What is your Signature??

A couple years ago my best friend gave me this awesome book by Eric Daman.


I completely love this book it gives me so much inspiration! But my favorite thing I learned in, it is about signature pieces!


What’s your signature piece?! It is something you may wear everyday or almost everyday. It could be piece of jewelry, or a color, or in my Momma Jo’s case shoes! (She loves to rock those converses and rock them she does too!)
I have some pieces of jewelry that I almost never leave the house without. They don’t really pop so you almost wouldn’t notice them. But I would say my signature piece that people might notice the most, well it comes out of the accessory department! I am a lover of hats and scarves! My collection of both is literally almost embarrassing ! But the key being almost! Haha! I am known to almost always be wearing one or the other! What I love about hats or scarves is that they add an extra little pop of somethin somethin!! Plus they are just fun! I like to think that basically describes me, fun or just happy! Also you can use both to cover up a bad hair day! 😉
So what is your signature piece? I would love to hear what they are. You can leave a comment at the end of this post! Like the book says you don’t find your signature piece it finds you! It’s your go to thing! If you think you don’t have one yet no worries it will come!
Most importantly the best part of what makes you you is……wait for it…. YOU! Just stick on a smile and rock what you got! Remember Fashion is 80% Confidence and 20% Fashion! So take a deep breath throw on something fabulous and model walk it out with a little grace and style!
Hannah Leigh

My Outfit!
Signature Peices
Hat- Apricot Lane
( I went to their Las Vegas store to find this one!)
Scarf- KC Kountry
(They have a both at most US and World Series Team Ropings)
Then just a dark denim shirt paired with leggings and brown knee boots!!

And photo credit goes to Ashley Kersey my fabulous hair stylist!!! Follow her on Instagram @AshleyKerseyHair She is amazing!!



7 thoughts on “What is your Signature??

  1. I have a certain perfume that I wear and when people smell it they know I am around! I get so many compliments on my perfume. Lol. My greatest accessory is the one God gave me, it is my unique hair color. I do not color my hair. I have been spotted at a huge Joyce Meyers Conference by some people at our church and I didn’t know that they were going. Lol.!they recognized me from a far off 😊 love ya Hannah. Keep on keeping on.

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