Dusty Diamonds Boutique

I was so very honored to get to be a part of Dusty Diamonds New Location Opening on February  11th! It is so funny how things work out and how they come about sometimes, but through a mutual friend I was able to meet the owner Macee Cahill and get to cover the new opening for my blog! How stinking fun right?! So let’s get started! Dusty Diamonds Boutique is now located in Bryan/ College Station and is a must see boutique for the following reasons!

Example A….
(This amazing Cactus Buckle)

Example B…
(This stunning Double D Ranch studded jacket)


Example C…
(Oh the accessories!)

Are you drooling yet? Because I sure was! Owner Macee wants her store to feel like you are shopping with a friend and let me tell you she nailed that in the atmoshpere of this boutique! I can personally tell you for this girl who went to an opening by yourself (Like a big girl, lol) I left with many new friends, a heart full of joy and maybe a few new accessories! This is how at home I felt there…in this picture is Reba (our mutual friend I ran into that introduced me to everyone), Macee (the owener), Kirsten (the amazing manager) and myself!


My original plan was to stay for oh you know 30 mins or so well…I ended up staying for 2 hours much to my surprise! I thought I wouldn’t know anyone and just shop for a few minutes, snap a few pictures and be done. Boy was I wrong! This boutique’s homey atmosphere just makes it so hard to want to leave! (Seriously not exaggerating!)  I literally walked around the store shopping and seeing new pieces I didn’t see the first trip around, I took pictures, helped style friends I ran into and just had a lot of fun! I honestly can not say enough good things about this boutique y’all! Dusty Diamonds carries some really great brands from Double D Ranch Wear, Miss Me (You need to check out their new workout line) , Judith March and so much more. There is something for everyone and every style! I even had my eye on a few pieces in my size as well! I hope you enjoy this array of photos from this fun night.




Sooooo are you drooling yet! I know you are! Now you can see why I spent so long hanging out and enjoying this amazing boutique! So now how do you find this amazing place!
Well first off you’ll want to follow them on Social Media like Facebook and Instgram. 🙂

Then when you are in town go to 3995 State HWY 6 South Ste 500
College Station, TX 77845

Thank you again to Macee, Kirsten and Reba for having me join in on this extremely fun night! Remember readers all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them! So get out there and follow your dreams with all the Grace & Style you have!
Hannah Leigh 

Oh and just one more 😉 hehe
Much Love Readers!



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