Valentine’s Gift Guide Day 2

Here we are with day 2 of this fun Valentine’s Day Gift guide. Here is a little background if you are just tuning in! I thought it would be fun to put a gift guide of sorts together for y’all who are struggling to buy those meaningful gifts for that special someone in your life! So I have recruited some help from some beautiful ladies I know! I will be posting 3 ladies’ suggestions for a male and female gift that ranges from high end, to a lower end gift and also my personal favorite a charity or gifts that support a charity! Also each gorgeous lady has told us about their favorite Valentine’s memory and might I add they all touch my heart! Yes, I am a romantic I would say hopeless romantic but I choose not to be hopeless because their is the right person for each of us out there who are ready to spoil us the best they can. Some just haven’t found their way to us yet hehe! But for you singles out there trust in God’s plan and His timing it is always spot on. So let’s dig in and get this thing started with day 2!

Today I have asked 3 ladies who are very dear to my heart! All are mom’s with amazing families whose kids might I add are just adorable. I love the relationships between each of these ladies with their husband. It is always apparent to me in a sweet observing way to watch each of these ladies with their husbands! Read on and you will see why!
Up first the beautiful Tonya Yeary…

I love Tonya! She and I have the same home church (Silverado Cowboy Church) in Weatherford, TX. This lady right here has a heart of gold and I always just love her fashion style as well!

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: A Razor ATV
Female: Weekly maid service
(I love this that is an awesome gift suggestion!)
Low End Gift
Male:  Lucchese boots
Female: Pre-Planned Dinner and a romance movie
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Grace House Ministries
Where hope lives, life matters and knowledge counts.

(Click The Picture Below To Learn More About This Ministry)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
Last Valentine’s Day my girls cooked and served a candle light spaghetti dinner to Toye and I. They dressed up and made it truly special for us.

Oh my goodness how sweet is that! Y’all are raising some pretty amazing girls! Just love y’all and send you some Valentine’s Day Love and Hugs! xo

Up next is the beautiful Natasha Arendall…


Natasha also attends the same church! I just love this lady’s heart and passion for Christ! Every time I see her and her precious family a big smile always comes to my face!

Here are her and her husband Matt’s picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide

High End Gift
Male: A Dodge Cummins 4×4 Longhorn Edition =) ONLY fair because he bought me a Car for Valentines Day a few yrs ago! lol
Female: Matt said I would love a power programmer & goose neck hitch, front bumper and air bags for his new Pickup BUT I really would love a FULL DAY @ The Havens Spa with the Works!
(Haha gotta love the try behind that suggestion!)
Low End Gift
Male: A bag of individual Reeses or a Savoy leather gun holster (According to Matt haha)
Female: a Pedicure, hand written note and a I tunes gift card…then for Him to dance me around the living room floor to our fav song!
(Awe dancing to your favorite song how sweet! Swooning about that!)
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
Male:  I would donate to Jared Allen’s home for wounded warriors project in honor of Matt
Female: A piece of Noonday Jewelry…I LOVE their mission and cause…

(Click the picture tobe taken to the website of each)
Most Memorable Valentine’s
Story begins when Matt and I had just met..We were driving around in his pick up and listening to music…NO JUSTICE “Circles” came on the radio and I casually mentioned how I loved them and had lost that cd…a Week later for valentines day he gave me that cd and a sweet card! 9 valentines days later and I STILL have that cd! Also WE LOVE REESES!!! One yr we didnt have a lot of money so he bought me a reeses and carved our brand in it with a heart and a arrow! Seriously  sweetest thing ever!

Awe that is seriously so so sweet thank you so much Natasha for sharing with us! Sending y’all some Valentine’s Love and Hugs! xo

And last but not least Chelsy Lyles…


Oh where to start with this amazing lady! Well we counted up recently that we have known each other for at least 10+ years I believe! She is not only beautiful on the outside but her inside is just as beautiful! I was so blessed to meet her through her amazing grandparents who pastor Russellville Christian Center in Russleville, AR. That church is my home away for home and I enjoy listening to Sunday sermons via CD!

Here are her picks for this Valentine’s Gift Guide
High End Gift
Male: Gun! All the men in my life love guns, and they can never have too many! Guns to them are like shoes to women!
Female: Spa day 😍 with all the works! Body wraps, pedicure,manicure and massage !
(Ahhhh that sounds amazing!)
Low End Gift
Male: A home cooked meal with his favorite “dessert”, because let’s face it it’s free and it’s by far their favorite!
Female: A handmade card from Hubby. I think most women, like when our husband/boyfriend puts a lot of thought into a gift.
Charity/Gift Supporting Charity
I personally like The Hampton Foundation as a good charity. They provide a home away home for families who’s children or loved ones are hospitalized for long term visits. That way they don’t have to drive back and forth from their homes and hospital.

Wow what an amazing charity!

(Click image below to Donate and Read more about this foundation)

Most Memorable Valentine’s
My husband ( boyfriend at the time) was working out in Florida , I live in Arkansas, and was due to be there for 6 months. He’d only been their about a month when Valentine’s Day rolled around. We were talking marriage and making big plans for when he got back so it was definitely hard for me wedding planning while he was gone. I walked outside one day with my mom and said mom there’s some guy walking down here, then looked closer and saw it was PJ. He had flown home for Valentine’s Day and surprised me!

Oh I won’t ever forget seeing this when you posted it on Facebook! I thought oh he’s a keeper for her right there!! Thank you Chelsy so much for being a part tonight! I hope to see you someday soon, but in the mean time I will send you some Valentine’s Day love and hugs! xo

Thank you so much you beautiful stylish ladies!!! I hope all the readers have enjoyed today’s post as much as I have!! Check back with us tomorrow for 2 more beautiful women’s and my suggestions to round out our 3 day Gift Guide!

Don’t forget who your biggest Valentine is!
Hannah Hogner


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