I get my hair all done, I head on over to Sally’s and buy this so called Ah-mazing brush! Then comes Sunday and I get up early because I sometimes move slow, have outfit issues (that is a whole blog in itself) and it takes forever tooo…. you guessed it, brush my hair! Well I get showered and then now came for the moment of truth! Dear Lord, please let this brush shave off some time from brushing my hair, so I don’t dread it! AMEN! So then I begin and HOLY COW! Much to my surprise and eyes this sucker works! What used to take forever and a day literally took me maybe 3 minutes! At the most! I was in near shock! (To bad I couldn’t just fall out at that moment and be laying in a hammock on the beach! While being fed grapes and fanned by some hot, hunky, tall, dreamy, Christian guy, who well probably likes to rope and I have yet to meet! Haha!)

But back to my point! Wait what was it?? Oh yeah this Ah-Mazing hair brush! It is a life saver and yes I just blogged about a hair brush! But when you find an awesome product you have to tell all your Awesome Fabulous Friends about it right? Right! So this brush….you can go buy at your local Sally’s and what is the name of it…dunnnn dunn naaa…. the Wet Brush! It is a little bit more expensive than just your normal average $4 brush from Wally World! It’s about $8.99 at Sally’s and worth every penny! So happy brushing now! Haha!

We all have these trying situations in our lives like pesky hair brushes. The problems or tangled messes are just there picking at us. We get run down and tired and just wanna give up and quit. But we can’t! We have been diligently working so hard to grow our hair out! ( build our lives, or reach a goal!) But listen we CAN NOT JUST GIVE UP and quit and cut our hair because…what it’s easier?! Nope, that isn’t who God created us to be. We just need to focus on God and pray for the problem and then thank Him for sending us the answers! Because He will and He cares all about and for you! Even things as little as a hair brush! So remember to stay diligent have faith in God and He will bring you the answers you need! You need only to wait and listen to Him or the hairstylist He puts in your life! It may take 6 years or just 6 days to get the answers but Trust in Him and He will not steer you wrong! In your life or in brushing your hair! You may think this crazy chick just blogged about a hair brush and God, YES I did! But seriously He cares about the little things in your life to all the big things! So I double dog dare you to give what’s weighing you down all over to Him! Now shake it off and dig into God’s Word and let Him bring you the answers to all your tangled messes! Hope you have blessed and fabulous Graceful and Stylish day!
Hannah Leigh

My outfit today!
Red Cowhide Flip Flops from KC Kountry ( located at most World Series and USTRC ropings)
Black Cardigan with bling cross (KC Kountry)
Skinnies and a black tank top!
And my new necklace the say Infinite Hope!



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