Here We Go!

So I decided to take a little of my own advice and dig in and follow something that has been on my heart for a while! Which what I spoke on on Sunday! So here we go with blog post one!! I might have a little bit of a rough start but I have faith I’ll get in the hang of things pretty quick! When I was preparing for Sunday I also was trying to get a grasp on what in the world I was going to wear!! So finally Saturday night I finally figured out an outfit that was chic to me yet still slimming to my eye! Ha! Not to be vain but a girl wants to look good and be slim! Right? Haha that’s why I added a scarf to kind of help break my outfit up a little bit. So praise God it was still cool enough I could get by with a sweater and a scarf!! Then I added some heels and viola outfit all complete!! I added some accessories and I was set for Sunday! But much to my dismay I was so excited to speak on Sunday that I got all ready hair done check, makeup on check, outfit on check, added accessories check!! Get to church ready to speak a little nervous go to play with the ring on my right hand (which is an everyday wear) and well it is not there. So slightly saddened by not having my signature jewelry on (my everyday jewelry/ key pieces) I took a deep breath and with a pat on the back from one of my best friends I was ready to go! It was slightly a blur to me now but I got up to speak and just began to let God do His thang through me! The service turned out awesome and I believe many hearts were touched including mine! Below is a picture of my outfit it’s not the greatest picture but to be honest I didnt think I was starting my blog this week and using it as my first blog! So that should teach us to always be prepared and be fabulous while doing it! So I am signing off this first blog so remember to Live In Grace and Style!



Pic from Sunday


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