Frosted Cowgirls

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyways.” This quote was on my heart this week, no matter what trials or hardships are lying ahead of you today remember you are stronger. You can’t give up, you were made to keep going and I know you can! “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you” Phil 4:13 tells us that. I just wanted to remind y’all of that tonight!

Now to some fashion! This week’s collaboration with The Frosted Cowgirl Boutique was well ahh-mazing! That has been my word of the week it seems! The first piece I wore was this beautiful Silverado duster! Who doesn’t just love serape? I mean I am sure there are some but y’all I love it! Silverado actually makes some other really amazing pieces too, like a blazer, a cardigan and well… I linked all the pieces together for you right here:
Silverado – Buy on The Frosted Cowgirl Boutique

It can be styled a few different ways but here is how I styled it this week!


Then my next duster is just another jaw dropping piece! Along with being uber soft and floral. It is topped with gorgeous lace on the top and down through the sleeves. I kind of felt like a queen and didn’t want to take it off to be honest. This piece is offered in a size  S-L currently on The Frosted Girl website but I know they did just get some plus sizes in sizes 1X-3X! I am rocking a 1X for those wondering. But here is a little tid-bit for your shopping pleasures,  if you join the Frosted Cowgirl Hot and In Stock group on FaceBook you will get first looks and dibs on New Arrivals! Say what? Yes! I just linked it below for you. I got your back! Always! haha

Floral Duster
Hot and In Stock FB Group

I want to personally thank Rikki of The Frosted Cowgirls Boutique again for collaborating this week! I think it was a match made in Fashion Heaven! If you are up in Gillette at the High School Finals this week be sure to find them and shop and tell Ricki hi please! You won’t regret stopping by I promise! You might walk out with a sack full of goodies, for those of us not up in Wyoming, Happy Online Shopping! Happy Thursday Y’all!

Hannah Leigh

The Frosted Cowgirls Boutique



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