Spring Is Here!

Spring is in the air!!! Flowers are blooming, the sun is out and shorts are here! I am so loving some of the spring trends I have been seeing out! Though I have yet to try some of these trends here are some of my favorites!! First up shorts and Blazers! Granted you need a lighter blazer or you’ll roast in certain parts of the world! But all in all this look is clean and so chic. 

Next up is yellow! If you find the right shade of yellow flaunt it girl!! This is the top trending color right now in the fashion world! If you look up spring trends yellow will defiantly show up! 

Ok I love this outfit and style!!! So boho chic! 

Now to the hair!!! I personally have always loved braids and I have found a blogger Amber Fillerup Clark that I follow on Instagram!  She is obsessed with braids and I love getting inspiration on hair styles from her!! Here are some of my faves!!!

These are just a few of my favorite spring trends out and that I just personally love!!! So get out there try some of them or just try something new!!! I guarantee you might shock your self and like something new!!! Remember Fashion is 20% fashion 80% confidence!!! So rock what Ya got girl! You will be Stylin’ Smilin’ and Lovin’ God setting all kinds of new trends!!! Wishing yall a Graceful and Stylish week! 


Hannah Leigh



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