Sibling Love!

In honor of today being National Sibling Day, I decided to write about a little sibling love! I am so beyond blessed to have 2 sisters and 2 brothers! I have one full sister Halee, she and I always had an interesting relationship. While we still always loved each other we sure did like to aggravate each other but what sibling relationship wasn’t like that. The older we have gotten the closer we have gotten! She is such an amazing woman, wife, mom, teacher, coach and SISTER! I truly love her and think she is such a rock star. She is so strong and anything she puts her mind to she accomplishes! The next 3 are step siblings but I absolutely do not like the word step they are my siblings and a part of my life and who I am.  So with that lol next up my oldest brother Josh! He is truly one of the smartest people I know. The stuff and history he can just bust out always astonishes me! He is such a nice guy with a big big heart! He is an amazing dad as well! Now on to my big sister Amber! Let me tell you about this one she is amazing beyond words! She is a mother of 4 and with a heart of gold! She is so strong and such an inspiration in my life. I used to follow her around as kids and tried to dress like her and well was basically her nosey shadow. Now last but not least the youngest! My Bubs aka Devin! He is yes the baby of the family but he is such a sweet guy with a big heart! If he sets his mind to something he is accomplishing it! I am so proud of him and the man he is becoming! He is working on becoming an electrician right now with the cutest dog Moose. Anyway that is my happy family! I am slightly really partial to all 4 of them. They each hold a special place in my heart and I would do absolutely anything I could for any of them. Granted we have all had our ups and downs but the ups always out weight any downs. Because in the end love wins! Jesus did the very same thing for us! He died on the cross so in the end we win! If you may be struggling in any walk of life you are at and feel like you have no one in your corner. He is in your corner and will always be! Just like my love for my siblings He loves you more than that! We just have to go to Him and He is waiting for us with open arms. So as we bring this National Sibling Day to the end, just know Jesus loves you and so do I!!! Peace, love Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh



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