Easter Dress 2 Ways-The Humming Arrow


Can you believe it!? Easter is next Sunday and I am not Fooling you it’s on April 1st! So that means you have less than 8 days to find that perfect Easter dress to go celebrate our Risen Savior! I am so excited to have found the PERFECT dress from The Humming Arrow and yes this blogger will be wearing this dress to Church! But whatever happens to those Easter dresses? Well 9 times out of 10 the back of the closet so to avoid that this year! So scroll down and see how I styled my Easter Dress 2 ways to help maximize it’s use so it’s not just a 1 time hit! Plus you know if you wanna twin with me you can click the Link and Hurry & Order yours!
You know Twinning is Winning

The Humming Arrow

I love this little side slit on the left side of the dress it allows for a little extra movement but it also is just fun! I paired this dress with some nude strappy heels and my Vintage Boho fringed clutch and a long statement necklace to help elongate the torso some more.


Then I decided to jazz it up a little more…



I added a pair of my favorite Stetson booties and then popped on a fun denim vest! Oh yes and I upgraded that clutch to a bigger Vintage Boho bag. I think this look is super fun but still very classy. The ways you can style this dress really is limitless. That is the one fun thing about dresses you can dress them up or down and use them for any occasion. Like grocery shopping add some cute flip flops and do your thang! Or get them heels girl and head out for a fun date night or a girls night!


No matter what dress or outfit you rock this Easter remember to be confident in who you are and who God created you to be. Which is a fearless and fabulous woman of God! Live life with Grace & Style and you can not go wrong.
Hannah Leigh

Dress: The Humming Arrow
Photo Credit: Tamara Rowland
Location: Caldwell, Kansas


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