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I am so beyond honored to get to have this amazing beautiful lady be a part of the She Is Strong interview series. Every once in a while you get so blessed to meet someone on a path to greatness and full of so much passion and drive. It only spurs you on to want to be better as well. Megan Holdren is just that to me, she is absolutely amazing and the way her creativity juices flow its nothing short of astounding to me.  Let’s dig into this fun interview so ya’ll can see just how amazing this Western Couture Fashion Designer is and how you can rent or own your own piece of LW!

H: Megan when did you first notice your passion for fashion? 
M: This is a hard question to answer. I didn’t realize that it was a passion, I just thought it was the way everyone thought of things! I remember being a little girl, 4 or 5 maybe, and thinking about how I would change the bows on my Easter dress to make it prettier. Easter and Christmas were my all time favorite events, not because I was so excited about our savior and all the things that He did for us on those two particular dates (no judgment there) but because those were the times that Grandma Betsy would buy us all dresses. And they were dresses now! Beautiful and full. After, we got older I could see I took the excitement of getting dressed up and the dresses to a whole new level.

(Oh wow that is just so fun! How a simple sweet gesture from your Grandma turned into a life of passion.)

H: What was your first piece to design?
M: I dabbled in tees a long while before I designed my first complete design. It was for Sara Wiens, now Swor,  for the Miss Rodeo America pageant. It was the first year that the pageant did a  fashion forward fashion show. Sara asked me to do her dress, I don’t really remember how it came about, her asking me, but that’s my very first dress I ever designed. It was terrible and also great at the same time. I surprise myself what I could do, but there is also a big learning curve and I’ve come along way since that first dress.

(From the LiveWire Collection)

H: When did you decide to take a leap of faith and go for your dream?
M:  It came after I “retired” from corporate at the ripe old age of 28. Our first child was 8 months old when we decided it was time for the change. I always knew I would be a store owner some day, it was never a question really, but I had no idea design would be where my heart was.

H: How did you get your name Live Wire?
M: Happenstance. My best friend from High School, her dad would always call me a LiveWire growing up. I’m not sure he meant it in the best way, back then, Lord knows I was a LiveWire in high school. However, as time went on I changed that connotation to be a LiveWire for Christ. So I thought it was suiting to name my company after the best descriptive word to describe me.

(I honestly just love that and think that is just so fun! A LiveWire for Christ, doesn’t get any better than that!)

(This look is from Megan’s first collection with Greeley Hat Works)

H: What is your favorite part of designing a piece?
M: Creating it. A lot of the time  it’s a puzzle piece and I don’t always know what I’m doing, what pieces go where. The best part is stepping back and seeing it all come together.

H: How would you describe your personal style?
M: It’s a cross between Audrey Hepburn and rock and roll.  I love edgy pieces that push the boundaries paired with speak classical lines and fabrics.

(That is such a great style I love nothing more than a Edgy Audrey style!)

H: What is your favorite go to piece for your personal style? 
M: I have a few favs, and they always change. Right now, my favorite go to pieces are my silk Armani and Gucci tops, my LiveWire Bobbie top, the black skinnies from Kimes Ranch Jeans, my evergreen Nine7O  lid from Greeley Hat Works, and my black leather jacket from STS. 

(Check out “The Bobbie” one of Megan’s favorites!)

H: What is a funny fashion story?
M: Hmm, Maybe the start of my whole career. It’s all a bit funny and out of sorts. None of it seams practical or logical, my whole life is like a blooper out take real. 

(Haha. I love that I think that is what makes your story so great. You just keep going no quit! Just a little LiveWire!)

(Kimes Courture Collection designed by LiveWire)

H: What is a piece of advice you would give someone aspiring to go for their dreams?
M: Don’t quit. Real work, real dedication and real faith is what will get you there. There are many people that want the 40k but aren’t diligent with the 40, be diligent with the here and now, it will grow.

H: What is your favorite scripture?
M: But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. ~Isaiah 40:31

(Check out this fun Fedora from the Nine70, Greeley Hat Works Line)

H: Can you tell us a little about the Nine70 Hat line?
M: I love this collection! Trent from Greeley Hat Works actually started Nine7O several years ago, I actually carried the Collection in my store in 2014. I started working with GHW several years ago, however in February I started picking up more responsibilities. Nine7O was a collection Trent envision for several years it just needed a little more attention then he had time for,  so with our two heads together we now have a 12 piece collection for men and women. I’m really passionate about the collection. It’s really apart of my style DNA, I’m so thankful to get to be apart of it. 

(That is so awesome! I can not wait to see the whole line and even my new lid! I have seen the preview and it is just ahh-mazing ya’ll ahh-mazing!)

H: I know LiveWire has a fun new feature Rent The Look, can you tell us a little bit about it? 
M: Rent the look is an idea that clearly works in the market place. Places like rent the runway have made title waves in shopping and trends with high end items now available to rent. Allowing individuals the option to buy what they love and  rent gowns for special events. Currently we are seeing western in mainstream fashion,  we see designers continue to make Western a part of their staple collection.  I would really love the opportunity to have people who are in western capitalize on western looks, not just in our industry. If fashion forward women are rocking Wranglers in New York with a fringe leather jacket and some boots, I think the look should be sourced from Western designers who know western. Thus, giving that fashion forward woman the best fashion forward look by utilizing real western pieces. Rent The Runway and Stitch Fix are multi- Billion dollar companies. I love the model of the companies, I love fashion and I love western, so I married them together.

H: How or where can one Rent The Look from you?
M: There is a pre-view on my website under the Rent The Look tab. However, I am getting new styles in daily and have not kept up with getting them posted, so best way is to make an appointment with me at I will also be available during NFR for appointments, or you can stop in and get styled and/or Rent The Look at one of the booths I will be featured at (Wear Woolies, Kimes Ranch, and Elaine James)


That is just amazing Megan, your story, who you are and what you are doing! If you are crazy about fashion lady head over and follow this amazing woman and her journey! If you are needing some thing first class for that Holiday Event, The NFR or just because you deserve and fun night out looking fabulous head over to her website! I will list it all below!

Megan thank you so so much for taking time out of your very busy Vegas prep and designing schedule to spend some time letting us get to know you better. Readers, God is so good and you can reach those goals too, but you can not give up, lose heart or faith. Just as Megan did she stayed strong, stayed the course and found a passion inside of her that beckoned for her to soar beyond her wildest dreams! This is only a little of Megan’s story and what she is doing in the Western Couture World! I am sure she will be no stranger to the Living In Grace & Style Blog we will need to check in to see how she is still moving mountains! Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!
Hannah Leigh 

Website: Click Here
Rent The Look: Girl Click Here
FaceBook: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here


“You were born to be an orginal” #LiveWireStyle
PC: @WesternCourture


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