Graceful Glance With Katherine!

I am so excited I am going to start a strand of interviews called Graceful Glance! So we can glance into the lives of some of my favorite people with y’all!! So here we go the first Graceful Glance into Katherine’s life and style!

So this past Sunday I was so blessed to actually be home and get to go to my home church! (Silverado Cowboy Church/ Weatherford, TX) I absolutely love it there and I love all the people, we are like this big family!! I have noticed a certain special someone the past few times though up on stage with the worship team. My heart truly sores to get to see one of my friends daughter’s up on stage rocking out with her bass guitar. She is seriously awesome, I am so proud of her and her boldness to get up on stage and join them. This Sunday though after they finished up she went to walk off stage and bam! Here is this awesome outfit (posted below) that she is rocking! I really love her style and uniqueness! So this week I decided to feature her on my blog!!! Of course when I asked I had my fingers crossed she would say yes because I wanted to share her awesomeness with all of you!!!  So with all that said ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce y’all to Katherine!
She is a sweet and beautiful 9th grader who attends my awesome church! Katherine plays the Bass Guitar in our praise and worship team. She says that being up on stage with them is very good learning experience for her! One of her favorite worship songs to listen to is My Lighthouse by Rend Collective. I really like Katherine’s spunky style and have asked her a few questions about it. So here we go….

H: How would your describe your style?
K: Always changing; always growing.

H: When picking an outfit what’s your inspiration?
(I love her answer to this question!)
K: Marie from the Aristocats. 

(I so love this answer haha if you are a lover of fashion y’all defiantly know that fashionistas and designers get their inspiration from anywhere! From old movies, from an old hotel or just anything. They are artists and let their surroundings be their inspiration! Kind of cool I have to say that she sent this to me as her inspiration! Go Katherine!)

H: Ok Katherine, you woke up late and have 30 mins before you have to leave? Quick what do you do?? (Hair, makeup, outfit)
K: Foundation + mascara. Brush and straighten hair. Jeans + t-shirt and converse.

(Gotta Love A Girl Who Wears Converses!)

H: Ok, last question, what is your favorite scripture?
K: Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves. (Luke 10:3 KJV)

Thank you so much Katherine for letting me feature you on tonight’s blog post! You are truly a remarkable young lady with such an amazing path ahead of you! You have got some big things ahead of you I know and you will conquer them all with Grace & Style I know for sure! Thank you to all my fans as well for tuning into my first Graceful Glance Interview!!!

Hannah Leigh 

Below Katherine is wearing a black crop top tucked into a high waisted comic book skirt with black knee high boots and a cardigan! Rock what ya got girl! XO


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