Every Girl Needs A Little Western Glamour

Hannah Web-84(Photo By Dixie J)

Straight from the wilds of Cody, Wyoming you can order up some pretty fun and fabulous items! There is a new boutique in town and it is beginning to be one of my favorites. The new boutique is only about 4 months and growing strong! I have fallen in love with “Western Glamour” boutique. The owner Danielle has quickly become a dear friend of mine and I love her heart and passion for fashion! She is starting to prep for all those fun and fabulous events coming up! Like the NFR, holiday parties and those days you wanna look fabulous but need to stay warm, WG has got you covered!

The pieces I got to rock from this fabulous boutique, is this fun flannel and chief tee! One thing Danielle works hard to offer is fun clothes for every woman of every size! That you can rock anywhere!

For this outfit I decided to put a fun spin on a piece we see worn so comfortably through out the fall/winter seasons. I just added a little sass on it! Check it out below! But be sure to take a good look at those lashes! 🙂 Western Glamour sells some pretty amazing fake eye lashes to make those eyes of yours do a little extra poppin! Reign Lashes are quit amazing to be honest! Below you will find a link to be able to get your very own!

 (Photos By Dixie J)

Hannah Web-51


(Photo By Dixie J)

To start shopping all of those fun new arrivals be sure to check out Western Glamour’s…
Instagram @western_glamour

To order those amazing lashes CLICK HERE! Mine are the Kait! They are 3D Luxury Mink Lashes that will last you 20-30 uses!

“Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.” Live in His Grace with a little Style!

Hannah Leigh



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