Graceful Glance with Quinn

This Graceful Glance is with one of my favorite people Quinn! She is more like a beautiful little sister to me! She is amazing and talented in so many ways! I wanted to highlight her talent with hair and her heart for God in this interview! So with that said and so much more to say I would love to introduce you to Quinn! 


When Quinn started cosmetology school I remember her quick talent for it on one of our girl days! I would take pictures of her and she would show me something with my hair! Perfect trade right? Right!!! She is beyond talented and now a few years later she has started her business Made Beautiful-Hair Couture by Quinn! First off I am beyond proud of her and her accomplishments when I saw this picture on Instagram one day and was just awe struck!  The intricate look this has was just stunning to my eye!

IMG_3623(Wedding/ Event Hair Done By Made Beautiful-Hair Couture by Quinn)

Amazing Right?!! Yes I know just ahh-mazing! Ok well let’s get into the interview part of this fun blog! 

H: What inspired you to start doing hair Quinn?
Q: I didn’t know this was what I wanted to do growing up. I knew I loved anything that involved being creative and of course fashion and beauty; but it wasn’t until I got to do my first up-do on somebody that my passion for hair styling really grew.


IMG_4088(Wedding/Event Hair Done By Made Beautiful-Hair Couture by Quinn)

H: What is your favorite part about doing a wedding or event look for somebody?
Q: My favorite part about being a bridal hairstylist is being able to make these girls look and feel their absolute best on the most important day of their lives. 

H: What is your favorite way to wear your own hair?

Q: Although my job is to make other women look fancy, I typically like low-key styles when it comes to my own hair. Loose waves and chic ponytails are my go to’s!

H: Not only do I just adore you and your talent, I also admire your style! What are you most excited to wear this fall and how would you describe your personal style?
Q: Anything that’s warm! A skinny jean with high boots, a cute sweater and infinity scarf is my go to style for fall. I am also loving vests lately! My personal style is different from day to day. Some days I will be running around in a fancy dress with heels and the next it will be pants and a loose top. But overall I am typically drawn to anything that has a dressy flair to it but is also comfortable and functional for whatever I am doing!

H: You inspire me daily and are always lifting others up around you. We both have had some amazing influences in our lives one being our parents who have helped us put God first daily, what is your go to power scripture and why?
Q:  Philippians 4:13! This one always reminds me that in God’s power and with His strength I can conquer all things big and small that might come my way!

I am so beyond grateful that Quinn was able to stop in and join us for a closer look into her business and life. Thank you Quinn for inspiring us all to strive for our dreams, goals and desires of our hearts!  Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path!” Thank you again you are truly amazing and talented in so many ways. Love you chica!
Thank y’all for joining me on this Graceful Glance Interview with Quinn! Remember Keep stylin’, smilin’ and lovin’ God with a little Grace & Style!
Hannah Leigh

If you are have a wedding or big event coming up look her up below I will list how to get in contact with her I promise you won’t be disappointed in your hair or company! 
IMG_4378(Wedding/Event Hair Done By Made Beautiful-Hair Couture by Quinn)

12107009_469594343242486_8998161982142284692_n (1)
Professional Hair & Makeup Artist
Licensed Cosmetologist
Current Services Offered: Specializing in hair styling and hair extensions.
Coming Soon: Airbrush makeup and eyelash extensions!
For all business inquiries email :
Phone: (682)-239-7787
Follow Her On Instagram: @madebeautifulhair
FaceBook Link To Page: Made Beautiful



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