Countdown 2 Vegas- Unbranded Hippie

3rd Annual Countdown 2 Vegas- 2 Days
Featuring Fashionista
Unbranded Hippie

Let’s Get To Know Denae A Little Better…

This fun fashionista and fellow blogger is definitely not scared to push the fashion limits! I love how shes able to put her own spin and flare on outfits! She also combines this with a big heart, just the little time I have known her we have form a fun new friendship I am grateful for! So let’s dive into her fun interview!

H: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Wrangler NFR?
D: I’m looking forward to hanging out with some other bloggers and a photo shoot you and I are hoping to get done! I’m also looking forward to the Ball hosted by Cowboys and Indians and The Bleacher Babe! Spending time with Matt and his family, shopping {lot’s of shopping}, seeing the show “O” and visiting the Neon Sign Museum.


H: What trends are you looking forward to seeing this year?
D:  Fur, lot’s of fur! I can’t wait to see the colors and designs ladies will be rocking!

H: What is a must see or do in Las Vegas?
D: haven’t been yet, I’m going this year but I think the “O” show is a must! Everyone says it’s unbelievable! I also think touring each hotel and just looking at how unique and beautiful each one is, is a must! A lot have floral shows you can visit inside and they also have beautiful murals! Oh and if you’re a kid at heart like me, you should got ride the roller coaster at New York New York because it’s a neat experience and cheap!

H: What is a must have for first timers in Vegas?
Hats! You definitely need a cute hat or two! It’s hard to travel with hats but if you bring at least one, you can rock it multiple times! I’d also say statement jewelry and belts! You can dress anything up with jewelry and a belt!

H: What is 1 piece of style advice for Vegas?
D: Bring comfy shoes! I have some boots that are comfy but I can promise you will want comfy sneakers for all the walking you’ll be doing and thankfully Justin and Twisted X have blessed our feet this year by launching the “western sneaker”

H: What is your favorite place to eat?
D: At any buffet! My first year in Vegas I made the mistake spending a ton of money each night booking fancy dinners and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized you get more food at buffets and they are delicious! I would recommend splurging a little in going to at least one nice restaurant.

I would recommend that too! I love so many fun places Craft Steakhouse at the MGM fyi is one of my favorites! Thank you girlie for joining us on today’s Countdown!
We will be posting double features for the next few days readers so be on the look out for another fun lady today! If you love Denae’s style you can I will post her Social Media accounts below!

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