3rd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas- Sierra

3rd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas- 9 Days
Featuring Fashionista
Sierra Rae

Let’s Get To Know Sierra A Little Better…


H: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Wrangler NFR?
S: Well this is my first year going to the Finals as a BLEACHER BABE SQUAD MEMBER!!!! So I am extremely excited to make booth appearances and attend a few events!! I am also ecstatic to wear all the gorgeous clothes & accessories I have been sent from different boutiques and brands for sponsorships and influencing. I even have a few custom surprises coming with new collabs!! Of course I have a few personal items I have picked up on my own…. and a killer jacket my fabulous mom bought me that I’m excited to crack out! Last year I was offered the bleacher babe squad position the night I was packing to go to Las Vegas and announced the next day as a 2017 member as I was sitting in class…I’ll never forget it. It was extra special because last year was the first time I had been back to the finals since my dad’s last NFR appearance in 2003 or 2004, so going back and having people be a fan of my work is so cool, and so bitter sweet because for my whole childhood,  I have nothing but amazing memories of those 10 days being the biggest part of my dad’s work and his career….and now I have my own stuff going on there too!!! Crazy!!!!


H: What trends are you looking forward to seeing this year?
S: I think that western fashion has swung back to the basics of what it truly is. Hats, leather, fur, Conchos, and WILD RAGS! You know 5 years ago it was bling everywhere and bling everything from bangles to headbands…and I was into it too…but we’re past that. We are back appreciating the Native American jewelry, turquoise, buckles, sterling silver…the real stuff. With Warbonnets I think really bringing back the custom hat, the real western feel, it’s a good time. Bell bottoms, western prints but smaller and more under stated like bucking horses and maybe a saying but smaller, more organic original stuff, simple but still gorgeous. I actually have to bring up my mom again because I will be wearing a few things that were part of her NFR wardrobe but I’ve had them revamped a little! I also did that at Cheyenne this year!!! We’re in a stage of vintage western glam…very 60’s I think…that’s at least where I get a lot of inspiration.

H: What is a must see or do in Las Vegas? 
S: Honestly Vegas in general is something to see. As a little girl being there every year when my Dad was going of course it’s work for us so we have fun but you definitely don’t do any shows etc…Dad’s doing autographs and then we’re at the rodeo every night, so I’ve never even experienced that part of Vegas. Mom was a part of the fashion show a few times, we went to where our friends might be staying and hang out at that hotel one day. So seeing the different hotels decorated and just making my way around Vegas is a must see or do for me. Because that’s what I have memories of.  I love the Mandalay Bay, I think everyone should see the Venetian, BIG shopping there, the Wynn is a new one but I went last year and it’s drop dead gorgeous, also the Bellagio and the fountains! And between us I have been obsessed with the M&M factory since I was brought there as a toddler….I think we went every year just because I begged. Hahha I do not think I have time this year but I’d LOVE to! I did not get to go last year either 😦


H: What is a must have for first timers in Vegas?
S: You need snacks and water! This is adult advice from going last year….you are so busy running around seeing and watching everything you don’t eat like you should and Vegas is not the place to get run down! Plus bring vitamins and emergency because I promise for some reason the rodeo crowd from the team roping to the Finals…and everybody in between passes around a Vegas cold…last year one of the only things that got me through the day and the final perf was the medicine ball from Starbucks…real talk!


H: What is 1 piece of style advice for Vegas?
S: Be you. Don’t be me. Don’t be Hannah, don’t be The Bleacher Babe, don’t be West Desperado, don’t be Western Couture, don’t be Stylish Tryan, BE YOU! We love you and we wouldn’t be the bloggers we are without you but we’d much rather see what you take from of us then you feeling like you HAVE to dress like us. You don’t. You pick out what you want! If you aren’t comfortable in it don’t wear it! If your the only one wearing it then props to you! You’re original!

H: What is your favorite place to eat?
S: Oh goodness I don’t know..like I said you sometimes forget to even eat in Vegas! Let’s see I love seafood so I’m pretty much down with wherever a girl can get some shrimp!!!! I’d love to eat at NOBU a sushi restaurant that’s also in Malibu (it’s a big celebrity fave) so I would just like to say I’ve eaten there! I also have ALWAYS wanted to have desert at The Sugar Factory!!!! These are all newer places…..when I was little I couldn’t tell you what the steakhouse were called..we ate at a lot of hotel cafes which are always good…I can tell you though if we had a bad round…you could find a pile of us at a little pancake house downtown somewhere …hahaha cowboy secrets 😉

Sierra you are just so amazing girl, I have totally enjoyed watching you grow this year you are one bright and shining star! I can not wait to see all your perfect outfits in Vegas this year. I also can not wait to see you! If you wanna keep up with Sierra head over and give her a follow. Here is her Social Media Handles!
Only 9 more days until the Main Event Y’all!!!
Thank you again Sierra!
Hannah Leigh




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