Summer Lovin’

Oh what a summer it has been! It has been a beautiful amazing busy summer! I can hardly believe it is August already! What? Really? YES! At least the bonus part about it being August is yes it is my birthday month! This year I turn the big 3-0 but possibly contemplating the 29 again haha! Just kidding! Age is just a number I have always said that so I am deciding to hit it straight on! I defiantly don’t feel almost 30 and people never think I am this old so my awesome Cherokee Blood is shining through! Hehe! Anyway enough about my birthday we still have 19 more days to talk about it! This summer my amazing nieces came to visit! In June my oldest niece Stephanie and her twin sisters Becca and Jodie came to visit! The girls would go to concerts and church services with us and would have just a blast. We had a lot of late nights of playing my favorite game Pass The Pigs! One night one of the twins decided she was going to pray for a good roll and it worked! So needless to say the other one decided to do it too. So this went on a little while and then Becca was praying for a certain number to roll and low and behold she rolled it! So I took the opportunity to talk to them about praying and salvation. Which in turn led to them asking the Lord into their hearts that night. Stephanie had already done it when she was younger and I also got to be there the day she did it as well and not to mention Megan their sister also did to when she was younger. It filled my heart with overflowing joy to get to help them with the salvation prayer and watch God work in their sweet little lives. We began to pray every night before they left. The twins ended up staying the whole month of June! I was one happy, happy Auntie for sure! Then Magen came to visit us in July for 2 weeks! It was such an amazing time and also to get to realize how big she is actually getting! In December she will be 16! Nooooo lol the time has gone by to quickly! So she and I soaked it all in for sure!!! God has been so good a faithful to us (me and Nannie aka Momma Jo) this summer! There have been some times where we have had to look at each other and said God has got this, this summer. He has always come through for us and always has our back! I am also so so so excited to announce as well that Momma Jo was just nominated in the top 10 for the Inspirational Country Music Awards Female Vocalist Of The Year! We just found out last week! She is absolutely so humbled that her peers (other Artists) and DJs playing her music would nominate her! So that is about it in a nut shell for the summer! We have done lots and loved lots and made a ton of memories! Which are so important! Always know God first! Family second! Then your jobs! Don’t forget to take a timeout for yourself and your family! Always take tons of pictures to help remember those special memories so you can remember when and pass along the stories through the generations! Below are some of mine from this summer!! Remember to live with Grace and Style!
Hannah Leigh

IMG_0622 IMG_0635 IMG_0464 IMG_0397 IMG_0380 IMG_1650IMG_1648Deuce & Aunt LuJames WellsIMG_0363IMG_1638IMG_1439IMG_1329IMG_1016IMG_0990IMG_0944IMG_0850IMG_068511846510_10153132463609611_3015569495860280242_nIMG_1668

Always Keep The Memories Going And Flowing! xo


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