Graceful Glance with Arena de la Cruz

This week’s Graceful Glance is featuring an amazing woman friend and mother. I am so excited to feature one of my dearest friends to ya’ll this week. We met through her sister many years ago and then just hit it off from there and were instant best friends and PICs!! (Partners in Crime!) haha! Not really in crime but we have been known to have some really good laughs! Anyway I am so pleased and honored to introduce you to my bestie…

10340175_523907324387986_2068312870412383550_n(My beautiful Bestie)

Arena is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She is a mother of 3, an amazing wife, cook, fashionista, roper and all around friend! I love her big heart for family and faith and friends. This week’s interview I wanted to dive into getting to know her and life on the road as a pro athlete’s wife and mother and offer y’all a couple tips and a little insight to life on the road. So without further a do here is this weeks Graceful Glance into the life of Arena de la Cruz.

H: Being a professional athlete’s wife and on the road constantly what are some key essentials you need for all of your travels. (Make-Up/Fashion)

A: For make-up I always wear sunscreen so that is a must for me! I am into green and gold eye shadows, Bad Gal mascara, lip tints and also lip stick. So those are always packed in my trailer. Now for fashion I always have my sunglasses with me! Then I am sure to have my boots, booties, skinny jeans, sweaters, leggings, hats and layering tanks. With the way we travel you never know what kind of weather you will encounter. Really I just take everything that I can. Haha!


(Arena and Emy Davis hanging out a morning slack looking fabulous)

H: What is life like on the rodeo trail with 3 kids?

A:  It all is a little crazy to be honest it makes everything a little more interesting and there is never a dull moment. Going to watch Cesar is one of the hardest parts if it is a perf. I sometimes feel that my kids and I are more entertaining then the rodeo. Lol! I like to take the boys to go do things other than just going to the rodeos. Some of their favorite things are going fishing, swimming, the movies and playing at the park! I try to help make things exciting for them. We like to have fun, they love animals so if we can we do just about anything animal related! I have definitely learned there are other things to do besides just rodeos. But it is very important to me to be at the rodeo to support Cesar on every run. So now matter how hard it is getting there and the kids ready I always make it.

IMG_6393(Camilo, Zorro & Gio hanging out)

FullSizeRender(Camilo & Gio having fun at the zoo)
IMG_3908(Shark Attack!!! Camilo and Gio caught a big shark! (Just Kidding))

H: Are there any traveling tips you can give other moms for long road trips?
A: Movies, books, iPads or old phones and lots of snacks are key for me! We also can play I spy for hours lol!

H: What is your favorite memory so far being on the road with your sweet family? 
A: Anything we do as a family is fun for me! I guess one of our favorites was all of us getting to spend time together in the North West! I didn’t think I would be able to go with Zorro since he was due August 27th but he came a little early so we all got to be together at the end of the rodeo season! I just want us all together as much as possible. The boys are growing up way to fast and I don’t want us to miss out on any of it!

1 (3)(Arena, Cesar and their kids Camilo, Gio and Baby Zorro)

H: Being a mom of 3 how do you balance taking care of everyone and still have your God time? 
A: Well bedtime bible stories are a hit so that is always just a good reminder of His love. It is sometimes just those bedtime stories that I learn the most. But I try to get some God time in before bed every night.

H: What is most important for you to instill in to your kids?
A: God and respect are probably the most important things for me. I feel that they go hand in hand if you apply them. I want my kids to understand that they can be proud of their accomplishments and still be humble and thankful for the opportunities that they are given.

H: With the Holiday season just around the corner what are you most excited for? 
A: I just love the Holidays!! Christmas is my favorite and the kids are so excited! It is important for me that they know what Christmas is about. I tell them that Jesus is so cool that everyone gets to open presents on His birthday not just Jesus! It is the most amazing birthday party of all time!!

Ok just a few more questions! Haha!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy busy life to let us take a look into what it is like to be you!!

H: What is one thing readers might not know about you? 
A: I am actually a shy person, but I am working on it and trying to be more open, fun and outgoing!

H: What is a power scripture you use to keep going?
 A: This scripture has so much meaning in it for me! “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right Hand.” 

Arena thank you so much for taking the time to let us take a look into your life tonight! I hope y’all enjoyed tonight’s interview as much as I did. Life on the rodeo road and trail with a family can be hard I know but in the end it is so rewarding as y’all can see! They get to see so many amazing sights and have fun adventures! Though they may face adversity at times they are still together and a family. That is one of my favorite things about rodeo anyway it is all about family! Not only the family you have but everyone out there is family. They help each other when needed and also I know have lots of fun times! So with a little Grace and Style I am signing off tonight’s blog with a big XO!!!
Love all of you fabulous readers! Just know that whatever is standing in front of you you can accomplish anything with Him! Keep the eye on the prize!!!
xo, Hannah Leigh

(Arena and I at Cowboy Church in Vegas at the NFR last year)


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