Graceful Glance With Savanna Hankins

These next few Graceful Glance Interviews ahead were laid on my heart to feature another amazing type of woman! We have heard from some amazing ladies in the past and I thought I would continue on that journey by taking a graceful look into some more amazing women’s lives by interviewing women business owners! I admire these women so much and they always inspire me in so many ways! I hope they inspire you as well to know that no matter what you can always achieve your dreams and goals! So let’s get to our first interview!

Last fall I ran into a lady and we got on the topic of fashion! It led into me telling her about my blog! She said “Oh you have got to meet my best friend”! Haha! I said I would love too! So as most of us do these days I got on Facebook and looked this girl up! Her name you ask? It was non-other than Savanna Hankins! She was fixing to launch her new online boutique at the beginning of 2016. Long story short a friendship was made and this blog and interview was born! I admire Savanna and her heart and our growing friendship! So without further ado let me introduce you to Savanna Hankins, mom, wife, girl boss and sole owner of Gypsy Wild!



(Savanna and her family)

H: What or who inspired you to create Gypsy Wild?

S: My mom has always been a huge influence in all areas of my life and this is no exception. She worked at home growing up, and still does, so I’ve always known it is possible. Between her and my sister, who was my original business partner, they helped me gain the courage to start Gypsy Wild.

(Oh my gosh that is so awesome! Seriously there is nothing like the encouragement of family!)

Show and Sister

(Savanna and her sister)
H: What is your vision or motto for creating your online boutique?

S: I want to help women and the special little girls in their lives to dress well, be true to themselves, and disobey all the fashion rules they may have been taught, all at an affordable price.

(Ladies she’s serious her prices are very affordable! Plus she offers a “Military Discount” which I just love because supporting our troops and family is always so important in so many ways! )

H: Is this boutique something you recently wanted to do or has it been a dream for awhile?

S: It’s definitely been a long time dream! I don’t think I would have ever had the courage to start on my own though so I have to give credit to my sister for pushing me and being by my side in the beginning. My husband and I have 3 girls ranging in age from toddler – preteen and I’ve often had a hard time finding clothing for all three that is age appropriate and CUTE! I love fashion and playing with my wardrobe so the only logical this was to make it a career!

H: How has faith played a role in creating this business?

S: Well, like my life, faith is the foundation on which this business is built upon. I couldn’t do it any other way. I spent a long time trying to control my life and all I got was myself in a mess. Once you let go of your control and give it all to God, you have to follow where He leads you. I know He has led me here and I couldn’t be more excited to see what He has in store for me in this aspect of life!

(Wow that is some good stuff right there! We just have to trust in Him! Proverbs 3:5-6)

H: Being a mom and wife and now a sole business owner what does a typical day look like for you?
S: Full. My days are very full! I think most moms can relate to how busy a day can be between getting kids to school, caring for your family and then fitting work somewhere into that mix. It’s a good full though! I have honestly enjoyed it. I will admit  that I have had to stop and take time to really focus on the girls though because it’s hard doing “everything”. So I have had to pay close attention to their needs. But that’s just part of it and I love that even in my full day, I still have the flexibility to be hands on with my family.
(Savanna and one her sweet girls cuddled up working on orders) 

(I love this shot of Savanna working on stuff 2 screens going. Empty rack of clothes I’m sure she just shipped out. One busy blessed lady!)
H: How would you describe your personal style?
S: It really just depends on the day. I love to play with fashion and wear different styles and just have fun with my clothing. Sometimes I channel my inner country girl, sometimes business casual and sometimes I have a love affair with my sweats. It just all depends on my mood. One thing you can count on though is that I’ll have fun with it! There’s nothing worse than not being confident in yourself so no matter what, that’s my goal. Even when I have a fashion fail, I do it confidently.
Favorite Outfit
(Here is Savanna in one her favorite sweaters she sells! This is one of my favorites as well!)
H: What is your favorite scripture?
S: I don’t have just one. Different scriptures speak to me more on different days. God always sends me what I need to hear to refill my soul, so I just trust Him. I guess I have favorites for different aspects of life, but not just ONE in general.
H: Anything new or exciting fixing to happen for Gypsy Wild?

S: We have new arrivals coming in for Spring and we will be at the Petticoats on the Prairie, “Mustangs & Mavericks” Vintage Market in Coleman Texas April 15-16th. I’m also very excited to announce I’ll be launching a new styling service soon! Can’t give too much info yet, but I can tell you is that I want to develop a closer relationship with my customers and help them make their clothes do more for them!

(Oh my goodness so exciting!! Especially your soon to launch styling service! I just think that is so amazing! I have been blessed to dab into that some as well and there is nothing more gratifying than to see someone’s face light up wearing something amazing and watching their confidence build! I am so pumped for you girl!)

Below are a couple of Gypsy Wild’s Best Adult & Kid Sellers
(But Look Around While Your On Her Site So Many Fun Things
Remember New Arrivals Coming Soon)

Best Seller Sweater
(Click Here To Purchase) 

Best Seller Kids
(Click Here To Purchase)

Savanna I just want to thank you so so much for being a part of Living In Grace and Style’s Graceful Glance Interview Series! You are such a blessing and a huge light to many! You are also a big inspiration to so many women. Keep shining on girl and right now we thank you Lord for showering Savanna, her family and this amazing business with many blessings! We thank you that it continues to bless others and that it prospers in Jesus Name, Amen!

I hope everyone enjoyed this Graceful Glance Interview with an amazing woman! Keep Stylin’,Smilin’ & Lovin’ God Y’all!


Hannah Leigh


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