Favorites Of 2015

Well as 2015 comes to a close and 2016 is fixing to take off let’s take a look at one of y’all’s favorite blog guests and my dear best friend Bobbie and I’s 2015 favorites!


Favorite Trend

B: Flare and bell bottom pants/ jeans. Though in my opinion they have never gone out of style they made a big comeback in 2015 which I loved because it made finding a great flare jean much easier.

H: Mine would have to be plaid tops I know this trend hit most women’s closets through out the year and it has been around but I just love them! I love that you can make them fit different styles from rocker with a tee and jacket and converses to country knee boots with a fabulous hat!

Favorite Purchase

B: My custom Warbonnet hat for sure.

H: IPhone 6! I’m obsessed with the camera! Way better than my iPhone 4s lol! Praise the Lord! 

Favorite Personal Outfit

B: Hmm I’d have to say my black velvet bell bottoms with a black blazer over a denim shirt and graphic tee. With great accessories of course.

H: It’s a hard one for me but I’m gonna have to go with my striped skirt, leopard cardigan and Southern Honey Roam shirt that I wore in Vegas! I decided to try something new and mix prints and much to my surprise I liked it and the outfit was a hit with others!

Favorite Scripture



Favorite Store

B: Since I don’t have much time to shop anymore I mostly shop online. I probably shopped the most on Asos this year.

H: Amazon.com because well when you live way out of town prime has got your back!! Lol

Favorite Meal

B: This one is tough. Possibly since I travel and eat out so often I end up craving home cooking a lot. So I’d say my own carne asada tacos or my spaghetti.

H: So hard would have to be s toss up between Bobbie’s spaghetti and my big sisters meatloaf! Gotta love comfort food especially when made from one of your favorite people!

Favorite Place You Traveled

B: Flathead Lake, Montana it’s so beautiful and relaxing.


H: Renfrow, OK because that’s where my handsome nephew Oliver Jeffrey lives and my little sister and brother in law of course.


Favorite Book You Read:




Favorite Movie:

B: Unbroken

H: American Sniper

(Definitely know where are hearts are by our favorite movies, we love and support all our Military and say a huge Thank You!)

Favorite Phone App:

B: Instagram 

H: Instagram 💙

Favorite Coffee You Drank:

B: I love my own Nespresso coffee with Coffee Mate caramel & coconut creamer in my Yeti.

H: Wedding Cake Latte only had it 2x now but it was amazing both times!

(We loooove our coffee!) 

Favorite Rodeo:

B: This year I’d have to say Pendleton. It was fun to see Clay win it for the first time.

H: Stephenville, TX because all my friends got to come finally come home from long summer run.


What are you looking forward to in 2016?

B: Looking forward to watching a lot of roping, baseball and basketball. Having a great time with my incredible family and friends. And enjoying God’s love and favor!!!

H: I’m looking forward to new beginnings and new adventures enjoying it all with family and friends by my side! Knowing God has already made a way I just have to continue to trust Him!

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new chapter in your life!! A whole 365 pages of it 😉 long chapter huh?! Just know as we move into a New Year and many set resolutions to becoming a better them so if you mess up don’t quit. Dust off get up and keep at it! Make this year the best one yet!! Challenge yourself to continue to become closer to God and just watch all amazing things unfold! He will never leave you nor forsake you! So shoot for the stars readers because with Him by your side big Big things can happen and lives will be changed!!! Hope y’all enjoyed our favorites of 2015!!! Let’s close this chapter with grace and enter the next with style! Can’t wait to see y’all next year!! 😜

Hannah Leigh


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