Countdown To Vegas With Tamika Graves

For those of you just tuning in…
I am so excited to do a countdown to Vegas and the NFR this year, with some fun short blog posts with amazing friends! I have asked 6 of my friends who are no strangers to the Vegas scene to help us! All of these ladies are continually styling, smiling and loving God! Each day I will feature a new woman leading up to Round 1! I asked each of these ladies 3 quick questions, because I know they all have a lot to do in preparation for their travels to Vegas! So without further ado lets get this thing started!!!


Today I want to introduce y’all to a sweet lady I have been blessed to know for quite some time! Miss Tamika Graves! Tamika is the wife of 7x NFR Qualifier Travis Graves and mother of Tee and True Graves! By the way these kids are absolutely adorable as you’ll see below!! 😉 Tamika is quite amazing to me between being a wife and a mom she is also a avid fitness fan!! She is always so fit and I love talking to her about her kids, fitness and faith! She has also already agreed to be a guest on a Graceful Glance interview after the first of the year!! So you ladies be on the look out for that!! I do adore Tamika’s style though she is really great at pairing things together and making them look quite amazing! Example A below haha!! So with that let me introduce you to the beautiful and amazing Tamika!!!

(Tamika and Travis Graves looking ready for a night out! / I love this outfit by the way!!)

What are 3 things that are a must for your purse for Vegas?

T:  Baby wipes, lip gloss and my cell phone!

(Haha with 2 kids defiantly can not forget the baby wipes!) 

Question #2: What is one of your favorite places to eat while in Vegas? 

T: The Irish Pub in The Mandalay Bay.

Question #3: What is your favorite scripture?

T: Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

(I really love this scipture! It is so important to not fear or fret we need to stay in peace and trust Him because He is where we draw our strength from!) 

Tamika thank you so much for taking the time to join us on our first Countdown to Vegas! I know you are busy in preparation for the Finals so we appreciate you joining in the fun! I can not wait to see your fabulous outfits you have put together!!


(Family photo! Tamika, Tee, Travis and the ever cute True Graves) 

Let us all stand together in agreement for Tamika, Travis, Tee and True for safe travels to Vegas as well as a blessed and prosperous 10 rounds!! Lord we thank you for all of this and for safety over their horses and peace in their hearts! We thank you also for being the strength they need to get through any and all things in Jesus name we all agreed and say Amen!!

Again Tamika girl thank you so much for joint us and being a light for others! You are a blessing I’m glad to have and see ever so often in my life!

***Readers be sure to tune in tomorrow to see who is up next!! T-Minus 5 days! ***


Hannah Leigh


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